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Shakti 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Parmeet, Sant Baksh and Daljeet cross all limits of humanity

Shakti 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman running behind the goon. The security guards also run behind him. The goon escapes and calls Daljeet, informing him that Kareena got saved. He says Kareena will tell them the truth and asks him to handle here. Daljeet throws the phone in anger and says everything is ruined. Kareena might tell them the truth. Gurwinder hears them. Soumya asks Kareena what she wants to say. Kareena says she wants to say Heer’s truth. She says Heer was kidnapped again. A fb is shown. Heer follows Daljeet and reaches the godown. She looks inside the godown through the window and finds Gitu and her father locked there. She manages to get inside and captures video in her mobile. Gitu asks the goons to leave them. Daljeet comes there and sits near Gitu and her father. The goon hear the noise. Heer drops her phone near the cartoons. The goons look at Heer. Kareena comes there and looks at Heer, claps and calls the goons, telling that she has found whom they were searching. She tells Heer that she is the Gudiya in whom Soumya’s life exists.

The goons bring Heer to Daljeet. Gitu and her father see Heer. Heer asks what do you think that you will not let us fight for victory. He asks do you think that you will be saved. He says what do you think of yourself. He says if you had heard Virat then would have stayed at home. Heer says when your family members trust break then you will be nowhere. Daljeet asks really and shows her Sant baksh and Daljeet. Heer tells them, now they came to know about the truth and says Daljeet bhaiyya has done wrong with Gitu. Parmeet slaps her hard and says what you have done, you have told the truth to the world and ruined our respect. Heer says I didn’t tell anything to anyone, and have not written on the wall too. Parmeet says then who has written? who wants to ruin our respect. Heer says Daljeet must have done this, as he wants to make my life hell. She says mummy ji, Papa ji now the truth is infront of you, he has done wrong with Gitu then why are you supporting him. Sant Baksh says we knew the truth, Daljeet told us before. Daljeet smiles. Sant Baksh says I agree that Daljeet has done wrong, but what do you want that we shall sacrifice our son. He says we have forgiven our son. Heer asks did you forget that even you have a daughter and asks did you ever think what Gitu’s father is going through. Sant baksh says do you want to sacrifice my son, if Virat comes to know then he will leave home, and Daljeet will go to jail, and who will stay with us then. He says our respect will also go. Daljeet says we shall go from here and end the matter.

Parmeet says we can’t leave this girl Gitu alive and shall kill her, can’t leave her alive. Sant Baksh signs Daljeet. Daljeet takes out the gun. Heer says mummy ji…you wanted to get Gitu killed, and forget all your humanity. She says you have supported Angel and now supporting Kareena, but it will never help you. She runs to Gitu. The goons hold Gitu, while Daljeet goes near her. Heer asks them to leave Gitu and instead hurt her. Daljeet is about to shoot Gitu. Parmeet says really, and tells that we will do this thing with you. Kareena continues to tell. Fb again. Parmeet says if you agree to my condition then I will let this Gitu go away from here. Heer agrees to her condition. Parmeet says you shall go away from Virat, so far that he forgets even your existence. She asks will you agree to our condition, for this Gitu. Gitu asks Heer not to agree, and don’t leave Virat for me. Heer says ok, I will go away from Virat for forever and will not show my face to him. Parmeet asks where is paper and pen? Kareena says on the table. Parmeet asks Heer to write a letter to Virat, and write that Gitu was wrong and has accused Daljeet wrongly, but you supported her, as you wanted to take revenge from Daljeet, as he hurt you, Harman and Soumya. She says now after knowing the truth, Virat will believe that Heer is wrong. She asks her to write that as Virat is not trusting her, she is going far from him. And if he loves her truly then shall never search her. Heer looks shocked and teary eyes.

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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