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#riansh – sufferer RIDDHIMA – #immj2 (last part )

This is the last part of this os , let’s start

Doctor : We have treated her and luckily due to all of your efforts her face doesn’t have major burns , oy some minor burns , but little bit of acid went inside her eyes fortunately we have treated her eyes also but her eyes will be completely bandaged for atleast two weeks

Ishani : Doctor , can we see her

Doctor : Right now she is resting , you can visit her after 1 hour

Saying so doctor leaves till now VANSH also came as ANGRE left to call him as soon as doctor come out of OT

After 1 hour

Nurse : Patient is conscious now , one by one you all can meet her

Vansh : Thank you

Siya : Bhai first you go

ISHANI : Yes Bhai , she need you more than anyone this time

VANSH nods at them and went inside saw RIDHIMA shaking her head here there , he went closer to her

VANSH : Sweet-heart

Listening to VANSH voice RIDHIMA stops struggling and she forwarded her hands towards him in order to touch him , feel his presence . Vansh understanding her attempts immediately cups her small hand in his giant one

VANSH : RIDHIMA I am here only. Now no one is going to even touch you , you just relax .

RIDHIMA noise in approval but tried to say something


VANSH : shh…. Ridhima relax , ANGRE has already caught them and they are in my torture room , I have arranged someone special to torture them .

He smirked inwardly thinking about their punishment

It was night and Siya and Ishani were feeding riddhima , after making her age her dinner they all left her room as she drift into sleep due to heavy dose of medicine. , meanwhile VANSH excused himself and moved towards his torture room .


VANSH reached there and saw goons were tied there and we’re beaten very badly . He whistled and a girl enter in the room with a hunter in her hands

VANSH : I hope Prapti I need not make you understand what you have to do .

( So here I have taken Prapti as she wanted that those goons should be tortured badly so I thought why not I should give her chance , prapti0809 I hope you won’t mind )

PRAPTI : Don’t worry VANSH sir I very well know who to treat these BA**ARD .

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Violent content don’t read if not comfortable ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

Saying so she started hitting them with Hunter without showing mercy , as she say that they were about to loose conscious she immediately s too and threw a bucket full of cold water and ice cubes on them which make them yell in pain . Then she signalled someone and two boys entered with two ROTTWEILER (second dangerous species of dog  in whole world ) They started bitting them all over the body and there almost all flesh was out , she then come with acid bottles and started pouring them on there injuries , This continued for two days as they were not able to survive with this much torture and the day Ridhima get discharged and came to home back they died .

After two weeks her bandage were removed all of them asked for forgiveness and she forgive them and now they are living happily , Ishangre we’re blessed with twins

Riansh we’re blessed with cute baby girl VARI


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