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#RiAnsh #Life With Soulmate #Part – 12

Hi… 🙋🙋🙋

I am back with update spree… 🤭🤗😇

As soon as words heard Aryan first murmurs

“What bhai you blamed me for overacting but what are you upto now you dropped amazing plan of mine and now out of no where come up with this worse plan. God please save him from anger of Riddhima nope actually Ziddima. “😜😝😛🤪

And sending prayers to God he turned in direction of voice and there he found unfamiliar person standing there and he is stunned and as well as praised his brother for not doing stupidity and he looked at Riddhima who is as stunned as him and then he started searching for Vansh and he found him sitting in audience fuming with anger and ready to kill that person and he once again started praying to God cause he doesn’t want his brother to do such stupid thing.

Same time Kabir who is sitting few seats away from Vansh also fuming and cursing that person but knowing Ishani’s reaction after his action he choose to keep quiet at this time and deal with this person later as he doesn’t want anyone to be with his Riddhima.

(Kuch bhi matlab isko abhi life ka bahut bada jatka milna baki hai…)

While Ragini started feeling sorry for Aryan cause as per her thinking Aryan and Riddhima are dating each other and she thought of interrupting and declaring their little secret but before she can say word host moved to that person and said

Host: Who are you Mr.? 🤔🧐😎

Person: Riddhima will say it, she knows me well. 🥰😇🙃

Host: Awww so sweet, Riddhima why don’t you come here and say something about him? 🤓🥰🤭

Riddhima reluctantly moved towards them and looking at Vansh she apologize to him and once she is there host said

Host: So tell us who is he? How you both met and since when you both are dating each other? 🤓😇🧐🤔

Riddhima: He is Ansh (And this update is dedicated to Shivkuti_Live as she is first one to assume who is person. 😇🙃😇) my best friend and we’re not dating each other and I too even don’t know earlier that he is planning any such thing (turning to Ansh) Ansh sorry but I never felt such thing for you ever. 😬😟🤐😐🥺

And after completing sentence she took breathe of relief not only she but Aryan, Ragini as well as Vansh let out breathe which they have hold but Vansh have made up his mind to teach lesson to that person cause today he tried to mess with his love of life and he already have done few things in past so he concluded its perfect opportunity to teach him lesson.

And here host too started feeling awkward cause he initially thought he’ll be cupid here but things turn out to take 360 degree turn so he thought of winding up it right here right now so he said

Host: Ohh, once again friendzoned (patting Ansh’s back) all the best for future buddy and Riddhima I hope you may found man of your dreams very soon. 🤗🙃😇

Riddhima smiled and nodded at him and looking at Vansh she smiled and masking his anger he smiled at her too.

Later remaining performance completed one by one and keeping in mind Riddhima’s incident host choose to not ask much more personal question to other participants. Still Ishani found way to show off her relationship with Kabir as well as she flaunted her engagement ring in front of audience. While Ragini impatiently waiting for Vansh to propose her but till last it doesn’t happen after ang performance shattering her high hopes and dreams and she decided to ask Aryan about it later.

Finally chaotic day come to end and everyone started moving towards their respective room but Vansh started following Ansh while Ragini started following Aryan and before Riddhima can follow either of them her phone started ringing indicating call from Siya she immediately answered it.

Riddhima: Siya everything is fine or not? Is there anything happen to you…. 🤔😟🤨

But before she can complete sentence Siya replied from other hand

Siya: Everything is fine, but I just wanted to know how does it went? 🤔🧐🤨

Riddhima: What? 🤨🧐🤔

Siya: Proposal. I know Jiju is planning to propose you… 🤭🤓🥰

Riddhima: It not happened, I told him not to do any such thing and I’ll explain rest to you once I am back now go have your medicine and sleep well on time. 😇🙃🤗

And before Siya can say anything she disconnected call and she decided to search Vansh first cause deep down she knew he might be hurt because of whatever happened and she started calling him but it went unanswered and she rushed to her room to look after him but there she not found him and she even checked at Aryan’s room but he too was not there so only thing came to her mind last is to check parking lot cause she want to check whether he left form here or what?

Meanwhile Ragini invited Aryan for dinner and Aryan don’t want to disturb RiAnsh so he happily accepted offer and soon they’re in dining area seating in front of each other and Ragini choose to be straightforward instead of bluffing and asked him

Ragini: Why doesn’t Vansh proposed today? 🤔🧐🤨

And listening to her Aryan is shocked and he even started wondering how come she got to know about it and he ended up concluding Vansh might have informed her but then he thought then Vansh must have informed about plan being cancelled but he doesn’t want to bluff so he ask counter question to her instead of replying

Aryan: What proposal? I don’t know anything about it. 🤐😐😬(And he tried to be as innocent as possible)

Ragini: Aryan, I heard you when you’re planning with him so I knew it so don’t lie and tell me. 🥺😬

Aryan concluded that she knew about Vansh being married to Riddhima is also known to her and he replied

Aryan: He just told me that it’s not right time.😬🤐😟 (He choose to not reveal actual reason)

Ragini: Ohh. 🥺😬😐

And her mind started wondering why he said that it’s not right time while she is waiting for it since last one year. But instead of asking this to Aryan she choose to keep it with herself and silently they started eating their meal.

Meanwhile as soon as Riddhima reached parking area she saw Vansh and Ansh both are fighting with each other furiously and she rushed to stope them and in rage against each other they not noticed her and was about to attack each other once again but suddenly she popped between them and seeing her Vansh stopped and Ansh to stopped but his reaction was little late and he ended up biting her on her neck.

And before he can touch her Vansh pushed him and with great worry he picked up her in his arms and leaving Ansh behind he moved out from there in fraction of seconds.

Once in room he tried cleaning her wound but before he can door knocked and on opening he found his parents there with great worry and very next moment she started checking him and Vansh finally said

Vansh: What happened? 🤔🧐🤨

Uma: What happened to you? Why this blood stains??? 😐🧐🤔

Vansh: Actually Riddhima got hurt while saving me so its… 🥺😟😐

And moving him aside she rushed inside and there she found unconscious Riddhima and she checked her temperature and it’s normal only and she moved to check her wound and she seeing it immediately she dropped her hand and asked

Uma: What had happened? And Vansh this injury is… (Sab clear nahi bataungi par kis kisko pata chala me kya hint kar rahi hu yanha pe) we need to rush out of here immediately else along with her our life will be in danger too… 😐🥺🤐

Vansh: (murmurs to himself) no wonder I don’t like his fragrance. (Ab to pata chal hi gaya hoga) Riddhima please come back for me please!!! 🧐🤔🤨

Phew… 🥵🥵🥵

So how was the last blast of update hope you all like it do drop your comments and don’t forget to vote… 😇🤗🙃

And as for not updating till this long then I was already upset like you all because of departure of RiAnsh but same time not getting response too was not helping me out so I was away but I think I can’t stay away any longer (I’d to confess now this is last option for me to keep RiAnsh alive, though I re-watch episode too)How many of you are like me??? )

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