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RadhaKrishn 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna to Fulfill Radha’s Last Wish

RadhaKrishn 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha tells Balram that she doesn’t have any right to perform Krishna janmastami. Balram says without her, Krishna’s functions are incomplete. Radha says Krishna has to celebrate alone as she doesn’t want to make arrangements and has other pending work. Balram thinks how can Radha forget janmastami and walks away. Radha thinks this is the best way to stay away from Krishna and passes by Krishna lost in thoughts without noticing him. Krishna thinks why didn’t Radha notice him, what must have happened. He remembers performing last holi with her. Radha drops Sudama’s letter. Krishna reads letter requesting her to invite him for Krishna janmastami. Krishna stops her and asks what is worrying her. She says she is sad that Ganesh is leaving. Krishna says there is some other reason and she can discuss it with him. Radha thinks how to seek her last wish when she cannot celebrate last Krishna janmastami. Krishna asks if she doesn’t want to answer. Radha says when there is nothing in mind, what she should say, she will go as Revati is waiting for her. He holds her hand. She frees it and walks away. He thinks he will fulfill her wish.

Ganesh sees Balram busy in arrangements and asks him what is he doing. Balram says its Krishna janmastami. Ganesh says he will wish happy birthday to Krishna. Balram says they want to keep it a secret and surprise Krishna. Ganesh agrees. Krishna walks to them and asks what is happening. Ganesh says nothing and thinks of taking Radha’s help. Radha searches letter and hopes Krishna doesn’t find it. Ganesh walks to her and asks what is she searching. She says nothing and says she is sad that he is going. He says he cannot go until Krishna mamasri permits and says Balram mamsri told she doesn’t want to participate in janmastami celebrations. She cries. He consoles her and asks what is her problem. She says this is Krishna’s last janmastami and if she doesn’t celebrate with him, it won’t be last. Ganesh says if its mamasri’s last janmastami, they should celebrate it lavishly and make it memorable. He promises her that he will make it a memorable event and will get back smile on Radha and hope Krishna forgives him. Radha nods yes and thinks she will seek her wish from Krishna. Krishna thinks at last she agreed and thinks he will gift her which nobody in the universe would have. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev what is Radha’s wish. Mahadev says they should wait till janmastami end for that.

Balram sees Radha excitedly coming with Ganesh and thinks what he must have done. Radha tells Revati that they will prepare a throne for Krishna. Balram asks Ganesh how did he convince Radha. Balram says a mother will never reject son’s request and says he will invite many dear ones for Krishna janmastami and a special person would be the first. Radha says she understood whom he wants to invite. Ganesh meets Hanuman first. Hanuman is excited to meet him. Ganesh says maa Radha sent a janmastami invitation for him and said its incomplete without his presence. Hanuman emotionally agrees and thinks he will go there to help his prabhu Krishna fulfill his promise, he wants to find out what Radha’s wish is that dear ones from all 3 worlds are invited.

Precap: Radha ties a pot on sky and ask Krishna if she should seek her wish. He breaks pot and asks what is her wish.

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