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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya finds a solution for Patil’s problem

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita saying you should scold Ahilya. Dwarka says it was your mistake, also Gunu ji’s, Gunu ji went against Malhar’s rules, but Sita had to get insulted. He argues. Dhana ji says its a cause of concern that Ahilya is behaving such in a day. The guard comes and says Ahilya has called Dhana ji to the darbar. Dhana ji and Gunu ji leave. They come to Ahilya. Ahilya asks them to sit. She says I have to ask you something, if any part of the body is wounded, if it doesn’t get fine, what should we do if its spreading the poison. Dhana ji says that part should be cut off from the body. She says I think the same, so I called you here, we got a complain about Patil again. Gunu ji asks did anyone come to complain. She says no, we got this news from our sources. Dhana ji says you are saying this based on the sources, you are blaming my brother-in-law, strange Ahilya. Tukoji says don’t call her Ahilya, she is the Choti Ranisa.

Ahilya says Malhar taught us to warn twice, then if the same mistake happens for the third time, then he won’t be forgiven. Tukoji says its okay if he mends his way on his explanation, else we will treat him like a culprit. Ahilya says I hope you won’t take this wrong, Patil is your relative, your name can also spoil, you know we can’t forgive anyone doing injustice. Dhana ji says I will see what can be done, I shall leave now.

A lady goes to Manjula and asks her not to hide, don’t get scared of Patil. Manjula says if Patil gets to know that we complaint about him, he will destroy our house. The lady says Ahilya is the queen, talk to her once. Manjula asks what will she do, she is a woman, Dhana ji is also supporting Patil. She gets scared hearing Patil.

Gangoba asks Ahilya to keep patience and work. Ahilya says you know I don’t want to hurt anyone, but knowing that someone did mistake, what’s the problem in accepting it. Gangoba says if everyone thinks like you, then problems won’t exist in the world, I m scared of your questions since your childhood. She says we have to send a share of loot items to Peshwa. He says yes, sure.

Tukoji asks what are you thinking now. She says I told Dhana ji to talk to Patil and talk to him, we don’t know when will he talk and what will he say, if Patil troubles Manjula’s family again, then… Patil asks his men to find Manjula. She gets scared. Ahilya says we can stop Patil if he does anything wrong, we can get a proof against him. Gautama comes to meet Dwarka. Harku goes to Bana. Bana acts upset. Harku says you can’t miss this chance to enjoy this function. Bana says I want to come, but Dwarka asked me. Harku says I m glad knowing you respect Dwarka so much, but you have your own wish, I don’t think Dwarka can stop you. Gautama says Dwarka always gets such good games in Manglagaur function, you take this responsibility for Ahilya’s Manglagaur.

Dwarka asks why, Harku and you can do it. Gautama says no one else can do this, why don’t we need you, Bana, Sita and Rakma, your own Manglagaur, I have seen you dancing so well. Dwarka says you are praising a lot, its nothing like that. Gautama says I know, no use to act so decent in front of me. Bana says yes, I also want to come. Harku says Ahilya is managing the entire Rajya, you are her Saas, everyone will see you with respect, we have to do arrangements together for the family. Bana says yes. Patil waits to find Manjula. Manjula worries. Ahilya says I will finish an imp work and come. Rakma nods and goes. Ahilya goes with Tukoji. She asks the guards to leave and do their work.

Bana says food is ready, Ahilya didn’t come. Gautama says we will wait for her. Ahilya stays busy in work. Dwarka asks Gautama to have food, and not spoil her health.

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