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Pandya Store 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita decides to work

Pandya Store 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts wit Dhara and Rishita defending Raavi. Suman taunts Rishita. Dhara says let it be. She lifts a dhol. Rishita asks Dhara to leave it, don’t do work, focus on her health. She says end Shiva and Raavi’s topic, talk about the baby, I will do the work. Suman asks Rishita to help her, what is she doing about having a baby. Rishita looks at Dev. She asks Dev to see what is Suman saying. She says Dev should know that you want grandchildren, I will be ready if he is ready. Suman asks Dev don’t you want kids, tell me. Dev says yes, but its a big responsibility. Suman says get few kids fast. Shiva asks Dhara for the room keys. Dhara says at least your mind works. He says I will keep the shop items here. She says its Raavi’s room, you have to keep room clean until she comes back, don’t make it a storeroom. She goes.

Dhara sees the baby’s pics and smiles. Gautam comes. He says you won’t do any work from now. She says when our life’s biggest happiness have come, Raavi left the house, she isn’t here, we have to give them some time to make them understand their mistake, everything will be fine. She says I wish so, I was scared seeing them today.

Dev and Rishita have a talk. He says I don’t have money, Gautam will give it. She says we have no money to plan anything, today I didn’t had money to pay a man sent by Kaka, you are educated, you have to decide financial plans for the baby, but you can’t do this, Suman wants us to have a baby, how can I plan a baby. He says I will talk to Gautam. She says no, I have applied for a job, I m also educated, why should I waste my golden days, I should work. Gautam says I think you don’t love me like before. She asks why. He says you should talk good things, but you are always taking tensions. She says sorry, I won’t do this, what do you want to say. He says nothing. He talks to the baby. He says everyone loves each other, they will love the baby a lot. Dev says you should work, its a right decision. She asks really. He says I have no problem, you are hardworking and intelligent. She asks what will Suman say. He says I will handle it, focus on your interview.

Raavi gets documents. She says I will apply for Masters, I will get the admission in a college. Anita asks her about Shiva. Raavi says stop talking about him, I feel hurt, I don’t know how will I react if he comes to say sorry. Shiva thinks of Raavi. He says her thoughts won’t let me sleep. He gets her dupatta in the cupboard. He says I don’t want any memories, leave from my life completely. He kicks the potli at Raavi’s house door. Anita and Raavi hear the voice. Raavi goes to check at the door. She sees Shiva. She picks the sindoor box. It falls over her face. He says you and your memories have no place in my life. He leaves. She gets angry and cleans the sindoor. He comes back home. He asks Dhara why is she sitting alone. She says you didn’t return home soon. He says you were worried for me. She says you stopped worrying for me.

He says you can beat me with this stick, don’t stay upset. She says kids don’t get affected by beating when they grow up, I will never complain to you now, you do what you want.

Doctor says the test reports values are different, Dhara has to take care, this can be her last chance to become a mother. Dhara and Gautam worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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