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Our Childhood Love~Riansh TS by Tanya K

Hi guys, here we go with a new OS hope you’ll will like it.

A beautiful girl of around 22 years is seen sitting at a chair in front of her balcony admiring the beauty of nature with coffee. She was humming her favorite song.

The girl is revealed to be Riddhima.

She opened her phones gallery and saw a picture of two kids holding each other’s hand and tears welled up in her eyes.

Her POV:

It’s been 12 years since you have left me. Your riddhi is incomplete without you. You had promised me that you will never leave but see here I’m living alone without you. Please come back Ansh your riddhi needs you, she can’t live without you anymore.


A boy of around 12 years is seen running behind a girl of 10 years chasing her.

Girl: Ansh, catch me if you can.

Boy: Never underestimate the power of Vansh Raisinghania riddhu.

So the boy and girl was Vansh and riddhima.

Riddhima: Let’s see Vansh.

She said as she continued running while Vansh continued chasing her and as Vansh was an eiffel tower then also he catched her from her waist while riddhima pouted and they both end up laughing and falling on the ground.

Riddhima: Ansh, promise me no matter what you will never leave me.

Vansh: Sweetheart where I’m going leaving you I’m always here to trouble you.

Ridhhima: pakka promise.

Vansh: pakka promise.


Riddhima (to herself): Tomorrow is my marriage with the person I don’t even know. My family is forcing me to marry him but you know naa Ansh that your Riddhi is just yours and will remain yours please come back to me.

In a beautiful and huge Mansion surrounding with a beautiful garden and a swimming pool a boy of 24 years is seen laying on a bed with a phone in his hand.

He is our Vansh.

He was also seeing the same picture of his and riddhima.


It’s been 12 years since we have got separated from each other. It’s been 12 years since Ansh and Riddhi has got separated. I need you riddhi please come back to your Ansh. I know I had promised you that I will never leave but situation was something that I need to leave you. I’m sorry.


Vansh and Riddhima were playing in the park together happily just then Vansh’s father came there and took Vansh with him.

Reaching at VR MANSION, Ajay made him sit on the sofa.

Vansh: What happened dad?

Ajay: Vansh, actually we need to leave to London. I have got transferred there and I can’t leave you’ll here.

Vansh: But dad, I can’t leave Riddhi here.

Ajay: We have to leave her Vansh please try to understand she can’t come with us.

Vansh: if she can’t come with us so I will also not come with you.

Uma: bacche I know that riddhu is your best friend but we can’t keep her with us all the time. She too have her own family who needs her with them.

Vansh: But.

Uma: no ifs no buts and it’s final that you are coming with us.

She said strictly while Vansh nodded with tears in his eyes and ran to his room. Unknown to them this all was witnessed by two innocent eyes which was all wet by crying silently. She was Riddhima who followed them feeling something was fishy. She also ran from there to her house.


Vansh: My family is getting me married to the person I have never met. But I’m only yours riddhi your Ansh is only yours and will remain yours forever please come back to me.

Both Riansh cried and dozed off being tired of crying continously…

To be continued….

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