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Our Baby- RiAnsh OS by Tanvi

Hii everyone!! Hope you all are doing good! I am very happy with your last response! Thank you so much! 

Backdrop- Starts when RiVangre reached Vyom’s house when Vansh was poisoned.

(When Riddhima left and Vangre reached to Vyom)

Vangre reached the hall to see Vyom mimicking the TV anchors.

“Atleast, whatever the reason is. In clouds is god, or whoever it is give peace to Vansh’s soul. And let me, breath peacefully.”

Vyom laughs like a maniac and claps his hand.

“That was so good yaar Vansh! Wow! I mean…” Vyom started laughing again pushing and pulling Vansh.

Vyom stopped laughing when he heard some other laughs, those were of Vansh and Angre. Both of them were too laughing.
(Inke bhoot chadhe hai bhoot 😂)

“I don’t have that much energy in my body, that’s why I am just laughing. (Chuckles) if I loose, you will also not win.” Vansh said in full attitude but ended up coughing.

“I have many people in your house, who work for me. I can easily get it..” Vyom said.

“No one can win Vansh Rai Singhania. The black box is in your house (laughs) but looks like you don’t want it.” Vansh laughed along with Angre.

Angre looked at the watch, and his expressions changed.

“Vyom give me the antidote only 5 minutes are left!!” Angre yelled.

“Get me the black box!” Vyom shouted back.

“Not any cost…” Vansh whispered having no energy left.

“It maybe yes?” Vyom said with a smirk.

Vyom went out from there and came back with a small trolley, whistling and jumping.

“Because you are dying…I thought to give you a…….(open the trolleys) surprise!!!” Vyom nearly shouted.

Vansh’s eyes widened seeing Riddhima lying lifelessly. Her hands, legs were tied and mouth was tied with a cloth, tears were brimming out, her eyes half open.

Vansh stumbled but walked to her opening all her ropes and she winced and gasped to breathe. She clutched Vansh tightly but he was too weak to even hug her back.

“Vyom give the antidote!!” Angre screamed but Vyom laughed.

“3 lives are in danger, oh oh oh, I am winning from a challenger” Vyom kept dancing around.

“Vansh ..” Riddhima gasped collecting all her breath. Vansh was continuously coughing but held Riddhima close to him tightly.

Angre started fighting from Vyom, Angre kicked him on his stomach and he fell down with a jerk. Angre pounced on him and after a lot of struggle, the antidote was in his hands. Angre found a gun and pointed at him, while he ran away to save his life.

Angre came back with the antidote, gave it to Vansh who was a little week but normal under the next 15 mins. Riddhima was still in his arms, her hands clutching him tight, but she wasn’t moving.

“Riddhima?” Vansh tried to move her a little bit what happened was her hands fell leaving him and she slipped towards the floor.

“Riddhima…” Vansh turned her face to him and patted her cheeks, but her half open eyes gave no response to him shaking Vansh in horror.

“Boss we should take her to the hospital…” Angre said getting up to the car while Vansh followed him with a O shape mouth looking at Riddhima.

Angre was driving the car, while Vansh was busy patting Riddhima trying to wake her up.

“” Riddhima said slowly giving him a little releif.

“Don’t worry nothing will happen to you..we are going to the hospital ok?” Vansh said to her but she nodded her head in no.


How can he forget that she is pregnant!? It was just the medicine that made it slip from his mind? How can he?

Vansh looked at Riddhima, who was again the same but, he was more horrified to see foam-like thing coming out if her mouth. He looked at her carefully examining that she was turning blue.

“Angre drive fast Riddhima is poisoned!!!” Vansh’s scream shook the whole car and Angre astonishingly increased the speed.

“Riddhima.. nothing will happen to you…take deep breath ok?” Vansh was running along the stretcher which was taking Riddhima.

Riddhima again nodded in no, she wanted to be confirmed that their baby will be safe or not, her first concern over herself.

Riddhima opened her eyes, blinked a couple of times to get a clear view, and slowly sat on the hospital bed. She looked out of the room to see Angre and Vansh talking, and Vansh’s face was not giving good vibes to her.


Her voice was not properly coming out, she cleared her throat to call him, but he didn’t listen. Riddhima quietly kept her legs on the floor, trying to stand up but miserably failed falling back on the bed with a thud, which resulted in Vansh’s attention towards her.

Vansh swiftly came to Riddhima and made her sit properly. Riddhima looked at his face, his eyes were weirdly swollen and red, properly telling he has cried.

“Vansh…” Riddhima held him clutching him. Vansh helped her sit properly and sat to next her, not looking in her eyes.

“” Riddhima’s voice barely came out due to the pain she was having..

Vansh, bent her head down, making Riddhima sob, and Vansh nodded in no..


Riddhima screamed and buried her face in his chest crying loudly, while Vansh hugged her back shedding silent tears.

It’s been 2 days now, Riddhima was back home but indeed all alone. Since she has returned, she has not seen Vansh anywhere. And whenever she asked Angre, he told that he is busy with an too important work that he isn’t even returning on nights.

Riddhima knew, that it was not the truth. She used to cry alone silently remembering her dreams she decided for their baby, the moments they spent together planning their baby’s future.

Riddhima was moving in the house at midnight, she was sleepless. Her ears caught some voice from the study, and she followed it.

“She is so alone since she has returned boss.” Angre tried to tell the deepness of his words indirectly.

“I can’t face Angre, whenever I see her I just remember that I am not a good father who wasn’t able to protect his unborn child. Whenever I see her crying face, I just remember it would have been good if I kept distance with the child.”

Vansh, not realising what he said, heard some stumbles and both turned to see Riddhima standing at the doors and hot tears escaped her eyes as she sobbed.

“Whatever would have happened Vansh. You left me to cry.”

Riddhima left from there and was followed by Vansh. She banged the bedroom door on his face, crouched on the bed crying hugging a small teddy bear.

Vansh opened the door, and directly sat on his knees next to the bed.

“Riddhima I am sorry..” Vansh said trying to touch her but she backed off.

“You don’t want to think, so you derived your mind in the business. But what about me!? What did I do? Just cry here alone thinking you will come so I can pour my heart out! What a fool I was. You don’t want to see my face because you get broken…then stay away!”

Riddhima pushed him back and he came back hugging her tightly, crying his heart out. Riddhima sat up, and he puts his head on her lap, while Riddhima traced her fingers in his hairs.  Ande Vansh slept.

“If you don’t let it out, it will make you weak inside. And I can’t let you fall weak.”

Riddhima wiped his tears and rested her head on the bed back, drifted to sleep.

Vansh stuttered holding Riddhima’s waist where he slept, he opened his eyes to see Riddhima sleeping in an awkward position. He woke up and made her lay on the bed and tucked the duvet.


Vansh punched Vyom again, he was tied to a chair. Vansh punched him until blood oozed from his nose, and then Vansh gave him electric shocks. Vyom screamed and squeaked but it created no affect on Vansh and he kept torturing him.
Flashback ends

“Some times we need to let it go” Vansh said to Riddhima side hugging her, while her eyes were full of tears.

“How can I?” Riddhima asked with her croaky voice.

Both were standing on the terrace, it was a beautiful night, starts shimmering in the sky along with a crecent moon.

“It’s the last time you are crying” Vansh said wiping her tears and she nodded.

Vansh came up with a beautiful sky lamp, with a small sad smile on his face. Riddhima looked at him questioningly and he just blinked in affirmation.

Both of them light up the lamp, and Vansh turned it, so Riddhima can have a look at it. It had a beautifully written…

‘Our baby’

Riddhima looked at Vansh who smiled at her, tears well up in her eyes, and they both leave it, to let it fly in the sky.

“I love you”

Both of them said together and hugged each other.

Hope you all liked it!! Do comment your reviews on OS and feel free to give suggestions. ✨💜

Tanvi 💫

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