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Molkki 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer lies to Purvi about their relationship

Molkki 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender pretends to slip and drops cold drink on Purvi. Everyone is startled. Daskh asks him if he is fine. Virender apologizes to him. I slipped. Daksh tells him everything is fine when it comes to him. Dhwani is safe because of you today. I can even give you my life! Purvi goes to change. Virender looks on.

Veer comes to meet a girl stealthily at night. I got a gift for you. Extend your feet. The girl obliges. Veer puts anklets on her feet and smiles.

Virender walks in Purvi’s room. She asks him why he is here. He says there must be something which is why I am here. How can you get engaged Bawri? She tells him that she is bearing his nonsense because he is Daksh’s friend. Please leave. He apologizes to her for what he had done in the past. He holds her hand. I am finally breathing after seeing you alive. Let’s go home. Let’s go back to our home, to our kids. She tells him she has no idea who Bawri is. I am telling you again. I have no idea what you are saying. Please leave! He pulls her angrily. You changed your name and think that you can marry someone else? Remember it well that you are mine and will always be mine. Come with me to Rewari quietly. She experiences flashes again and passes out in his arms shocking Virender. Daksh comes and is stunned to see her thus. He holds her. What happened to her? Virender says don’t know what happened. She lost conscious. Daksh lifts her in his arms and leaves. Call doctor.

Doc checks Purvi. This is the same attack second time. this happened when you tried to remind her of her past last time too. Daksh says none of us tried to remind her. Doc asks him if he is sure. Daksh nods. Doc tells them that she was hurt badly on her head when she had an accident last time. I had warned you that she might be under pressure when someone will try to remind her of her past. She can have brain hemorrhage. Virender realizes what has happened to Purvi.

Virender is pacing in his room. I now realize why Bawri was acting like that. She does not remember me because of the accident. She wasn’t ignoring me intentionally or anything. Veer calls Virender to know why he hasn’t come here. Virender tells him that he chose to stay back for Bawri’s sake. Veer tells him to understand that she is no more. Virender tells him that she is alive. She had an accident because of which she has lost her memory. Don’t tell anyone at home that Bawri is alive. Veer promises him. I will come to Delhi tomorrow. I cannot leave you alone in this situation. Virender tells him not to worry about him. I am happy as the kids and I have found another reason to live now. Veer agrees. Virender decides to meet doc first thing tomorrow morning. I have to find out what I have to do

Daksh tells Purvi he is relieved to see her awake. When you passed out in Poor Mukhi ji’s arms, he looked at you as if he was very close to you in some previous birth. Purvi wonders if they are somehow related. Maybe he was related to me before accident? Daksh tells her to have medicine or she might fall in his arms again. He laughs at the idea. Purvi feels as if Virender might know something about her past. I must speak to him once to find out more.

Virender finds out that Purvi has lost her memories before accident. Doc says Daksh got her best treatment afterwards but she never gained her memories again. Virender asks him if she will never remember them. Doc advises of grave consequences if someone forces her to remember anything about her past. Virender says there must be a way which wont harm her in any way. Doc suggests him that she might regain her memories if she gets back in the same surroundings and around the same people as before. Who are you to her? Why are you so concerned about her and asking me so many questions? Virender says I am Daksh’s business partner and friend. I want her to recover asap. Doc falls for it.

Nani gives a paratha to Purvi while she is on her way out. Where are you going? Purvi says I have an urgent work. She leaves. I am going to find out who I am and what my past is.

Virender decides to find a way to stay close to Purvi. I am sure she will remember something or other if kids and I stay near her.

Veer thinks that it is bad news for their family that Purvi ji is alive. She has complicated so many thing sin our lives lately. What if she does that in future too?

Purvi leaves for some place. Veer checks in in a hotel.

Virender reaches school.

Purvi comes to hotel and asks for Virender’s room number.

Virender takes the kids with him. You two will now stay with me only. They jump with joy.

Purvi knocks on the door. Veer tells the person to come in. he is stunned to see Purvi.

Principal asks Virender why he is taking the kids with him. Is everything fine? Virender nods. The reason why I got them admitted here if over. There is no point letting them stay here.

Purvi asks for Virender. veer thinks that Baba was right. She did not recognize me so it does mean that she has lost her memory. He introduces himself to her. You can tell me if there is something. She asks him why he was so shocked to see her. Do you know me from before? Your Baba’s eyes also showed some pain and helplessness. What’s our relation? Do we know each other?

Kids ask Virender where they are off to. He tells them that they are going to be with haathi. They scream with pleasure.

Purvi asks Veer again. What’s our relation? I had an accident 6 months ago and I have lost my memory. Why does Mukhi ji keep calling me Bawri again and again? Who is this Bawri? What’s our relation? He recalls how Purvi had ruined his marriage and life by switching brides. She asks him again. He says no in reply. We share no relation.

Juhi tells Virender they are very excited that they will be with haathi again. We missed her a lot. Manas nods. It’s been so long since she made aloo puri. Juhi seconds him. We will also hear lullaby from her every night. Virender agrees.

Purvi asks Veer why Virender has been acting so strangely since he saw her. You too were very shocked when you saw me. You all wouldn’t have reacted this way otherwise. Veer tells her she is right. Your face resembles to my Baba’s wife. She died a few months ago as well. Baba reacts in a similar manner whenever he sees someone who looks like her. My little siblings miss her a lot too. Truth is, you share you relation with us. You face resembles Baba’s Bawri a lot. Sorry that you had to go through all this. Purvi thinks that she had a hope of finding out about her past after meeting Mukhi ji but she ended up being alone again. Maybe I am destined to be alone. I am probably not destined to know where my family is and who are they.

Chandni notices someone shifting in their neighborhood. Guard tells her that it is a guy in turban. She peeks over and notices Virender. I knew that Chand ji will come here looking for me. Thank you, God! I will be happy after seeing him every day. She imagines dancing with Virender again. Juhi runs and hugs Virender. We loved the house. Chandni makes a face. Nani asks her what she is doing here. Chandni tells her that Virender has shifted next to them. He has brought 2 stars with him too. Nani tells her that he will never accept her. Chandni tells her that she has become old. Nani tells her she has become crazy.

Kids ask for haathi. Virender tells them that she lives in the house opposite to them. They decide to go meet her but he tells them that haathi has lost her memories. She does not remember us or anything about her past.

Chandni tells Purvi her Chand has bought the house opposite to them. Purvi is confused so Chandni tells her it is Mukhi Virender Pratap Singh. He is our new neighbor. Epi ends on Purvi’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Purvi tells Virender about her meeting with Veer yesterday. He told me that I resemble your Bawri. Virender is taken aback. Later, Virender confronts Veer. Why did you lie to Bawri? She was mine and I will make her mine again. Chandni and Daksh are talking about Daksh and Purvi’s fake engagement. Nani overhears them and asks Daksh if they had been pretending in front of her. Purvi offers to make chowmein for Juhi and Manas. They say thank you haathi and hug her sweetly. Virender smiles. Nani vows to make Dhwani aka Purvi her DIL.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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