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Meet 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Meet Ahlawat accepts Manushi’s proposal.

Meet 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manushi completes her task of singing song while Meet Ahlawat appreciates her voice & looks falling for her expressing it to his friend Deep & Deep asks him shall he enquire about her but Meet tells him he’ll do on his own.

Manushi comes out searching Kunal but faces some goons troubling & teasing by touching her while her sister Meet comes for her help to fight with them saving Manushi.

Manushi’s mother is waiting on the doors while Manushi & Meet arrive hence she asks Manushi why she was late holding a stick in her hands due to not having faith in her but her grandmother comes immediately saying to ask Meet also who was her guard while Manushi is bluffing her by trying to take her promise but Meet intervenes stopping her from taking promise telling her to not take promise instead she’ll tell & Meet says she was studying sitting away from Manushi who was busy in her work hence grandmother tells Meet’s mother to blame Meet instead Manushi so punish her but Meet’s mother is still confused then too due to grandmother’s force she hits Meet with the stick inspite she didn’t wished to while Meet takes it lightly aware of her mother’s helplessness.

Meet Ahlawat’s mother is talking with her husband about Sunaina blaming their daughter Masoom which is wrong but he explain her to search the truth then blame anybody & advises her to show the photo again to Meet so that the truth will automatically come out.

Meet’s mother sits in depression thinking of punishing Meet while Meet controls her emotions towards her but she is asking her did she hide Manushi’s truth but Meet diverts her attention & goes to meet Manushi warning her again to not to lie again to mother & she assures her.

Meet Ahlawat is dancing holding broom in his room dreaming of Manushi while his mother comes taking the photo along with everybody & watching him feel happy this is the right time hence she goes near him but he sees the photo in her hand & takes it saying now no more photos throwing on air but watches it from air & holds it while his mother feels he has chosen somebody hence she takes away the photo for tearing it.

A Brahman visits Meet’s house for checking Manushi’s birth book to search for an able person’s arrival in her life but he is eating snacks while Manushi’s grandmother is asking him to do it quickly & after checking he says marriage should happen with a black dog & Meet takes Brahman out of the house tricking him.

Meet Ahlawat stops his mother from tearing it but they are joking with him then finally he says this is the same girl whom he likes & they realize he has met with her & decides to arrange meeting while Masoom thinks let the birth book match first.

Meet’s grandmother accuses Meet for behaving weird with Brahman but she tells her he was fooling her so how to tolerate him & explains her this way a boy isn’t found for any girl but if it’s her destiny the proposal will automatically come while Meet’s mother receives call getting news of proposal being accepted to whom they had sent the photo of Manushi & Meet breaks into joy dancing for good news along with her children friends while Manushi watching this feels depressed.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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