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Lamp of Love Episode-12: Anirudh and Bondita recreate their beautiful memories

The episode starts with everyone congratulates Bondita on winning her first case. Vibha comes there and hugs Bondita. Vibha by folding her hands says, Bondita di you have given me new life, I will be forever grateful for this and cries. Bondita wipes her tears and tells this is not meant be shed and hugs her, Anirudh looks on proudly. They leave from court and drops Vibha in ashram. Anirudh tells her to take care of herself and child too and leaves. Anirudh takes different route, Bondita asks Sakha babu you have taken wrong direction, he tells no I have taken right way only and smiles.

Thakumaa and Ksj waits for Bondita. Thakumaa says, Trilochan ji I am feeling restless, I hope Bondita wins this case, KSj says don’t worry she is smart enough to tackle this. Thakumaa tells durga ma please be with her. Tapur comes there running and tells Thakumaa di won the case, Thakumaa and KSj gets happy and over excited. Thakumaa asks Bihari to arrange favorite food for Bondita and tells she will also come to help him. Telephone rings, Tapur goes and picks, it is Chandarchur on other side. Tapur tell me good news, Tapur tells, yes Jamai babu Bondita di won the case. Chandrachur tells I know this, our Bondita is brilliant, Tapur wait your di wants to speak to you. Tupur says, “Tapur from morning I was tensed and now I am feeling worst as I couldn’t be there in this sisters bonding”. Tapur tells don’t worry we will meet soon and they end their conversation.

Anirudh takes Bondita to bazaar. Bondita asks why we came here Sakha babu. Anirudh asks her to stop asking questions and come with her. They go to kulfi shop and eat kulfi, Bondita recalls her memory when she was small they had kulfi and danced in streets wearing a costume and she smiles keeping kulfi in hand. Anirudh calls Bondita and says, “Are you mad why are you always smiling thinking something”? Bondita tells she recollected her past and puffs her mouth. Anirudh to remember and tells why don’t we recreate it? Bondita gets excited and they both go and takes costume, they wear Kerala costumes and dance happily looking at each other, they click photos and return to haveli.

Thakumaa comes there and congratulates Bondita and asks her to fresh up soon and join them for lunch, she nods yes and goes to her room. Everyone sits for lunch and Anirudh tells how Bondita defended Mr. Basu, with proud tone. Bondita thinks I feel like I won millions of cases by your proud moment, I will never let you down Sakha babu.

Bondita goes to study room, Anirudh asks her to come inside. Anirudh asks, how her experience was. Bondita says, I was very happy as this was my first case presenting before you. Anirudh smiles. Bondita tells that she is going to meet village head today regarding educational campaign. Anirudh asks her where they are planned to meet, Bondita tells in Satyamev Jayate campaign office and smiles.

Bondita reaches there, village heads and some important people assemble there. Bondita tells them about the discussion she had with school administration. Bondita asks them why they are not ready to send girl child to vidyalaya. Village head tells her that they don’t want their daughters to sit together and study with male children that can cause rift between families if something goes wrong. Bondita asks them if this is the reason to not allow girl child to attend vidyalaya, then the administrators had said that they will make separate arrangement for girl child. Villagers discuss among them and tells some people cannot afford fess, so what can we do for that. Bondita asks them to tell if they have any other issues. Villagers tells that’s all for now and most importantly we won’t allow our children to wear skirts and send them to vidyalaya. Bondita looks on, they leave from there.

Sampoorna asks Tapur whether Anirudh is out, Tapur tells no dada is still in study room. Som comes there and tells this is not possible maa, dada won’t leave his room that easily, and we should have searched morning when they were out to court. Tapur says, but that time Thakumaa was there so we can’t do anything, now she went out but dada is there. Sampoorna sees Shashwati writing and thinks I have got an idea and smiles. Shashwati goes to Anirudh study room. Shashwati says dada I have this homework left can you teach me? Anirudh tells yes come, she tells that all her vidyalaya notes is in her room and asks him to come there, Anirudh tells okay and go from there. Sampoorna signals. Som and Tapur enters Anirudh study they search carefully without messing anything, Som sees a paper and turns that and sees a school form, Sampoorna calls them out as Anirudh is back.

Bondita thinks about villagers demand and thinks how to handle this, if not handled properly then it can lead to some problem. Bondita sees someone coming there. Mr. Basu says, this place looks beautiful but not as much as you are. Bondita tells him to speak with respect or else he will face wrath of her Sakha babu if he came to know about this behavior. Miss.Das I think you are still child you are just his guest not his wife. Congratulations on your new campaign but remember from now on neither you nor Anirudh, nah your Sakha babu will be in peace. Bondita today you made me lose for first time and the shame I faced, I will bring same thing to you, but remember whatever I do will not hit you directly, but it will hit your heart which beats for this Anirudh Roy Chaudhary. Bondita gets stunned.

Sampoorna tells this Anirudh is staying in study all day, we could not enter. Tapur says, Sampoorna di may be Som was right it is very difficult to sneak dada room. Som tells, I have got a clue. Tapur asks what that is. Som tells he saw an application form. Sampoorna asks from that what you come to know. Sampoorna maa it is Dalhousie boarding school form, 8 years ago when dada got separated from Boudi he took her to this school only. Tapur asks so what it is doing now. Som tells Dada kept that form safe all this years because Tapur interrupts and says that the form has Bondita di’s handwriting right? Som throws a glance at Tapur and says not only that, the form is written Bondita Roy Chaudhary.

To be continued…

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