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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Chavan Seniors’ Request to Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi with Samrat returns from temple and offers prasad to family. Bhavani gets happy for Mansi and says she used to pray for her son every day at temple and must be feeling good going to the temple with same son. Mansi says god heard her prayers, she just wants her son to be happy wherever he stays. Ninad says they will not let him go. Samrat says he can understand his feelings, but he needs to go. Pakhi walks down next. Mansi offers her prasad. Sonali asks Pakhi why didn’t she accompany Mansi and Samrat to temple. Pakhi says she didn’t know about it. Omkar says Samrat should have taken her along or at least Pakhi should have asked him when he went out. Sonali says how can Pakhi know when Samrat slept in guest room. Everyone look at Samrat. Samrat asks why are they looking at him like this, he is a guest in this house. Ashwini tickles him and asks why didn’t he ask her to prepare food like before and asks what would he like to have. He says whatever she prepares as his choice has changed over time. Ninad says Ashwini prepares tasty food, even he plays piano beautifully and shows his piano. Samrat gets happy hearing that. Ninad says Sai gifted this piano via her scholarship money. Mohit says Sai cares for their family a lot and surprise everyone often. Bhavani, Pakhi, and Sonali fume hearing that. Samrat says they are lucky to have Sai as their bahu. Sai passes by. Ashwini says she will live for 100 years as they were talking about her and asks why she is carrying food. Sai says for Virat as he is having fever. Ashwini gets concerned, even Pakhi’s expression (??) changes in concern. Sai says nothing to worry as Virat is fine now and walks away. Ashwini informs Samrat Sai takes good care of Virat and describes how Sai left the house after argument with Virat, but then rushed to hospital and took immense care of him when he was shot during a mission. Bhavani, Pakhi and Sonali fume more hearing Sai’s praise. Samrat thinks when Sai is worried for Virat and Virat is hiding his feelings for Sai, there is something between them and he needs to suggest Sai to look at their relationship in a different angle.

Virat wakes up from sleep. Sai with breakfast wishes him good morning, asks if he is feeling better, and says he should rest today and she will inform his seniors. He says he cannot take leave for a simple fever. She says he was having high fever and should rest. He says she should attend her college and not bother about him. She says he is not well yet. He says he doesn’t need her care and truth is stubborn like her and doesn’t change, she easily opens up what is in her heart, its her special quality, and shouldn’t change. Sai asks if he has that special quality, even he should reveal truth. He asks what she wants to say. She says if he didn’t understand, sees breakfast cold and says she will reheat it and return. He says he feels uncomfortable with her care. She sadly says she is sorry for taking care of him and is ready to make him feel uncomfortable for the sake of his health.

Bhavani asks Samrat to rethink about his decision as its not good for him and their family. Omkar backs Bhavani. Samrat says he took a decision after much thought and it will not change. Ninad says Pakhi is a good wife and she fulfilled all her responsibilities as a bahu. Sonali backs him. Ninad asks if he is bothered that Pakhi and Virat knew each other before marriage. Samrat says he has already taken a decision, why they are forcing him. Bhavani says Chavan Nivas men don’t take divorce, Shivani already embarrassed them with 2 divorces and not anymore, she wants him to give a second chance to Pakhi and not think of divorce. Samrat says then 2 people are not happy together, they shouldn’t fall under society’s pressure and ruin their lives; he laughs off that Virat and Pakhi were just friends. Ninad says it was their past and they cannot compare it with their presence. Samrat says he knows what they were before and nobody can understand it better than him.

Pakhi walks to Virat and says she heard he is unwell. He says he just had a mild fever and is fine now, why did she come here. She says she wants to talk to him somethig important and its not that simple, she can’t speak in this house as a drama was created whenever she spoke to him and with Samrat’s presence, she doesn’t want everyone to misunderstand them and hence wants to meet him at a cafe at 4 p.m. He says if its very important, he will reach cafe at 4 p.m. She says she wouldn’t have troubled him if it wasn’t that important. He asks if she spoke to Samrat. She says yes, she will discuss even about it at 4 p.m. She turns and sees Sai hearing their conversation. Sai walks in. Pakhi apologizes Sai and says she needed to speak something important with Virat. Sai says she doesn’t want to know. Pakhi asks why did she react. Sai says its a normal reaction and she didn’t want to disturb them, its weird that she came here even in Samrat’s presence, she just brought breakfast for Virat and will go away till they speak. Pakhi says this room and Virat belongs to her, so she can stay while she goes away. Once she leaves, Sai asks Virat to have breakfast and medicines with warm water. He asks what about her college. She asks him not to worry about her college as she will go late today. He thinks its impossible to understand this girl, she is worried for his health but doesn’t value his feelings.

Precap: Bhavani tells Samrat that Pakhi will not agree for divorce and wants to give one more chance to their relationship and start afresh. Pakhi tells Virat that she wants to give herself a chance only with Virat. Samrat asks Sai to give one chance to her and Virat’s relationship.

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