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DESTINY UNITES – Part 3 (End of Kiara?)

hi everyone!!. Iam back with 3rd part 🤗.hope you all surely enjoy it..


Pragya and Sarita behen finishes anuradha’s last rites and they name the baby as sahana and..

Sarita behen: now everything is over..

Pragya: yes..I thought to stay here for two days but now I changed my decision.

Sarita behen: why..if you want you can stay here.

Pragya: no..I will take you to new delhi along with me. So there is no purpose for staying here..

Sarita behen: are you sure that your family members will accept us?

Pragya hugs Sarita behen and..

Pragya: don’t worry family is so good. They will surely accept you.

Sarita behen smiles and..

Sarita behen: thanks for being our supportive.

Pragya: it’s I will help you in packing things.

Suddenly sahana cries…

Hearing her cry Sarita behen tells..

Sarita behen: you take care of sahana. I will pack my things..

Pragya: okay..

Pragya goes and plays with sahana while Sarita behen goes and packs her things..


Mehra house in delhi:

Everyone returns home including disha and purab while abhi suddenly stops disha purab outside the door…

Abhi: wait guys..wait.. don’t enter the house now.

Disha and purab gets shocked..

Purab: what’s the matter bhai?

Abhi: I will do Aarti for three of you before you enter the that inauspicious things won’t affect your family…

Everyone smiles while aliya teases abhi..

Aliya: being with pragya too changed a lot.

King: correction aliya.

Aliya stares king by raising her eyebrows.

Aliya: what do you mean?

King: I mean…abhi haven’t changed,he is immersed in pragya’s love that’s why he is doing all pragya’s activities to remeber her even pragya di is absent.

Aliya: fool…

King: hey you..what did you tell?

Abhi comes in between them..

Abhi: ok..ok.. don’t start your dhamaka again. Atleast be patience til I welcome purab’s family orelse they will sleep outside the house atself if you fight like this.

Everyone laughs and finally abhi does aarti to purab and his family and welcomes them..

Abhi: welcome back my bro..

Purab disha and his baby enters and everyone hugs them and they take  selfies…

Everyone together: cheers!!!!

After taking selfie abhi becomes upset which is noticed by purab..

Purab: what happened bhai?

Abhi: pragya…

Purab: are worried that pragya is Missing in our selfie. Am I right?

Abhi nods..

Purab: don’t worry bhai..we will take selfie again once bhabhi comes…

Abhi nods and..

Abhi: guys go and rest and we will prepare for baby’s naming ceremony.

Purab: without pragya bhabhi?

Abhi: no..I told I will prepare only. Naming ceremony will be held after 2 days only after pragya comes but we will start buying the essential things from now atself..

Purab: ohh..ok.

Everyone returns to their rooms while abhi and kiara sits on sofa..

Abhi: kiara..we will go to mall now okay?

Kiara gets excited..

Kiara: wow mall… really are you taking me to mall papa?

Abhi: yes..

Kiara: yeyy!!!..I will buy lot of things for me and mumma.

Abhi makes a face..

Abhi: then for me?

Kiara pulls his cheeks and..

Kiara: you are there to buy things for I dint include you but mumma is not there with us now so I told that I will buy things for her too.

Abhi: daughter is brainy.

Kiara smiles..

Kiara: thank you.. ok, when will we go?

Abhi: after some hours..

Kiara: ok..till that I will play with disha aunty’s son.

Abhi: ok..

Kiara goes to disha and purab’s room to play with little baby..


Pragya ,Sarita behen along with sahana gets ready and..

Sarita behen: iam going to leave my own house now..

Sarita behen gets emotional while pragya consoles..

Pragya: don’t will feel the same surrounding even in our house and you will surely accept that as your house too.

Sarita behen: I don’t know how to thank you..

Pragya: it’s okay..come lets go dadi.

Pragya takes sahana in her hand while Sarita behen takes the luggages and they go to railway station and climb the train and sits on their seats..

Sarita behen: how long will it take to reach Delhi?

Pragya: just 2 hours as this is super fast train.

Sarita behen: ohh..

Pragya thinks about her pregnancy and..

Pragya: dadi..I want to inform you something.

Sarita behen: what’s it?

Pragya smiles and..

Pragya: iam pregnant with twins…

Sarita behen gets happy hearing it..

Sarita behen: then iam going to have grandchildren again.

Pragya: yes..

They share their joy for sometime and they sleep after sometime..


the train reaches new delhi and everyone gets down the train including pragya and Sarita behen along with sahana..

Sarita behen: I feel nervous to meet your family.

Pragya: you will feel happy once you meet my family.

Sarita behen: then iam ready to meet them.

Pragya : then come lets go fast..

Pragya and Sarita behen goes out and hires a cab and they go towards mehra mansion…


Kiara comes to abhi who is lying on sofa…

Kiara: papa..come lets go to mall.

Abhi: after some time we will go..

Kiara makes a face..

Kiara: papa.dont become lazy. Please come fast..iam eager to go.

Abhi wakes up and..

Abhi: ok..for my daughter iam coming now atself.

Kiara smiles..

Kiara: thank you papa..

Abhi lifts Kiara and they go to car and Abhi makes kiara sit on the front seat near him and he starts driving the car..


pragya’s cab comes towards a cliff (as they have to cross the cliff to reach mehra mansion)..


Abhi climbs the cliff and suddenly he sees someone torchering a girl and stops the car..

Kiara: what happened papa?

Abhi: wait a minute baby..I will check whats happening there.

Kiara: ok..

Abhi: you sit here safely okay?.. don’t come out of the car till I come okay?

Kiara: okay..

Abhi gets down the car and gets shocked seeing shekhar and his goons troubling a girl and he hears the girl’s scream..

Girl shouts:leave me please…leave me please. Don’t harass me..

Shekhar and his goons pulls her shawl and one of the goons try to molest her while abhi gets angry seeing this..

Abhi in mind: how dare is can shekhar stoop so low like this?.I won’t allow anything to happen to that girl..

Abhi goes angrily towards them and kicks the guy who was going to molest that girl while the girl gets scared and runs away….

Abhi shouts: how dare you guys to trouble a girl?

Shekhar gets angry..

Shekhar: who are you to tell us?it’s our wish..we will molest or rape and whatever we wish we do. If you come in between then we won’t spare better get lost from here before we kill you.

Abhi slaps shekhar hard..

Abhi angrily: don’t you have any sense? You are really a shameless creature.

Shekhar gets angry and he starts beating abhi…

Shekhar: how dare you call me shameless? I will kill the person whoever disrespects me..

Shekhar beats abhi more while abhi starts fighting with shekhar and his goons and kiara sees this from car and gets shocked..

Kiara in mind: ohh noo…they are beating my papa..I will save my papa somehow. Last time atself my papa was bleeding and this time I won’t let anything to happen to my papa.

Kiara comes out of the car and goes in between the fight and shouts..

Kiara shouts: please stop..please.dont beat my papa..

Abhi sees kiara and..

Abhi: just go from here kiara..they are big rowdies. So it’s not safe for you go to car soon.

Kiara doesn’t agree and she goes and pulls a goon who is beating abhi..

Kiara: leave my papa.. don’t beat him please.

Suddenly pragya’s cab comes across and pragya gets shocked seeing kiara pulling a goon..

Pragya: driver..please stop the car immediately.

Driver stops the car and pragya was about to go out but Sarita behen stops her..

Sarita behen: what happened pragya? Why are you getting down now?

Pragya: please sit here dadi..I will check what’s happening there and come..

Sarita behen: but be careful.

Pragya: ok..

Pragya gets down the car and sees abhi fighting with the goons and gets shocked..

Pragya in mind: ohh god..what is abhi doing now? I asked him not to fight with anyone but still he broke the promise…

Kiara pulls the goon while the goon gets angry and pushes kiara aside and kiara falls down which shocks abhi and pragya..

Abhi shouts: kiara…

Pragya shouts: kiara…

Abhi gets shocked hearing pragya’s voice  while pragya runs to Kiara..

Abhi in mind: how did pragya reach here? She told that she will be back only after two days then how…

Suddenly shekhar’s goons starts beating abhi as he stands shocked while abhi again gets angry and fights with the goons..

Abhi Angrily: how dare you push my child?

Abhi punches everyone hard while shekhar gets angry seeing this..

Shekhar in mind: how dare he? I won’t spare him now..

Suddenly shekhar sees kiara lying down and smiles evilly..

Shekhar in mind: I know how to make this idiot mad…

Shekhar runs to Kiara and lifts her and goes and stands near the cliff end and shouts…

Shekhar shouts: excuse you know what’s the result if someone disrespects me?

Pragya and abhi gets shocked seeing shekhar holding kiara..

Abhi shouts: shekhar..leave my child orelse..

Pragya shouts: please don’t do anything to my child please..

Shekhar: ohh so you are mrs.mehra?..iam sorry mam.. because of your husband’s interfere..I have no other option except this.

Shekhar throws kiara down the cliff and smiles while abhi and pragya gets shocked and shouts..

Pragya: kiara….

Abhi: kiara….


PRECAP: Pragya leaves abhi. 20 years later: Prachi and rhea’s birthday bash.

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