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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 23

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The loud sound of the chandelier crashing vibrated through the house, Ahaan stood at his place shocked. He could hear everyone screaming but was unable to move. Someone was shaking him and then slowly his senses returned. He looked to see Ishqi crying in pain, and the glass pieces were stuck in her leg.

Ahaan came quickly to her, lifted her in his arms and carried her to the hospital. All the other family members accompanied him too. Isqhi was hurt in his own house. He was sure the chandelier had not fell by itself.

Ishqi was being treated by the doctors. And Ahaan was pacing outside the room

“bhai, this cant be a coincidence” Karthik confirmed his thoughts

“Right now, Ishqi getting better is more important” he said

Isqhi came to her senses, and slowly remembered what had happened. If that person hadn’t pulled her away, she would have been dead. She needed to thank him, but before that something else was more important

Ahaan came to see her, and his eyes filled with tears seeing the pain she was in.

“I failed again to protect you, and that too this time in my own house” he said his head down

“I want you to talk to your mother once” Isqhi said

Ahaan looked at her angrily “you should be worried about yourself right now”

“All those questions you have will be answered once you meet your mother” she said again

“What has your accident got to do with my mother” the slowly realization dawned “did she do this” he asked, his anger was getting out of control

“Calm down Ahaan, she did not do this” she said holding his hand

Her touch calmed him down.

“Please talk to her once, just once. I will never ask you anything again in my life” she pleaded

Seeing her in this state was already ripping him apart, but he wanted to know what she knew. He was sure now that she knew who was doing all this.

He walked out and asked his chachi to take care of Isqhi. He and Karthik headed out.

“Is Isqhi going to get better soon” he heard a female voice and stopped and peeped inside the door of the room. He was familiar with the female voice

“Yes, she has some minor injuries due to glass pieces piercing ” he heard another male voice.

“Can you inject heavy sedatives into her IV” he heard the voice again, and his insides feezed. He was familiar with the voice but was unable to place it.

“we can’t do that; it will kill her” answered the male voice and he could see a white coat. So, it was the doctor.

The person moved and he was shocked to see who it was. He was going to go inside but Karthik halted him

“She won’t be able to do this all by herself, we need to find the real culprit” Karthik said and Ahaan agreed. He had seen Riya, but if Riya wanted to kill Isqhi she would have done that long back.

“What makes you say that” Ahaan asked Karthik

“Because she knows you will never marry her, even if something happens to Isqhi”

He proudly looked at Karthik, his brother understood him a lot. And he was blessed to have him.

They both come to the hospital where Savitri is there.

Ahaan comes to see his mother but his heart pains seeing her like that. He sits beside her and wait for her to wake up.

She slowly opens her eyes to her dreadful life. But she is stunned and happy to see Ahaan there. She lifts her hand to touch him, but he dodges it and it pains her. Her own son didn’t want her to touch him.

“Isqhi asked me to come meet you once, that’s the only reason I am here” he says, and she smiles sadly

Then it strikes him “Did Suraj dump you, that you are lying in a hospital like this” he asks looking everywhere for Suraj

“He doesn’t know I am here” she says, and he is perplexed

“You ran away with him, and he doesn’t know you are here” he asks surprised

“Did you really believe what your dadi told you” she asks and that gets him thinking

“I trust my dadi, why will she lie to me” he asks

“Why, indeed. That’s a question you need to ask your dadi” she says

He gets up” I won’t ask my dadi anything. I trust her “and he starts going towards the door

“Ask your dadi how her son and your father died” she says and that halts him in his place. He turns around and sees the torturous look on his mother’s face

He stares for some time at her, thinking but nevertheless goes from there.

At the hospital Chachi is taking care of Isqhi

“Chachi you know the truth about Ahaan’s mother right” Ishqi asks and Chachi is stunned

“I don’t know what your talking about” she says

“The truth doesn’t hide for long Chachi” Isqhi says and its makes chachi feel more guilty than she already is.

“Please tell Ahaan the truth, let him unite with his mother” Isqhi requests

“unite with whom and what truth” Ahaan is at the door


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