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Bigg Boss OTT 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 19 8 AM
Everyones wakes up dancing. Neha says to Pratik Moose was asking why are you happy. Pratik says she also says Raqesh gets horny kneading the flour. Shamita says oh God. Neha says have some shame.

Milint pretends to be Neha and says I am not happy with Pratik. The way you smiled with me and joked with me, Pratik ji doesn’t do it. I feel like it’s a picture. Akshara is asleep. divya is upset. She asleep on the sofa. Milint says come eat breakfast. Milint says I will.

Bigg Boss says the task was discarded. Now the audience will decide which connection will be boss man and boss lady. Divya doesn’t have a connection, she can’t contest. Audience have two hours. Raqesh says its fair. Nishant says it doesn’t work like that. Shamita says what did he say? Nishnat says he keeps saying you will get it. You will win etc.

11:30 AM
Neha teases Pratik. He massages her hand and says your give me mom vibes. Neha says shame on you. Nishant shouts mommy.

12 PM
Divya sees Nishant. Pratik and Neha wearing golden jackets and say who is the band. Divya says to Akshara you must be feeling bad. Neha says to Pratik how do you have abs. They try to cheer up Moose. She ignores them. They try to make her laugh. Nishant hugs Moose and sings tujhe yaad naa meri aai. He says Pratik you are Shahruk and She’s Kajol. Neha is Tina. Pratik asks what happened? She says did I say anything? Nishant says Rahul juice..

12:45 PM
Akshara says to Neha I just want you to play with dignity. Neha says I am. Akshara says people can’t be geniune here.

Neha tells Pratik she said something is happening against me in the house. She is talk about that marriage and Pratik. This is so strange.

1:15 PM
Neha walks in bikini and goes to the pool. Pratik says Raqesh is sighing. Moose says to Nishant I like you the most here. It can change when we go out. Nishant says on this show, we will stay close. Moose says it makes me uncomfortable when Neha tries to come close to you. I can’t be possessive about two people at lease. Nishant says okay fine. Moose hugs him.

Bigg Boss says the connections who are chosen by the government are Milint Akshara and Pratik Neha. Everyone claps.

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