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Best Friends- Riansh OS by Parita

Best Friends-Riansh OS

Heyy guys, I’m back with an OS that’s on @Sumisha’s request. I hope you all like it!

@Maanvika, I’ll be posting your OS tmr.


Riddhima, a girl in year 7 walked down the corridor with the rest of her classmates following her in a straight line. The teacher had instructed her to go to the 10th standard class. They were to have a meeting there with the older students for help in studies.

As her footsteps reached the door of the 10th classroom, she shivered at the thought of the elder boys and girls intimidating them in the pretext of studies, she didn’t want to get bullied here like the way she had gotten in her previous school. She was a victim of bullies who bullied her for her complexion and styling.

One guy from inside the class looked at her, he smiled at her behaviour as he saw her fidgeting with her finger and breathing in and out. Riddhima heard the teacher’s voice from inside and she followed the path inside stopping and facing the class. The teacher called out names and each one had to go to the person they were matched with.

Teacher: Riddhima, with Vansh there! (pointing)

Riddhima: Sure Ms.

Riddhima went near Vansh and sat beside him. Soon she got a bit comfortable with him, he was understanding and gentle with her that made her fall for him. He asked her some questions and explained some topics that she had problems with.

Spending a few hours with each other in the class had made them realize that they were very comfortable with each other. Vansh, despite being a little older than her didn’t find it embarrassing or funny having her as a friend in fact he respected his choice of friends.

Vansh: So friends? (asking)

Riddhima: Umm sure….well to be honest I’m not an open girl who makes friends and all so easily but today it’s something different. But I hope your friends wouldn’t mind?

Riddhima asked him back sensing the laughter that the boys and girls who sat near them tried to stifle. Vansh smirked at her question and replied coolly.

Vansh: As if I give a damn about what they think! (chuckling) You know I have a very good choice even if it’s in picking friends. These guys sitting near us aren’t my friends in fact those who are focusing and not laughing are my friends because they don’t mind. And why would I mind being friends with you anyway?

Riddhima: Lots of reasons; my complexion, it’s darker than anyone else’s. Second, me being almost like a tomboy, I mean my clothing and all isn’t that stylish. Third, me being a victim of big bullies! And I can go on you know (reasoning)

Vansh: (laughing) And I’d be friends with you because of many reasons; I don’t see someone’s complexion but their inner beauty that defines their genuine personality. Complexion doesn’t define who you are. Second you being not so stylish and almost like a tomboy doesn’t make a difference to me because as long as you’ve got clothes to wear on you are fine. You’re you! Third being a victim of bullies then let me tell you, who are they to pass comments on you? (raising his eyebrows) In fact it’s their bad to have messed with such a lovely girl like you. And I can go on you know! (smiling)

Riddhima was in tears listening to it. It was the first time when someone had actually encouraged and motivated her instead of blaming and taunting her. His words made her realize her own self. She passed on a light smile and nodded.

Vansh: Friends?

Riddhima: Friends! (shaking hands)

Vansh: Great! Whenever you have any problem, I’ll be there for you. (she nodded)

Having their first meet so wonderful, they felt different. They felt an attraction towards each other. Soon after they got more friendly and comfortable with each other, becoming best friends. They used to catch up together at lunch breaks and after school for studies as well as normal talks. They teased each other, they laughed and joked around with each other, they ate together….doing everything together.

Inside them, their hearts used to flutter when they saw each other every time. They both knew an understood later that they did have something for each other, feelings but love…. was what they weren’t sure about.


As the years passed, soon Vansh was done with school while Riddhima was still there. He had moved to a college for further studies and had got much indulged in them. The days when they couldn’t meet due to the different schedules is when they realized that they were nothing without each other, they couldn’t spend a day without talking to each other. This was love, and they knew it however none confessed.

Whenever they met, both their hearts had a race trying to ignite the emotions inside them but alas they couldn’t. But one day, everything changed. The thought of going further away from each other haunted them that led them to confess for each other.

Riddhima’s father had announced his transfer to another country for a better pay in his selected job. Fear crept inside Riddhima, she tried her best to inform Vansh however it was too late. Her father was leaving immediately therefore she had to leave the soonest. She told one of her classmate, who was her good friend about it.

Riddhima: Sejal, promise me we’ll not leave to contact each other! (tears)

Sejal: Of course yaar, I promise! What about Vansh? You? Are you happy?

Riddhima: How can I be happy Sejal? I can’t even tell him now we haven’t met since a week. I guess it wasn’t in our fate to be together. I need to go, my parents are waiting in the car! Bye!

Sejal: Hmm, bye!

Riddhima hung up the call and went towards her car and saw her parents waiting. She plastered a fake smile on her face and sat in the car. Her father ordered the driver to start the car and they drove off away from their house. On the way to the airport, Riddhima stayed quiet, remembering her and Vansh’s spent moments on the streets. She suddenly heard her father rebuking the driver for taking the wrong route.

Riddhima: Excuse, I say stop the car. You’re not taking us to the airport….have you lost your way?

Riddhima’s dad: Why are you taking us to the cliff area? Turn the car around!

Riddhima: Cliff area?

Riddhima looked around outside her window and she saw the cliff area, shocking her.

Riddhima: (murmuring) This was Vansh and my spot! Why are we here?

Riddhima’s dad: Why have you brought us here, will you say something? (anger)

: What can I say sir…..your daughter can say!

Riddhima: Vansh!

Riddhima looked in the mirror and saw Vansh in the driver’s uniform. He winked while she sat astounded seeing him there. Vansh unlocked the car and got down, he opened Riddhima’s side door and pulled her out. He pulled her till the edge of the cliff.

Vansh: Remember we used to come here every afternoon, talk and relax! Remember? (she nodded) Then don’t you remember you have a friend called Vansh? Whom you call a best friend? (hurt)

Riddhima: No Vansh it’s not like that!

Vansh: Then what is it like? (held her shoulders tight) One week we didn’t talk and you forgot me so easily! How? You thought you’ll leave me? You want to leave me right….then go! Go! (anger)

Riddhima: Vansh I have to! I didn’t have any other option! (tears)

Vansh: Option…you had! You had an option of informing me but no you didn’t!

Riddhima: It was so sudden! Just today early morning mom and I were told. (crying)

Vansh: You had time to call Sejal but not me! Nice now you know what go! Go away from me!

Vansh looked towards the cliff in tears, his heart pained when he said that. When he found no response from her he looked at her and saw her moving away from him in tears, taking baby steps. He sighed and went to her, pulling her back.

Vansh: You’re actually going? (tears) You want to leave me?

Riddhima: I don’t want to but you’re the one told me to go away from you! (innocently) Now decide what you want!

Vansh: Riddhima!

He pulled her into a hug, pouring out all his feelings; pain and anger. They hugged each other tight and when they pulled back they looked at each other. They were inseparable.

Vansh: Let me tell you one thing….you have no permission to leave me, ever! (cupping her face) You can’t leave me even if you want to, because you’re mine! I’ve never told you this before but I feel for you! I love you yaar! Please don’t go away from me, I won’t be able to live without you, even this one week was hell for me! I love you! (tears, falling on his knees) I want to spend every time with you and you only!

Riddhima: (tears, bending down near him) Vansh I want to stay with you forever too! I love you, I love you so much!! I’m yours and yours only (cupping his face) I love you!!

Vansh pecked her forehead softly and they hugged each other in happiness. Getting up, they held each other’s hands.

Riddhima: How did you know I was going?

Vansh: My heart that you took along with you!

Riddhima: (kissing his cheeks) But seriously? (curious)

Vansh: Look behind! (smiling)

Riddhima looked behind to see her parent walking to them with smiling faces. She looked surprised and saw Vansh again who was smiling. As her parents reached them they hugged them both while Riddhima still stood surprised.

Riddhima’s dad: We’re the ones who planned this. There’s no transfer of mine.

Riddhima’s mom: Exactly seeing your bond we knew you both loved each other but never dared to confess so we did this. I went to his mum pretending to have some work and told her about us leaving and there he came, immediately leaving everything for you. (caressing her cheek)

Riddhima’s dad: Vansh, promise me you won’t let her cry ever, you’ll love her and protect her forever!

Vansh: I promise always! (holding her hand)

They both held each other’s hand and went to the edge for their own time. They sat down, swinging their legs and in each other’s embrace watching the sunset of their love.

The End.

Hope you all liked it, please do comment and continue to support!


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