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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 40 # strong

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

 this chappy is extremely longer than usual..

Let’s start

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish..

“Aaaaaaahhhh!! Why did u pinch me boss” angre blurted out as soon as i pinched him..

“Just to confirm am i dreaming or what” i said looking at the door again..

“Should i pinch u then “he asked gulping down..

“Seems like u are very eager to attend your funeral feast as ghost ” i said and he literally ran out from the study..

“Vanshuuuuu….u called me na ..i was sleeping and directly came here ” riddhima said Yawning by perfectly showing her curves..

She is wearing a black net nightware which are definitely showing her curves perfectly..

Her milky waist…that two little devil peeping through her shrug..and that slightly visible tempting cleavage..

Gosh!! I am doomed today..she smirked and i understood this is all trap..

“Come riddhima we have to work whole night” i said averting my gaze from her but deep down i wanted to crush her beneath me for playing with my sanity..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I moved towards him moving my hips s*xily and sat beside him …

Picking a file from his side i traced my hand on my cleavages licking my lips..

“Its so hot na..vanshuuu” i said in a suger coated voice..

Vansh was literally gulping his saliva time to time looking at me..

I know Mr. impatient raisinghania…how much sabar u have..

“Angre was here too” he said in his cold voice..

We can literally freeze some ice cream with his voice…

” Should i go and give him award for being here ” i said rolling my eyes..

“He saw u in this…this..s*xy..i..i mean this clothes..”vansh said with possessiveness clearing dripping from his voice

“I was in this..so he will see me in this only na..

Moreover he is my brother..” i said trying to suppress my laughter..

” And what about me..how can u come like this anywhere ” he said with his anger filled voice

“So.. should i make u my brother for seeing me like this” i said keeping the file back on table..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

What the hell!! Me and her brother..the thought is itself depressing

I pulled her in my lap.. angrily

“Dare u to say this again” i said tightning my hold on her waist..

“Vansh ..i am sleepy plz let me go na ” she said whinning like a baby..

Oh..so this was the plan… but a poor one sweetheart..VR is not as easy as ice to crack..

I will enjoy this for some other time..right now..let me tease u more..

I smirked and pulled her more close and she clutched my shirt tightly..

“Let’s complete the work then sweet-heart” i said tucking her hair Strands behind her ears

“I am your PA..behave.. SIR..” she said turning her face..

I could sense that she is hurt..but I can’t do anything except hurting her more..

I am dying after hurting u day by day..be strong sweetheart..

She didn’t realise when i kept her back on couch..

“I was talking about work only” i said sternly passing her some more files..

Pov ends

Scene 2

Riddhima’s pov

Vanshhh…vansh…slow na..i can’t walk more ” i said crawling behind him in almost sleepy state..

This bajarbattu raisinghania didn’t let me sleep for whole night..and took me here for a meeting..

“Wanna use stairs instead of elevator for morning walk ” he said and  i increased my pace to match his speed..

He can measure whole mumbai with this taad ke ped wale legs and i can win marathon by this speed..


“Riddhima i said pass me the blue file ” he yelled at me..

” I only gave that” i said opening my one eye…

“But that was a red one ” he complained like a kid..

” That was my fav file and i kept it’s name blue… do have any problem ” i said giving him a toothy smile …

I wannna sleeeppppp😭😭…mujhe sone ka  shauk nhi…soti hu is gadhe ko bhulane ko…i hummed the song in my mind obviously..

U will pay for this vansh ..i swear u will pay..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I was giving her files after files and she was shooting daggers at me..

Ignoring her glare i passed another file suprresing my lips..

“Riddhima let’s go we have a meeting ” i said getting up from my seat..

“Riddhima..riddhima.” i shouted again not getting any response from her..

I turned and left bewildered…she was sitting keeping her plams on her head..

I moved close to her and bended to her level

“Riddhima..what happened..are u fine..” i said and she broke into sobs..

Why on the earth she is crying..

“Do u let me even live peacefully that i will be fine ” she said between her sobs

My heart softens seeing her tears.. keeping all the problems aside i moved close to her..

“Sweetheart tell me what happened ” i asked with concern

“I want to sleep 😭mujhe sona..hai…u bastard u didn’t let me sleep now I can’t even move for a inch my body is tired my legs are hurting..u made me run so much😭mujhe sone do na vanshu plz😭” she cried more whinning like a baby..

I kept my onc plam on my forehead suppressing my laughter..

I wanna peck her lips..she is looking so adorable..but i felt bad for  torturing her this much..

“Laugh…haso or haso..an abla naari is crying here and u are laughing..Mr.moron raisinghania “

“Sorry Sweetheart” i said holding my both ears pouting

I just wanna be old Vanshu of my riddhima for few minutes..who used to fullfill her every wish..who used to bear all her tantrums..

Atleast i could be able to see her smiling face.. but all i can see now is her tears…

“Chhodo..leave me…i am gussa..” she cried more pushing me as soon as i picked her in my arms..

Taking her forcefully to my room attached to the cabin i made her lay down on bed..

Slipping in the duvet i lay down beside her pulling her on me..

“Dur hato..i hate u..” she said hitting me with her not so strong fist..

“Riddhima sweetheart..take rest u are tired na “, i said stroking her hairs..

What should i do with her..i think i should keep her handcuffed all the time..

Our hone wala baby will be more mature than her..

Hattt Bc..what the hell i am even thinking..

“Why u always do this vansh” she said with tears  brimming in her eyes..

One part of me badly wanted to scream that i don’t want to hurt her..but after imagining the aftermath i stayed mumed..

“Am i any commodity vansh that whenever u will want u will be close to me and then push me away”..she said and my heart stopped with thuddd .. imagining the amount of hurt she has in her heart..

“If i will say will u leave me riddhima” i asked like a kid pleading in front of his mom..

“Now I don’t want to know anything..i thought i will win u back but seems like u don’t want to be mine..” she said and turned her back towards me..

Covering herself fully with blanket her body trembled as i can hear some silent sobs from her ..

Sliding the duvet from her face i kept my cheek on her cheek..

Pulling her by waist i rubbed her tears with mine…

Planting a soft kiss on her forehead i left the room not before having a last glance at her..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

He left leaving me alone may be he knows i need this space badly..

I am fed up  with all this..why everytime i have to bend ..why everytime i have to understand him..

Can’t he bend a little..but this time..i am hurt..

I won’t let anyone use me..i am strong..indeed i am..

I didn’t realise when sleep engulfed me

Pov ends

Scene 3

Angre’s pov

Boss barged in my cabin and started throwing things in anger..

It took me a nano second to understand what could have happened..

Their fights are weird.. i have seen couples pulling each other’s hairs … beating each other in anger .

But this two alliens are different..they kiss when they are angry..they romance when they are possessive..

“Boss what happened” i said making him calm .

“Things are going in wrong direction angre “..

He shouted making me flich

” I advise u to handle before its too late ”  i said gathering some courage..

I will let him fall in well till i have that much long rope to rescue him..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“Kahi esa na ho bhabhi ko bachate bachate ap unhe kho de ” angre said and left leaving me in my thoughts

What if i will loose her.. what if she will hate me ..

But she is doing that now also..she is my love she will understand me..our relationship is not that much weak..

I have played at safe side till now but it will be check and mate this time

I will mend everything sweetheart…

I will keep my queen with me in this battle..

If u will want to go..i will cage u in my love..

You are mine..only mine..

I said with a determined face kissing her picture on my wallpaper

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Charan yaha hai mere 🦶 aap chhu skte h..

Itna bda chappy likha😩 word count : 1652

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