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Barrister Babu 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh and Bondita decide to get married

Barrister Babu 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh thinking once they leave safely from there, they will start afresh. Chandrachur grabs the rope. Bondita gets shocked and scared seeing him. Chandrachur says that today he will shoot Anirudh in his chest. He points a gun at him and is about to shoot when Tapur hits him on his head from behind. He falls unconscious on ground. Tapur tells Anirudh and Bondita to run away and marry as soon as possible. Once they get married, everyone will have to accept them. She takes promise from Anirudh that he will always keep Bondita happy. Anirudh says that he will keep Bondita’s happiness before his and won’t give her any chance to complain. Tapur takes a promise from Bondita as well that she will maintain smile on her Sakha Babu’s face. Bondita promises that she won’t think even if she has to give up her life for Sakha Babu. Anirudh and Bondita hold each others hands and leave from there.

They are running on a road. Thakumaa goes with her guards to search them and orders her guards to shoot Anirudh as soon as they see him. Other side, Trilochan is also out, searching for Anirudh and Bondita with Somnath and his guards. Thakumaa and Trilochan’s jeeps stop at a same point. Anirudh and Bondita are hiding in grass in a cart. Trilochan and Thakumaa tell their guards to find them, they shouldn’t have run away too far. Thakumaa looks at the cart. She stabs a long arrow in the grass multiple times. Anirudh and Bondita barely survive. Anirudh sees the arrow coming towards them and puts his hand in the way. His hand bleeds. Bondita tears her saree and ties it on his wound to stop the blood. A guard informs Thakumaa that they searched everywhere, they are not there. Thakumaa and Trilochan leave from there.

Chandrachur slaps Tupur and asks where Bondita is. She says that she doesn’t know. Sumati tells Tupur that she said Bondita refused to go with Anirudh. She gestured Bondita to keep her swear. Tupur says that she also thought Bondita would keep her swear and won’t go with Anirudh, but it seems Anirudh’s love challenged swear given by her, and as usual, Bondita didn’t care about her family, put them down, and went with Anirudh.

Trilochan tells Somnath that they must find Anirudh and Bondita. He orders his guards to shoot Bondita. Anirudh tells Bondita that they barely survived this time. They will have to save themselves from both Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur. They all are angry. They won’t listen to them. They cannot go to police either because Thakumaa and Trilochan have contacts in police. Bondita says that she knows that. She also knows Sumati must have tried to make them understand, but they must have not listened to her. Enmity has made everyone blind. She never imagined their own people would fight with each other. He tells her that he is not only her shadow, but also her shield. He won’t let anything happen to her. She says that he is in so much pain, yet he is smiling. He says that’s because he is with her. He doesn’t feel pain from any wound. She asks really? He says yes. She pinches him and he screams. She says sorry, sorry and blows where she pinched. She says they won’t talk about pain now. They will only share happiness now. He agrees with her. He says now they have to marry as soon as possible. They continue running.

Trilochan arrives at a temple. He says that Anirudh knows how important marriage is. He will definitely try to come to the temple to marry. Anirudh and Bondita reach the same temple. Anirudh says they will get married there. No one will listen to them. This is the only way to prevent others from separating them. Once they get married, they will go to their homes and apologizes to their family. Bondita agrees saying they will convince their families with their love. He covers her head with her saaree pallu and says now she looks like his bride. He praises her beauty saying it looks like the moon came to the earth. She fixes his hair, wipes his face, and says now he’s looking okay-okay. The moon may not get the sun, but she will be okay with sunflower. They both laugh. They walk in the temple. Trilochan tells the guards to hide and don’t do anything. Let Anirudh talk to the priest and at that time, they will shoot Bondita. He further says that Anirudh will definitely get Bondita, but not as a bride, but as a dead.

While climbing up the stairs, Bondita sees Trilochan’s locket. She takes Anirudh down and tells him that Trilochan is in the same temple. Anirudh looks around and sees the guards. Bondita says if Trilochan is in this temple, then there must be Thakumaa and Somnath in other temples. Anirudh says now this leaves them only one way, they will have to cross the border and go to a place where no one knows them. They decide to go to Chandan Nagar.

Chandrachur says that Bondita cannot do that. Anirudh must have fooled her. He tells Sumati not to worry. Today he will bring Bondita alive and Anirudh’s dead body in that house.

Bondita looks at the food. Anirudh asks if she’s hungry. She says no. He says that he knows when she gets hungry, she puts her hands on her stomach, her face becomes like an innocent monkey. She says that if she goes to get the food, then they will get caught. He says they can steal. She asks he will steal the food? He has always punished others for stealing. She says that stealing her heart doesn’t count. She will steal the food as she has done that many times in childhood. He tells her that she’s saying as if it’s a proud thing. He refuses to do stealing. He tries to grab the food quietly, but struggles. In end, he manages to grab some food. In return, he puts his ring there. He brings the food to Bondita. She says person who always did justice, supported truth, did a stealing for her? He says that he can give up his life for her, stealing is a small thing. He feeds her rosgulla (sweet). She picks one up and teases him, but in end feeds him. He now teases her and instead feeding her, he eats it himself. She gets mad and makes her face like rosgulla. He laughs and feeds her. Rishta Tera Mera plays….

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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