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Balika Vadhu Season 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi takes a stand for Dhingli

Balika Vadhu Season 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amba seeing Ranchod leaving and calls him. She then asks Godaveri to stop dancing and asks her to sit for sometime. Anandi makes Godaveri sit. She tells her that she does nice garba and is very happy. Ratan says Garba is an art and you are a good artiste. She says few people think that it is just dance, but it is an art. Godaveri gives share of her shagun to Anandi and says she has lift her veil and has become her friend and will share her sorrows. Ratan tells Amba that Ranchod is very lucky to get such a wife. Bhavan teases a girl and asks her to sit behind him. He sees Kadvi baa coming and leaves from there. Ratan tells Khim ji that Ranchod’s wife is very understanding and good. She says she is beautiful like an angel of the heaven and talks to me sweetly. Khim ji says she must be beautiful, but nobody can be beautiful than you, who is clean hearted and good. He hugs her.

Ranchod comes to the room and looks at his wife Godaveri. Godaveri looks shy. He looks at her and holds her hand to kiss her. He then recalls the guy telling him that his wife’s color might become like him. He gets upset and goes from there.

Ratan checks Kalpesh and says he has fever until now. Kalpesh says he couldn’t go to school even today and will lose so much studies. She says we shall take him to doctor. Kalpesh says he don’t want to go to doctor. Khim ji says ok and asks him to drink kada made by his Baa. Kalpesh says kada is bitter. Khim ji says then we shall call doctor behen. Anandi comes there and asks what happened, if he is unwell even today. Ratan says yes. Anandi says even I can’t to school today. Khim ji calls Prem ji and says Anandi doesn’t want to go to school as Kalpesh is unwell and not going. Prem ji asks him to give call to Anandi. Anandi talks to Prem ji. Prem ji says everyone will miss you if you don’t go to school. Anandi says ok and asks if he will come to meet her. Prem ji says yes and asks her to tell whatever she wants. Jigar gets upset hearing his father talking to Anandi nicely. Diwari provokes him against Anandi and Prem ji and asks her if he needs anything. Jigar gets more upset. Prem ji asks Jigar and come and have breakfast. Jigar looks upset and goes.

Next day, Ranchod comes out to take bath and recalls the men taunt. He applies soap on his body and pours water on his body. Godaveri looks at him. He thinks why is he so dark and then covers himself with towel. Godaveri comes to him and asks why did you go out of room, asks if he is fine and asks if he is upset with her. He says no, I was tired and even you was tired.

Amba comes there. Godaveri touches her feet. Amba asks her to get ready as new bahu goes to visit Maa Ashapura. Godaveri says ok.

Some workers are loading the things in the truck and a box falls down from a worker’s hand. The guy beats the worker. Khim ji comes there and asks him why is he beating him. The guy makes an excuse that the worker damaged the mangoes box. Khim ji sees the glass pieces and thinks if Naag ji is doing illegal business of a wine and thinks to inform the Police. The guy sees him from the truck.

Ranchod and his wife come to the temple along with Amba and Laal ji. Pandit ji blesses the couple. Hetal comes there and greets Amba. She praises Godaveri’s beauty and tells Ranchod that his wife will make him dance all life. Ranchod gets upset. A girl comes to the school with her mother. The girl’s mother asks Anandi and Dhingli to take her daughter to 4th std. Other lady comes and tells that Dhingli is very inauspicious and have eaten her mother. Anandi argues with the lady and asks how can she eat her mother, she never harmed me since we were babies.

voiceover: The society, which gives the blame of an accident to a newborn, gives birth to such a bad sense in him that sometimes the whole life does not know overcome from it. The real criminal is the society.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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