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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer and Rani plan to sneak in the house

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeshwari says you have to eat. Rani shows the video to Veer. He says you are a genius. Rani says thanks. Go now. Show this to her and bring dad. Rani says I will take everything back from Vijya. You have to face me. Rajeshwari says to Mausa can you arrange a car for me? He says I can get a bike. She says no a car. Rani says why? She says I want to go to hospital to bring Digvijya. Rani says if she goes there she will know the truth. Rani says Veer ahs gone. She says don’t tell me what to do.

Veer comes back to Rajawat house. Dilip says sorry Kunwar sa I have to check you. He says don’t be ashamed of doing your job. Do it. He checks her. Veer says how is your kid now? Her education? Dilip says she’s good. Veer says let me know if you need anything. Veer goes in. Vijiya is sitting there. She says you, painter.. what were you saying? The painter is making her painting. He says if there’s a servant with you in painting, it would look more royal. She says draw her image instead of the painter. She gives him a photo. She says get started. Veer looks at her.

Vijya says poor people are here to beg. Veer says I need to talk to you. She says don’t come near me. Either become my servant and be part of this picture or tell me if your rani sa agreed to beg or not.

Scene 2
Rani thinks of what to do. Rani pretends to fall. She says Rani sa please help. Rajeshawri picks Rani. Rajeshwari slips too. Women hold Rani. They say Rani sa got injured too. Rajeshwari says don’t come near me. Rani says in heart this is the only way to stop you.

Veer says I got the video just as you asked. She laughs and says what are you waiting for? Show me. She says this isn’t fun at all. Tell me what did she say when you told her this is my condition. She must have gotten very angry. She must have broken things. Tell me. Veer says she was upset. Vijya says what else? Veer says she didn’t want to. Vijya says then? Veer says she did it for me. She says what else? Veer says nothing. She says you men are so boring. You don’t know how to gossip. This is enough for today to see that egoistic woman breakdown. You don’t know how happy this makes me. Imagine how happy it makes me when she’s in my feet and cleans my feet. Veer shouts enough. Veer says I did what you asked. Fulfill your promise. Bring my dad. She says I will say what I want to. Lower your eyes.

The women bring hot water and ask Rani to put her foot in the hot water. Rajmata asks Rani what happened to her foot? Rani says it was a sprain. I am okay. The woman says you will be okay. Rani says let me get tea. They say Rani sa will make the tea. You are injured. Rajmata says they don’t know her anger. She says I will make it. Rani says in heart I can’t even help her.

Scene 3
Vijya shouts lower your eyes. You are just like your mom. I know her since you were not even born. You respect her a lot right? Do you know her worth in my eyes? She brings the painting. In the painting. Rajeshawri is sitting at her feet as her servant. Veer shouts how dare you in anger.. He runs to her. Her goons hold Veer. Veer says I can tolerate anything but Rani sa’s insult. She says I know. You don’t know how happy it makes me see you like this. Go and tell all this insult to your mom. Veer kicks and tears the painting from Vijya’s face. Vjiya shouts. Veer shouts you don’t know what will you suffer going against Rani sa. She says you didn’t do right. Veer says I will do it again. She says do whatever you want. I won’t let your dad out. That’s my challenge. Take him from me if you can.

Scene 4
Rajeshwari cooks. Mausa brings samosa. He says to rajeshwari to come to eat samosas. She says you eat. I don’t want to. Rani waits for Veer. Veer calls Rani and tells her everything. Rani is shocked. Veer says did I do right? Rani says you did right. We can’t tolerate Rani sa’s insult. She messed wrong. We will take dad from her. Veer says she has our money and power and our dad. What will you do? Rani says the family is stronger than any money. We will get dad.

Rajmata asks how is the tea? They like it. Rani says I need to bring Pinku in for food. Mausa says your foot is injured. Let me go with you. Rani says I will go it’s okay.

Veer takes shower. He says I feel shy. How will I come out? rani says come in. Thank God Imran kaka helped us. Veer comes out disguised as Imran kaka in beard and shalwar kameez. Veer says how do I look? Can I be recognized? Rani says you look amazing. I wouldn’t even recognize. How am I looking? Rani is wearing an abaya and has a fake pregnant belly. He says you look cute. Rani says thank you. Rani wears the veil and says we will teach her a lesson for insulting our Rani sa. We will get dad out.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer and Rani come to the house and Imran kaka and his wife. They live in the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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