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Anupama 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Spills The Venom On Shahs

Anupama 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya warns Rakhi to stop insulting her husband. Rakhi taunts that a phatichar/broke husband’s jobless wife is speaking, all are jobless here. Baa says they work in a cafeteria. Kavya warns how dare she is to compared her with Shah family. Rakhi says Shah seniors have excuse of being illiterate, Kavya doesn’t even have that. Kavya challenges that she will get very high-profile job. Rakhi says she is busy all the time grooming her eyebrows and should earn some money groom locality ladies’ eyebrows. Kavya asks why everyone are behind her eyebrows. Bapuji asks Kavya and Vanraj not to fight on festival day. Kavya says Rakhi is fighting. Bapuji then asks Rakhi to stop fighting. Rakhi says phatichars are unfit to fight with her. Sanjay warns her that he will not tolerate his in-laws’ insult. Rakhi asks if she should personally insult him. Dolly warns her to shut up and asks Vanraj what is going on. Rakhi mimics her. Vanraj shouts to shut up and says he was tolerating her due to festival and will not tolerate her anymore, she should get out of his house. She asks his house? He says his, Anupama, and Dolly’s house. Rakhi says its also her house. Vanraj asks what rubbish. Anu requests Rakhi to stop. Rakhia asks Anu to explain everyone that this is also her house.

Vanraj looks at Anu and asks what is mannerless Rakhi saying, what did she do. Rakhi says they needed money to get out of income tax, bank fraud, and many more problems, hence she gave money to Anu and mortgaged her share of house in exchange. Camera zooms on each family member’s shocked face. Rakhi says Anu had visited her house begging for money and remembers Anu asking what she needs in return and she telling she needs her pride, her house, as she is part owner of that house. Anu says she cannot give her house share as it belongs to Baa Bapuji. Rakhi says she will not lend money then. Anu pleads to take revenge in some other way and not this way. Rakhi threatens to either give her house share or cancel the deal. Out of flashback, she thinks her 1 attack is equal to Shah family’s multiple attacks.

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