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Mere Sai 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna In Trouble

Mere Sai 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vaishnavi rudely tells Ashok’s mother that she will not a single penny as dowry in Krishna’s wedding and will give only shagun coconut. Aaji hearing that walks to them and informs that Krishna’s mother has left her 30-40 g gold ornaments, that will be Krishna’s dowry. Ashok’s mother asks her to tell more about Krishna. Aaji says she is a very good girl who thinks only of others first. Vaishnavi drags Vidyadhar in and says she will not give that jewelry only to Jaya as she let Krishna in her house till now only for that jewelry. Vidydhar says he doesn’t have any choice and walking out fixes Krishna’s wedding with Ashok, making Vaishanvi more jealous. Jaya walks to Dwarkamayi and informs Sai that her wedding got fixed. Tatya and Baizamaa present there congratulate her and ask who is the boy. Krishna describes about Ashok and says wedding is in Nagpur as Ashok’s father cannot travel. Sai looks concerned. Baizamaa invites Krishna and her aaji for Kevan/prewedding feast. Krishna gets emotional and thanks her. Krishna then tells Sai that he was right, god helps them always, now all her problems are solved. Sai says he will miss her during aarti. Krishna says she will visit him often and leaves. Baizamaa says Krishna is a good girl, good she got a good life partner. She invites Sai for Kevan tomorrow. Sai walks away saying he cannot come. Baizamaa thinks what happened to Sai.

Krishna gets enrasped in thoughts while sorting out rice and draws house in rice. Aaji says she made a beautiful house. Krishna shyingly hugs Aaji and says till yesterday she was treated badly and was a guest in someone’s house, but after 1 week she will have her own house and family. Aaji says she will rule there. Jaya gets jealous hearing that and angrily breaks her things. Vaishnavi stops her and asks what happened. Jaya yells that Krishna was living like their maid, but today she stole her alliance and all her friends will laugh on her. Vaishnavi angrily lifts stick thinking she will not spare Krishna who snatched her daughter’s happiness. Vidyadhar stops her and warns to dare not think of harming Krishna as his promotion is linked to her wedding, if she wants to see him successful professionally, she should keep her calm till Krishna’s wedding or else go to her mother’s place for a week. Vaishnavi agrees and says once Krishna gets married and leaves this house, she will not let her reenter again. Aaji gifts wedding dress to Krishna and pampers her. Krishna happily hugs her. Sai looks concerned seeing this in fire pit.

Next day, Krishna visits Baizamaa’s house for prewedding feast where Baizamaa performs rituals and gifts her things along with Chihu tai and other friends. Aaji gets emotional seeing that. Baizamaa serves her feast next. Sai looks more concerned for Krishna. At night, Aaji makes Krishna sleep on her lap and pamper her. Krishna sings her mother’s lullaby. Aaji suggests her not to visit this house again after her marriage.

Sai corned puts something in a pot and covering it with leave ties a thread around it. Next morning, Baizamaa informs Sai that Krishna and her aaji left for Nagpur yesterday morning and by now her wedding would have completed, Vaishnavi and Jaya should have accompanied them. Tatya says good Krishna is getting married in a good family. A wealthy man with his son and wife visits Sai. Wife seeing dog yells and shoos it away. Sai notices that. Wealthy man tells Sai that he is Balachandra and people call him Dadasaheb, she is his wife Sumitra and he is his son Adinath. Baizamaa says she hasn’t seen them in Shirdi before. Balachandra says theyjust came 2 days ago here and already started cloth business here. Sumitra says she heard a lot about Sai baba and was eager to meet him, invites Sai for lunch tomorrow. Sai thanks her for inviting, but he cannot come; he respects her wish, so she can bring her pooran pooli tomorrow. Balachandra insists him to visit his house once. Sai says he will come some other day, but not tomorrow. Sumitra gives sweet box to Sai, and they leave. Sai smiles. Baizamaa says he was looking concerned, now he is smiling. Sai says he can see a new ray of hope.

A bullock cart driver brings injured people on his cart and asks Appa to help him identify them. Appa identifies injured and unconscious Vidyadhar, Aaji, and Krishna and takes them to Dwarkamayi.

Precap: Vaishnavi kick out Krishna from her house. Krishna tries to meet Sai, but Tatya stops her and says Sai doesn’t want to meet her.

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