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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber realizes intensity of Guneet’s pain

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber recalling the past. Pammi asks Amber to stop Guneet and asks why we are leaving. Guneet asks her not to do drama. Pammi says I will leave from here, do whatever you want. Guneet pays the rent and returns the keys. Amber says I understand that you are angry. Guneet asks did I ask for your advice? She says she don’t need it. Amber calls her . fb ends. He thinks I saw just your anger that day, but today I am feeling you pain also. He recalls and a fb is shown, Nia asks him not to stop Guneet and says she has no respect for you. Guneet says you both are wonderful and goes. Nia says we don’t have place for selfish people. Amber looks on sad as Guneet leaves. He thinks why do you forget love in anger? Why do we hurt each other?

He thinks he has hurt Guneet and will apologize to her. He says I loved you, but want your happiness now. He says if my prayers was strong then I would have healed your wounds. I don’t deserve your love, may be I will become competent for your forgiveness. He says he has done a mistake and he can’t forgive himself for this. He asks why did you do this and blames himself.

RB comes to Nia and says Amber sir haven’t told me that tigress is in her house. He tells that your emotional quotient is your negative behavior. He says you didn’t respect the woman, knowing your father loves her. He tells about saving his company and says business is a game and you shall enjoy it. He asks her to search Nia Sharma inside her and do the work. Nia says sure. He goes. Nia opens the file and sits down to write. She recalls asking Kabir if Swara joshi loves him. Kabir saying yes and telling that if they were together then he wants relationship. She writes about Amber’s business. Kabir calls her and talks about the work. Nia asks him to check in the folder. Kabir thanks her and says what I will do without you. Nia says why you will stay without me. Kabir says yes, why I will stay without you. Dil hi toh hai….song plays….Kabir asks what is she doing? Nia says RB gave me work. Kabir asks her to stay far from him and says RB makes his students cry. Nia says he is brilliant and she will be lucky if gets his mentorship. Kabir says ok and ends the call.

Nia comes to Amber and sits by his side. She says it was not your mistake. Amber says you stay in my mind…Nia says she stays in heart and can’t reach his brain. Amber asks then how do you eat my brain? Amber asks shall I make coffee? Nia says yes. Amber tells that he will forget slowly. Nia says he has two Gurus, one is you and other is RB. Amber asks her to maintain distance with him and asks her not to compare them. Nia says whoever comes in my life, you don’t like them. Amber gets upset. Nia says idea is good and she shall make RB as her boyfriend, says he is rich and handsome. Guneet exercises seeing on video call and a lady irritates her. Guneet argues with her and ends the call. She then calls the girl and tells that she got angry. The girl says she has become her fan and tells that they will drink coffee together. She asks her to text her address. The girl comes to Guneet’s house and tells that RJ Jhanvi came there with the show dil vil pyaar vyar. She asks her to come to her show and talk. Guneet asks what I will say on your show? Jhanvi says about your life and love. Guneet says why anyone want to listen to me. Jhanvi invites her to the show. Guneet says I will not come. Jhanvi says if I was a guy then I wouldn’t have leave you. She says answer shall be yes and leaves. Amber comes out of his house and wears his mask. He sees Guneet waving bye to Jhanvi and smiling. Maana ke hum yaar nahin….plays…..They look at each other.

Precap: Amber and Guneet get locked in the office. Guneet says it is good that we got time to talk alone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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