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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sati ends her life for Mahadev’s honour

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mahadev asking Sati why did she call him? Sati gets mesmerized seeing him. He says if you don’t have any words then call me again, I will come again. Maruti asks if Sati couldn’t speak anything. Anjani says everyone gets mesmerized seeing Mahadev’s avatar. Sati thinks she couldn’t speak anything on seeing him. Mata Lakshmi comes infront of her and asks her to listen to her. She says your devotion is pure. Sati says I called him as I wanted…Devi Lakshmi says you wanted Mahadev to apologize to your father. She says whatever you know is not true. She says your father has arrogance and hatred towards Mahadev. Sati asks why did Mahadev insult my father? Devi Lakshmi tells that Mahadev didn’t insult him, rather than him, Prajapati Daksh had insulted him. She asks did you understand why you couldn’t lie infront of mahadev. Sati says only true words can be spoken infront of him. She prays to Mahadev in her palace. Prasuti sees Shivling idol and asks what happened to you suddenly. She says you got devoted to Shiv. Sati says I can’t stop devotion towards him, says my father has hatred towards him, but not Mahadev. Prasuti says I can’t lie to my husband and asks her to get ready for the result. Sati says I am ready as I love Shiv very much. Mahadev smiles. Prasuti hopes her love shall end as it is just Maya. Sati says she hears just Shiv’s name and asks if it is not love then what?

Anjani says this is destiny’s joke. She says Daksh hates mahadev so much, but his daughter loves him. Hanuman says what will happen when Daksh will know? Anjani says Narad muni had gone to Daksh and told him. He says I will prove that I am on your side and tells that Shiv is making Sati attracted to him. He asks him to keep Swayamvar for her. Daksh agrees.

Many prince and Devtas come to marry Sati in her Swayamvar. Daksh begins her Swayamvar. Sati comes and greets Daksh. She walks towards the prince, but doesn’t like any of them. Daksh tells that Sati is not liking Rajkumars and Devtas, don’t know what will happen? Narad muni says good thing will happen. Sati calls Shiv and asks him to accept her as his wife, if he is happy with her solah somvar vrat (16 Mondays’ fast). She throws the garland and says om namashivay. Mahadev appears and the garland comes in his neck. Sati runs to him and smiles. Mahadev makes Sati wear garland, although Daksh tries to stop the wedding. Mahadev says Shiv will be of Sati from today. Sati and Mahadev vanish. Daksh gets upset and says I will never forgive you. Anjani says Daksh had abandoned Sati. She stayed in Kailash with mahadev. She says Daksh organized a yagya and didn’t call Mahadev and Sati, but called others. Sati insisted to go. Mahadev refuses to let her go, as there is a hatred in Daksh’s heart. Sati says time will end the hatred. She says when pita ji will see me then he will forget everything. Mahadev allows her to go. Sati thanks him.

Sati comes to Daksh’s Palace and asks Prasuti why his father didn’t invited them. Daksh says you have lost my love and badmouths about Mahadev. He says Mahadev has hypnotized you to marry him. Sati asks him to stop and says she can’t bear anymore. Daksh says Shiv will not come here. my doors are closed for you. Sati gets hurt with his words and says my husband asked me not to go, but I insisted. Prasuti asks her not to take his words on her heart. Sati says my husband is insulted today and until when I am alive, I will be reminded of this words. She says I did a mistake by coming here, and says even if I refuse you as my father, then also our relation will not end. She says there is one solution, tells that she will suicide to protect Shiv’s honour and jumps in the havan fire. She gets burnt. Mahadev and others get shocked. Mahadev shouts Sati.

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