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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya takes Matai’s help to trouble Guddu

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Radhe asking gudiya if she did this or not? Gudiya says she has read in Mahabharat that they shall not tell about their plans to others. Radhe says it is also written that lie doesn’t win and it shows. He says it is clear that you are lying and it is shown on your face. Gudiya checks in the mirror. Radhe asks what did you check in the mirror and asks her to tell what she did. He says I will give you money for gol gappa. Gudiya says I had applied paste on his clothes as he is a bad person. Radhe says but you are good. She asks him to read mahabharat and asks for the money. Radhe gives him money. Gudiya runs out of house and goes to eat Pani puri. She takes pani puri in her mouth and spits on Guddu’s Badi Amma who is going from there. Badi Amma closes her eyes and asks who is this misbehaved person. Badi Amma asks if she has no manners. Gudiya asks Golgappa doesn’t have manners and it breaks whoever mouth it is in. Badi amma looks at her and goes. Gudiya continues to eat golgappa.

Guddu comes out from bathroom and tells Matai that he will complain to Dadi about him, that he made him have hotel food. Matai tells that he was making food, but he (Guddu) ate the food to become phantom infront of Gudiya. Guddu asks him to tell what to eat? Matai tells that he has a home remedy and thinks it is Guddu’s bad karma.

Pappu asks Radhe to come out. Matai comes there and asks if they have ajwain. Sweety says they don’t have wine. Matai says he is asking Ajwain. Sweety says Babu ji likes it, but don’t know where it is? Pappu says it is in kitchen. Sweety tells that her Amma doesn’t let her enter kitchen and tells that she loves her a lot. Radhe comes there and gives him Ajwain. He asks Matai about Guddu. Matai says Guddu’s stomach is really bad. He brings ajwain and gives the home remedy to Guddu. Guddu becomes fine. Matai asks him to tell his Dadi about his home remedy working on him. Guddu says it is a small thing.

Radhe comes to Gudiya’s room and asks Bantu where is he going? He tells Gudiya that he will answer her as his stomach is bad since long time. He asks what did that guy do with you? Gudiya says he has troubled me so much, pushed me down and smeared my face with cow dung. Radhe asks when did he do this? He says you had gone there. He says they were dacoit’s family and Guffu’s father is a lawyer, so case will end before start. He asks her not to mess with them and asks her to promise him. Gudiya promises him and gets sad. Bantu tells Gudiya that she will not take any panga and will provoke him to fight with her. Bantu says your mind runs faster than Chacha Chaudhary. They go to Guddu’s house. She calls Matai and asks how is Guddu’s stomach? Matai says he is making khichdi for him. Guddu asks how did Guddu stomach get upset? Matai says Guddu can’t have outside food.

Guddu comes there and asks why did she come here? Gudiya tells that she came on her legs and tries to provoke him. Matai asks him not to get angry and tells that they came to give hing. Gudiya says she didn’t come to give hing. She tries to prove him to fight with her. Guddu asks her to go. Gudiya says this is my Ballu Bhaiya’s haveli and I will not go. Guddu says I will see this Ballu. Gudiya says Ballu Bhaiya will not let you stand such people are like you. Guddu tells matai that if this girl is seen again then he will not leave him. Gudiya asks if he can show the stars in daytime. Guddu says if I was not Bal brahmachari then I would have made your Samadhi here. Gudiya laughs and tells that she will go from her haveli. Bantu asks Gudiya why she was scared? Gudiya says he has threatened me and messed with me. Sarla asks Pappu to make 4 rotis for her. She tells Gudiya that her hand got sprained and that’s why Radhe and Pappu are making food.

Gudiya gets an idea and shares with Matai. Matai calls Dadi and asks how are you? Dadi says I am fine and asks him to tell about them. Matai says his hand is sprained and tells that he can’t cook food, Guddu is having a bad time to eat hotel food. Dadi says she will send someone else. Gudiya asks Matai why you thought to go. Matai says even if I go from here, then this coward Guddu can’t stay without me and asks if you can let him stay here. Guddu hears them and thinks kheer is making under his nose and he didn’t know.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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