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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhaskar helps Sakpal family

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neighbours vouch for Bhaskar’s parents in front of police. They instead blame the DIL. She did penitence by committing suicide. Bhaskar demands for an investigation. Culprit should be punished. Neighbour tells police to investigate the matter. There was Jagrata at our place last night and they were here. Bhaskar asks them why they are lying but they aren’t bothered by it. Constable falls for their words. Bhaskar begs him to investigate the death but he leaves. Neighbour tells Bhaskar’s parents to do the last rites of their DIL asap. He goes to ask for help. Bhaskar’s father tells Bhaskar that they only have killed his SIL. Do whatever you want to!

Anand and Bala come running home. They look freaked out. Everyone notices their faces and asks them what happened. Bala and Anand tell them everything. Bhimbai says don’t know what all we will have to bear because of this wedding now. It is happening because of you boys. Baraat returned first of all and now this girl is dead! Meera says I understand whatever has happened isn’t right but you cannot blame your sons for everything. How is her death connected to that wedding? Bala says I am relieved that Manjula dint marry in that house. What if they would have done something similar to her later on? Meera holds Manjula close. Bhimbai says we are responsible for Bhaskar’s SIL’s death but Bhaskar denies. This was my brother’s second marriage. First SIL died due to a fire mishap or maybe she was killed too. My marriage dint break back then. neighbours say that she wasn’t keeping well most of the time so she couldn’t do much at home. My family started to think that a DIL is of no use if she cannot help in household chores. One day, she burnt herself while cooking or maybe that was intentional. Do not blame yourself at all. Everyone has their own fate. He gives the box containing his SIL’s mementos to Manjula. This will help her feel that she too is studying through Manjula.

Dhansukhlal says they have weird fate. Someone dies whenever this family connects with someone. Mangesh seconds him. He shares the story of that woman who had died earlier (by the hands of the villagers). Bala warns them to stay away too or they might die while mocking their family. Mangesh says it is you and your family who will die. First Bhima ran away and then your father disappeared. You said they will be back by evening but no one has returned. You are so inauspicious that even the father of the bride wasn’t present at his daughter’s wedding and eventually, the wedding dint happen either. We hate you as you all are inauspicious! We will keep reminding you this whenever we can! Dhansukhlal complements him. They both leave. Bhimbai tells Bhaskar his family isn’t going through a good phase. We are with you in this pain. Bhaskar tells them not to worry. Bhima and his Baba will be home soon. You can let me know if you need any help. Bhimbai refuses to take help from him. Please don’t come here ever again. I don’t want you to be in any problem because of our enemies. Please leave us on our own. Bhaskar asks her if she would have said the same thing to him if the marriage had actually happened. Bhimbai says the wedding dint happen. He says it will definitely happen if you will support us in this.

Bhaskar’s family is already excited about their elder son’s third marriage. They decide to look for a non-educated family. Bhaskar says no DIL will come in this house whose fate will be decided by you guys. I will see how Bhaiya gets married again. He goes to his room. His father shouts that he is still living in his father’s shadow yet he has a problem with his ways. You will die once you will leave us. Bhaskar refuses to stay in his house anymore. I may not stay here but I still wont let Bhaiya’s wedding happen. His mother tries to pacify him but in vain. Bhaskar says I have understood one thing today. Nothing will change in this house till the time the sons of this house will raise their voices for the DIL’s of this house.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh decide to teach a lesson to Sakpal family at night so no one is able to stand in their support. Everyone will doubt Bhaskar’s father at this point of time.

Few goons break stuff and shout at Sakpal family to come outside. Sakpal family comes out. Who are you? The goons tell them to vacate this place by morning. They keep a knife around Anand’s neck as they threaten the family. Bhimbai agrees to leave asap. Sakpal family looks scared.

Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh a new sun will shine on their town as soon as Sakpal family will leave. Mangesh seconds him.

Sakpal family comes out of the house holding small bags in their hands. Everyone is shaken up. Goons tell them to board and train and just go far away from here. Don’t ever try to come back. Your tears wont melt us. Not a single person of this village will stand by your side right now! Your son ran away from the house when the Baraat of your daughter was supposed to come! Who will save you now? Leave! Bhaskar tells Sakpal family to stop. It is a sin to make people leave their house. I don’t know about others but I am going to stand by their side. I wont let it happen! Villagers attach him. Bala and Anand also start fighting with the villagers. Entire family joins in. Most of those guys run away but Bala manages to catch hold of one guy. Bhaskar is hurt. Bhimbai tends to his wound.

Mangesh asks Dhansukhlal if he is sure that his plan was successful. Dhansukhlal is positive. His goons come back just then and relate everything to Dhansukhlal and Mangesh. Mangesh asks them if they said told anyone as to who has sent them. They share that they haven’t but the guy who got left behind might say something.


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