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Anupama 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama receives advance salary

Anupama 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupama thinking its Meenu’s burger day today, I hope she doesn’t disturb Baa much. Baa asks Meenu to go out and play with Samar. Meenu asks her to sleep. She wakes up by games sound. A girl gives a flower to Anupama. Anupama says thanks, we will meet in the next class. The kids greet her well. They say you are so cool. Anupama says thanks. She leaves. A girl asks can you teach me making jalebis. Anupama says fine, you like jalebis. The girl says no, my mum is suffering from cancer, I want to make it for her. Anupama says I promise, I will teach it next time. She prays for the girl and her mum. Peon says Principal called you. She thinks principal is angry.

Baa says I m tired of working a lot. Bapu ji asks her not to lie much. He hears Meenu and laughs. Meenu breaks a glass. She says sorry, I was filling milk. Baa says no, its Anupama’s mistake. She sits to clean the glass. Meenu asks her not to blame Anupama. She cries and runs. Baa says thank God, she didn’t get hurt by the glass. She gets hurt. Vanraj calls Kavya. Kavya comes to him. He asks why don’t you pick up the phone. She says everyone can hear us, why do you get restless when I go with Anirudh. He says he is not your friend, but your ex. She says I didn’t go alone, lawyers were there. He says you didn’t answer my call. She says you missed my calls many times, you were with your family, if I couldn’t answer your call, then learn to deal with it. He says I m sorry, I feel insecure when you go to meet him. She says you stay with Anupama always, did you think of my insecurity, do you want to fight more. He says no. She asks coffee. He says yes, we will go to your fav place. He gets a call. He says I got 20% increment for the project. She says you deserve it, we shall go home.

Anupama goes to the principal’s cabin. Principal asks was the burger just for the kids, not me. Anupama says I will get it. Principal says none could handle the kids like this before, really, your family, your husband are lucky to get you. Anupama smiles. Principal says when you came late, I thought my decision maybe right or not, but you proved it, mum is the best teacher, your name as Maa in it, Anupama, have your advance salary. Anupama thinks my first salary. She thanks her and goes looking at the envelope. Baa and Meenu complain to Dolly. Dolly asks Baa to behave like elders. Baa asks her to leave the job and come to take Meenu. Dolly gets angry. Anupama dances with the cheque. She happily walks on the road. She comes home. She sees Paritosh with a girl. She says its his girlfriend, it means he will get married, his wife…. I m become Sasumaa, my work will get bigger. She gets happy. Paritosh leaves. Baa makes a face seeing Anupama. She complains about Meenu. Mama ji jokes on Baa.

Baa asks him to stop it. Anupama says I will explain Meenu. Baa says you spoiled her. Dolly comes home. Anupama asks how did you come so early from office. Baa says because of you. Dolly says no, because of mum. Anupama asks her to drink water. Baa and Dolly argue. Anupama worries. Dolly says Anupama has managed Meenu a lot, you are saying this on the first day. Baa says don’t anger me. Dolly says your behavior is bad. They fight. Anupama asks Baa not to get angry. Baa cries and says now you will taunt me, you will not go for the job. Dolly asks why this drama, problem isn’t her job, but you, you can’t handle anything, thank God, my Saas isn’t like you. Baa asks why don’t you drop Meenu home. Dolly says you told me not to hire any caretaker and drop Meenu home, Anupama is there to take care of her. Anupama feels sad. Dolly scolds Baa. Anupama says you should respect your mum, I can’t tolerate her insult, if you fight like this, how will it affect Meenu, I will make tea and food, you can take the tiffin when you go. She goes and starts working. She calls Jhilmil and asks her to come fast, Baa had to manage Meenu alone, Baa and Dolly had a big fight. Jhilmil says Baa had sent me out. Anupama says next time, don’t go even if she tells. Samar comes home and asks about her first day.

Anupama says so much happened at home today. Samar says you tell about yourself. She says the kids were notorious. Samar says wow, you are learning new things. She says I got the advance. He asks what. She says yes, my first salary. He touches her feet and says I feel proud that you can do anything. He asks for autograph. She says its new tshirt, go now, I have much work. He says fine, I will go. She writes her name with the haldi. They smile.

Vanraj says I have a good news, I got yearly increment of 5 lakhs. Everyone claps for him. Anupama sees her cheque. Samar says mum’s first salary. Vanraj asks her to add some ginger in the tea. He doesn’t see the cheque of 5000rs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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