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Some memories of school days~ OS (Part 2)

First of all thank you once again to all of you for your support. Now I’m fully fine. And very happy after giving the befitting answer to so called friend of mine which I didn’t wanted to say but yeah I said to her😂✌

So here I’m with part 2 of school days…No no mischievous days😈😂

Caution: while reading this one don’t drink or eat something, because it may be harmful. Maybe you find Hilarious moments ahead😅. Thank you and enjoy reading.

Riddhima’s POV (actually it’s me😂)
Hey I just remembered incidents of exam hall. So let’s start.

Exam hall madness

So I’m not serious type of person always doing something to annoy person around me. So in 10th standard our semester’s exam was going on and mostly one of our dance class sir(who used to teach how to do dance in school but I end up messing😂) come for supervising in my class and I was on last bench writing my maths paper while singing song “pyar hua ikrar hua hai” which was audible to me only and he came from nowhere and was staring at me like I’ve done a crime. And I asked him why you are staring at me? And he said why you are signing song in exam hall? And I said what’s problem in that it’s not disturbing anyone look at her(a girl was sitting with me) did she get disturbed? And sir asked her and she said what who was singing. At this sir made weird face while I was controlling my laughter.

Another incident of exam hall
Again he came(dance sir) and I was excited like hell and said “yes ab maza aayega” which he listened and said you’re not getting chance to copy and I said who wants to copy I’ll write by my own. (Actually I was excited because I love to annoy him.) Soon I completed writing my paper and started talking with my friends who were far from me actually we were talking in sign language and that sir was getting pissed by my act he asked me to keep quiet and when I got bored I started to play with pens.
(Note: don’t do this because you don’t know when teacher/sir gets pissed and lessen your marks)

He again came in my class but with my PT teacher and complained that I always do mischief in exam hall and PT sir was knowing me very well. He sighed and said,”all the best” I asked sir to whom you are saying?(I’m very innocent). Sir glared at me and left the class and that day I just completely ignored all and written paper and started drawing in question paper. It’s my favourite job to draw on question paper.

Next day due to his bad luck his suoervising was in my class and he entered I saw him but I didn’t said anything because I was not in mood to do any mischief because it was science paper. I wrote till last 5 minute after exam he came to me and said I like you in this way being silent. And I just said get lost bhaiya(brother) I’m in not mood to do any mischief. And saying so I left with my best friends. So you’ll be thinking why I called him brother because he was of 20. Till now I don’t know his name😂(I’m gr8)

Exam madness ends( I can’t tell you more)

I always annoy most of sir’s in my school reason my brother was most famous in school for mischief. For teacher’s I’m most innocent student✌.

Ok so my PT sir knows me very well because my brother is handball player and my sister is volleyball player and I love to play volleyball, carrot and kabbadi. Most of our PT period went in talking in play ground with sir. We call him Doremon😂😂 and he always say your elder brother and sister are best then you, fully disciplined (yes they are but for our PT sir only)

As I love drawing most I always participate in every drawing competition and for that we have to go to others school and our sir use to say DON’T YOU DARE TO THINK OF MISCHIEF THEIR OTHERWISE YOU’LL NOT GO FOR COMPETITION. And I say sir it depends on others if they’ll do then I’ll also not do anything and if you’ll not take me next time then it’s okay I know no one will come from our class😂. And he used to say god save me from this girl.

Hey hey wait I’m not that bad I’m very good girl. So we use to go at others school and after competition we used to roam in that school without permission of our dear sir, which irks him sometimes. But he don’t say anything. He use to say you all are my kids do whatever you want(he was so cute).

On group photo session I was standing behind my PT sir and drawing sir. And they asked me who is my favourite and I was like how can I choose one when both are my favourite, both considered me as a daughter always so I asked them let’s take selfie. And they were like smart move but we want our answer I said I don’t wanna choose do whatever you want. And other teacher’s were like what are they talking about😂

Yeah one more this one is last one I promise. So one of my sir who used to teach me science and social science(now he’s on my block list😂✌) in coaching class. I got punishment from him only he used ruler to beat sometimes ok so he asked me to give my hand and I gave it because we never took him as our teacher he was our friend and when I gave him my hand he took ruler and he said what will happen when I’ll beat you with this ruler 10 times. I casually said nothing. He said 20. Now also I said nothing. Which irked him and he said Tere ko marne ka bhi mann nhi karta yaar. And I said toh hath kyu manga pdhne do na jab pdti hu toh apko dekhna nhi jata😑

Ok done with my bakwas I’m no mood to add further and getting you’ll bored. Hope you’ll like it. And silent readers are requested to comment on all the post of all the writers❤

Priyanshi di, I hope you’ll get well soon and come back with your amazing ff’s.

I hope you’ll are fine. Please take care of yourself. Lots of love❤

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