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Aryan and Mishti’s wedding

In Srinivasan’s house

In Shashank’s room

Shashank’s pov

I am gonna do one last try to win Mishti back. He takes out a box from his cupboard and goes to her room.

In Mishti’s room

Mishti got ready and suddenly someone opens the door. She gets emotional seeing Shashank. They both share an eye lock. He moves towards her. He takes  out a bracelet. She recognizes the bracelet but before she could say anything he makes her wear the bracelet.

“ I don’t know whether it will match with your outfit. But it looks good on you. ” says Shashank.

“ This, this…. You are giving it to me? why?” asks Mishti confused.

“Don’t you know why?” He asks lifting single eye brow.

“ I really don’t understand. You said this bracelet was for the girl who will be your true love….” Mishti gets interrupted by Shashank.

“ Yes, and that is you.” Replies Shashank.

“ but I am not marrying you.” Says Mishti sternly.

“ so, what? I said it is for my true love not for my wife. ” replies Shashank smiling at her.

“ Shashank…” Mishti gets interrupted by Shashank.

“ I know what you are gonna say? U want to say that I should give up. But I am not going to, till you get married to Aryan. The moment you get married to him I will give up. I promise. But till then every second I will expect you to return to me. I will love you forever Mishti.” Saying this he kisses on her forehead. Both get emotional. He says “ you are looking beautiful.” He tooks a little kajal near her eye and applies behind her ear lobe. He leaves from there. Mishti decides to stop him but seeing   Pallavi she stops herself.

“ wow, you are looking so beautiful. No one should cast an evil…… what is this? Kaala teeka is already appliesd. you applied it by yourself. You became big girl. I still feel you were just born yesterday.  I am so happy that you respected my wish and agreed to marry Aryan.” Saying this Pallavi gets emotional.

Mishti looks at the bracelet and remembers Shashank’s words.

Mishti’s pov

Sorry I have to get married to Aryan. My mother was hurt when my brother refused to marry Rhea I can’t hurt her again by disrespecting her. I am sorry Shashank.

Mishti gets nostalgic as she is about to leave Srinivasan’s house.  She sits in the wedding car looking emotionally at Shashank. Everyone leave to the wedding venue.

At wedding venue

Prachi reaches there wearing scarf. She sees her mother and father and gets emotional. She sees Ranbhir and smiles. She pics out a turban ornament form her bag which she had brought for Aryan as a token of wishing his happiness with his wife, she places it on the plate where sehra was kept. Ranbhir feels Prachi was near to him. He goes near Prachi. He sees Prachi from behind  but gets distracted when Purab calls him. Hearing Ranbhir and Purab’s voice, Prachi goes away from there. Purab asks Ranbhir to get the plate which has sehra. Ranbhir and Purab leaves to Aryan’s room.

Aryan is getting ready in his room.  Ranbhir comes there to give him sehra but he refuses to wear. Purab comes there and asks him to wear. Unable to refuse his father, he wears it. He pics the turban ornament which Prachi had brought for him. Ranbhir and Purab leave asking him to come after some time. As soon as they leave, Aryan gets sad. He opens the drawer and looks at Shahana’s pic and cries. He turns and imagines Shahana smiling at him, signing him that he is looking good. She imagines dancing with her. Someone comes there and hit him on his head with a rod. He faints.

After some time

Panditji asks to bring the groom. Aryan comes down. Panditji asks to bring the bride. Mishti comes there with a sad face. Vikram hugs her.

“ U know how happy I am today. Every daughter is their father’s princess. And I hope this decision I have taken for you will fill your life with happiness.” Saying this Vikram hugs Mishti.

“ Oh, know there is time for biddai too. Why are you getting emotional now itself, Vikram? And she is marrying Aryan, so after marriage also she stays with us only.” Tells Pallavi to which Vikram and Mishti smile.

Pallavi takes Mishti to the mandap but Mishti’s searching for Shashank. She goes and sits next to Aryan but her eyes are searching for Shashank in the crowd but was unable to find him as Meenakshi has sent him to pick up Shahana. Vikram observs this. Mishti notices that Vikram is observing her and calms herself.

Mishti’s pov

“ what is wrong with you Mishti? You are getting married to Aryan? You can’t think about anyone other than Aryan. This is wrong. ”

She tries to concentrate on the wedding. Panditji asks Vikram and Pallavi to perform kanya dhan. Rhea clicks the pics. Panditji asks to tie the ghatbandhan. Vikram says that he, Purab and Mr.Srinivasan wants to tie the ghatbandhan.

“ you forgot me?” asks Abhi.

“ no, saale, it is just that…” Vikram gets interrupted by Panditji who says them to tie the ghatbandhan as auspicious time will leave.

So the trio tie the ghatbandhan. Mishti cries while taking the rounds. After finishing the rounds panditji asks Aryan to apply sindhoor and tie mangalsutra which he does.

Panditji says wedding is completed and asks them to take the blessings of their elders. Aliya gets happy that her plan has worked i.e. Aryan married Mishti. Pallavi and Vikram gets happy. Prachi sheds tears of happiness.

“ Even we want blessings ”. the voice comes from the door. Everyone gets shocked seeing Aryan at the door with another bride who is covered in gunghat. Mishti gets petrified.

“Aryan? You there? If you weren’t here then who got married to Mishti.” Asks Pallavi looking at Mishti’s groom.She removes the sehra. Everyone gets shocked seeing Shashank under the sehra.

“ And who is that girl with you ?”asks Aliya. She removes the veil of Aryan’s bride and gets shocked seeing Shahana.

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