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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Mishra pay the electricity challan

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mirza coming home and showing electric Chula. Sakina asks why did you bring it? Mirza says when we have free electricity then we will use this. Mishra shows the electric scooter’s pic. Sakina tells Mirza that a neighbor was telling about a honest electricity officer and cuts the connection of those whoever steals it. Mirza says he will give him 100-200 Rs and says everyone dances infront of money. Just then he sees Imaandar on his door and asks who is he? Imaandar tells that he is electricity officer and asks his men to keep eye on him, until he cuts Mishra’s electricity. He goes to Mishra’s house and hears him talking about him. He says he will throw 500 Rs on the electricity officer. Imaandar gets angry. Mishra asks who is he? Imaandar tells that he is the one whom he wanted to throw the money. He asks his guy to check from where the electricity is stealing.

The electricity officer assistant tells that the wire was on terrace. Sakina and Mishra tell that they are not aware of it. Shanti and Mishra tell that they are thieves. Other officer comes there and tells that even they have stolen, shows the wire. Mirza accuses Mishra of stealing the electricity. Mishra also accuses Mirza and then have an argument. Imaandar gets hit by them accidentally and gives 2 lakhs Rs challan to them, and asks them to pay by morning. Mirza and Mishra ask him to give the bill to the other. Imaandar says their electricity connection shall be cut. Mishra and Mirza look at each other. The kids talk about getting insulted due to their respective father. Mishra’s daughter tells that whoever steals electricity gets a 2 year jailed. Inaam says we will meet Papa in jail. Shanti says nobody will go to jail. Guddu asks others to run. Paro comes there and tells that she can’t work in the house, where there is no electricity. Shanti and Sakina get sad. Sakina asks my husband got spoiled due to Mishra ji. Shanti says my husband got ruined due to Mirza and says I heard that kingdom are lost due to Nawabs.

Mishra scolds Mirza about the tea and says tea dust is coming in his mouth. Mirza tells that he is very worried and his wife is upset with me. Mishra spits the saliva from his mouth due to the electric shock. Mirza tells that nobody can talk to you face to face. He tells that even Paro is upset and if she leaves the work, then our wives will trouble us. Mishra asks him to pay the bill fully. Mirza says they shall pay half each as the haveli is owned by them. Mishra says ok, we will pay the bill. Mirza tells that they will steal the electricity again. Pappu records the video. Bittu tells that their friendship shall break.

Imaandar comes to the haveli and tells that he is honest and came to get their electricity back, as they paid the challan. He then shows the video to them in which Mirza is talking about stealing electricity. Mirza and Mishra apologize to them. His men sets one meter. Imaandar tells that now they will have one meter, so that they can make sure that they don’t steal electricity. Brij asks Mishra to ask Shanti to switch off TV, as fan and lights are on. Mishra tells that he will ask Shanti to switch it off, but when he tells her, she scolds him and asks him to let her watch. Mishra’s son tells that Mirza family is using the electricity as in Diwali. Mishra calls Mirza and asks him to pay ¾ of bill. Mirza refuses. Sakina tells that they will pay half only. Inaam suggests that they shall make rules for the electricity usage. They all smile, happy with the idea. Bittu and Pappu look at them through the binoculars and tell that they gave idea to Imaandar for their one meter. Bittu then tells Pappu that he has thought about an idea, to make them fight.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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