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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari asks Veer to choose between herself and Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vikram says to Veer mom did all this. Everything is in front of you. Birju says he will never go against his Rani sa. Vikram says don’t let all this go this time. Rajeshwari calls Veer and says come to the lodge. I have to talk to you. Veer says she wants to talk to me. He looks at Rani. Birju says you keep falling weak to her. Don’t go go her. Vikram says he’s right, don’t go this time. Veer looks at Rani.

Veer comes to Rajeshawri. She says I had to talk to you about something important. He says I also have to ask an important question. You hate Rani so much that you tried to defame and accuse her? You framed her with Birju? She respects you so much. Rajeshwari says because of her you and I had to go to jail. We got insulted, our business was damaged. Veer says she did that for her dad. Any child would. Rajeshwari says I can see what you are doing. Veer says I.. Rajeshwari says you came here for her not Vikram. I asked you to leave her in Baliya but you brought her back. I don’t matter to you. rani is everything to you. Veer says it’s not like that. Rajeshwari says the truth is in front of us. Our 28 years of mother-son relationship is affected by a girl in 8 months. Rani is everything for you, I am nothing. I gave you my name, kept you in my house, never differentiated between you and Vikram. Never asked for anything. Got you in the best hospital in the city but everything is in vain. Veer says you are everything for me. I am incomplete without you. Please give me one chance. Rani will win your heart. I will fix everything.

Rajeshwri says there’s only one way to fix all this. You have to choose between Rani and Rani sa. You have one hour to decide. Veer says what are you saying? Rani is my wife and you’re my mother. You gave me these manners. Rajeshwari says I gave them to you for your wife, not for that girl you did a fake marriage to save her life. But not anymore. You have to choose between that girl and your mom. Veer says please don’t do this. Rajeshwri says you forced me to do all this. I will wait for your answer. She leaves. Vikram looks at Veer. Veer sits down in tears.

Scene 2
Birju says stop waiting for him. He won’t come back. Dadi says what are you saying? He says that the woman is a demon and they will all break Rani’s heart again.

Vikram says enough mom. She says one son has alreayd said enough now you do too. He says I am scared you might do worse to me. Rajeshwari shouts Vikram.. He says don’t shout. I won’t fall in your trap like bro. I know you sent those divorce papers. Shame on you mom. You try to ruin your son and DIL’s life? She says I don’t need to know from you what I am doing is right or wrong. He says you’re playing a very wrong game. She says I play to win. I don’t care if it’s right or wrong. He says there are some rules. She says I make my own rules. Vikram says what have you become mom. You’re going to lose everything just to win? Even your family? She says the point is just veer has to choose between me and that girl. Vikram says I can’t believe this. You can’t be my mom. I can’t call you mom. You’re evil. Rajeshwari says let me explain to you. He says I won’t talk to you or forgive you ever. Rani sa.. Vikram leaves. Rajeshwari says I won’t leave you Rani.

Scene 3
Vikram calls Rani and asks if Veer came there? Rani says he didn’t.. Dadi says is he okay? Birju says he must be having fun somewhere. He isn’t a kid. Rani is worried for him.

Veer walks on the road and recalls what rajeshwari said. He recalls what has happened. Rani is worried for veer. Vikram comes to Rani and says I am really worried. Rani sa asked him to choose between you and her. Rani says he will be okay. He’s wise. Don’t worry. Vikram says what about the decision? Rani says he will choose what is right. Rani says in heart he loves both me and Rani sa. Please help him. Rani’s mangalsutra falls down.. She gets scared. rAni says Veer.. She holds her mangalsutra.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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