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Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Prabhu Shri Krishna blesses Shri Hanuman for guarding Jagannath temple.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Shri Hanuman saving the Neel Chakra while all villagers including Shri Santh praise him for saving them from cyclonic storm & Jagannath temple’s Neel Chakra.
Prabhu Shri Krishna emerges to praise Shri Hanuman telling him that I am happy you saved Neel Chakra of my temple hence I bless you to always guard this temple & Shri Hanuman praises Prabhu Shri Krishna accordingly.
Shri Santh meets Shri Hanuman separately & thanks him for coming hearing his plead to save him & temple’s Chakra & Shri Hanuman blesses him for being a pure devotee.
Devi Laxmi tells Madhav that this way Shri Hanuman saved the Neel Chakra & calmed the cyclonic storm also.
Shri Hanuman goes to stop sea from getting more wild on Jagannath temple & enters inside the temple to pray Prabhu Jagannath. Shri Hanuman sees various kinds of people not purely involved into their devotion for which they have come in this temple but only show their fake formalities as if they have come to show God that they think of him hence Shri Hanuman tries to build good thoughts in all those people making them understand the true value of pure devotion towards God. Lot of people get the results of the same thereby resulting in those people getting pure devoted towards God.
Shri Hanuman faced trouble of the sea’s anger & he kept calming sea always whenever got angry.
Devi Laxmi tells Madhav that this way Shri Hanuman began his work of spreading devotional knowledge within the people but lot of trouble he faced in future also.
Ganeshji narrates that Shri Hanuman was performing his work given by Prabhu but was facing trouble of the people who were non-devotional but he taught them how to become purely devoted towards God.
Once some people were watching only women’s with bad intentions while Shri Hanuman watching them curses the mentality of the people but wonders why this is happening asking God Jagannath & he gets the signal of seeing Kamdev in them & thinks he itself is doing all this on such devotional place.
Shri Hanuman speaks with him to stop all this of encouraging his wrong powers in people for mentally getting disturbed in such a devotional place. Kamdev refuses his advice saying that who are you to stop me & Shri Hanuman shows his powers to him while he is shocked asking him which God are you & Shri Hanuman emerges to show him his actual form. Kamdev is surprised to see him but then too he tells him that you can’t stop me because I have also being given powers by my God to do all this but Shri Hanuman explains him that this is devotional place which should be spared or else has to face the outcome & he challenges Shri Hanuman in his ego.
Ganeshji narrates that Kamdev wasn’t realizing with whom he was facing the challenge & Shri Hanuman showed him the path in right way.
Kamdev challenges Shri Hanuman that you have to fight with me to overcome my powers & Shri Hanuman throws his weapon towards him but nothing happens to Kamdev & this happens multiple times but finally Kamdev uses his arrows earned by his God’s devotion & uses towards Shri Hanuman but he fails in harming Shri Hanuman due to his devotional powers of Shri Ram & ultimately Prabhu Mahadev emerges in Shri Hanuman’s support while Kamdev gets terribly scared.

Precap: To see how Shri Hanuman was blessed by Prabhu to clutch him in his devotional work named him as Bedi Shri Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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