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The Twisted game of Destiny-Pawri in VR Mansion ep. 27 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Pawri in VR Mansion

Heyy guys, thanks for all the support from the previous episode! I’m glad ya’ll are liking my FF. Please keep commenting and supporting in the comments section. The last two days have been difficult for all of us, everyone is really sad because of the demise of Sunita mam, but i’m hoping a better place for her. Let’s hope Rrahul sir is able to cope up this loss. 🙏🙏

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The Twisted game of Destiny- Promo IMMJ2 Fanfic

Vansh: Fine! (smiling) We are together in this. So now the plan is….

(muted convo)

Kabir: That’s perfect, sounds fine.

Aryan: Yea I agree and I’m with you too!

Vansh: Okay fine, Kabir you have an important role to do, so please be ready and don’t mess up! (serious)

Kabir: Why do you feel that I will mess up? (making a face)

Aryan: Because you mess up!

Kabir: Bhai you too? (everyone chuckled) I’m not going to mess up anything! (murmurs) hopefully

Rivan: I heard that!! (shouts)

Kabir: (glares at him to keep quiet) What did you hear?

Rivan: Nothing (coughing) go on uncle!

Vansh: Anyway, let’s go get ready. Angre make sure all the arrangements are done and also do invite our business partners along with some of my important friends. They should also know who Vansh Rai Singhania is, and of course don’t forget Chang. You know what you’ve got to spread around right? (Angre nodded) Perfect.  Tell the servants to decorate everything for the party. All of your dresses are sent to your rooms. And for Kabir and Aryan, just stay back here and get ready.

Kabir: Yea of course, you don’t expect us to go home in our bathrobes!

Aryan: Thanks Vansh.

They all departed for their rooms and found their dresses there, kept for them. While the twins decided to call Sejal as they hadn’t talked to her since a day. No day ever passed without talking to her.

Rivan: Call masi

Riva: Yea that’s what I’m doing. (calling) She’s not picking!

Rivan: Why?

Riva: Idiot how will I know? Am it here with her?

Rivan: You…dumbo at least message her!

Riva: Hmm let me (she messaged her) I hope everything’s fine there with her and mom!

Rivan: Why are you taking stress, chill I don’t think anything must have gone wrong!

Riva: I’m not getting good vibes about this man….i really feel like talking to mom and her.

Rivan: Since when have you become so senti and emotional? Since when have you started believing in intuitions?

Riva: I think when you got your brain in Chang’s hideout! (chuckled and ran to the washroom) If masi’s call comes then do tell me! (shouting)

Rivan: Ri!! You just wait and watch! (angry)

Vansh’s Room

Vansh: (to himself) I hope everything goes well!

Dadi: Everything will go well beta! (entering the room)

Vansh: Dadi! Come in.

Dadi: Beta you don’t worry, we all are there to support you this time

Vansh: that’s what I’m fearing, I can’t lose anyone of you!

Dadi: Vansh, don’t be so negative (took Vansh in her lap)

Vansh: Dadi I’m having mixed feelings like last time when Riddhima…. Something good is going to happen but something bad as well.

Dadi: That day was very unlucky for Riddhima beta, that she had to face all that.

Vansh: The blast dadi (crying) why?

Dadi: What had to happen has happened, we have to continue na? Come on, get up and be ready!! Let’s not talk more about that day!

Vansh: Yea (wiping his tears) Dadi you go get ready for the party. (she nodded and left)

Hours had passed by and it was finally the party time. The VR mansion hall was decorated beautifully, it’s ambience had completely become lively and full of positivity.

Guests had started arriving, while the family was welcoming them. Kabir, Aryan, Vansh, Riva and Rivan were waited by everyone. Just then Vansh descended in his style and aura and attitude. He wore a black velvet suit and a bow tie.


Rivan arrived with a white suit, with a black bow tie looking all handsome.

Then arrived Riva, looking as ravishing as ever, in a baby pink ball gown. She was looking beautiful.

As she descended the stairs in pure grace Rivan and Vansh stared at her continuously, not able to divert their attention. They both walked sideways to the middle of the hall and unknowingly bumped into each other and murmured.

Vansh: She’s looking like a doll, as pretty as my Riddhima. As if Riddhima’s in her right now. The same beauty, the same smile adorning her face. (murmuring)

Rivan: Oh damn!! She’s looking like my princess!! Beautiful!!

Vansh and Rivan: I know right! (they looked at each other)

Riva: (Walking up to them) What happened?

Vansh: You’re looking like a princess! Beautiful

Rivan: Right, I agree!!

Riva: (blushing) Thank you

Rivan: Don’t blush otherwise any bachelor in this party will go mad over you!

Vansh: Never! (realizing) I mean to say there’s no bachelor here who will look at you! (possessive and protective)

Unknown man: (walks up to them and pats Vansh) Humein bulaya aur welcome bhi nahi kiya? (you called us but you didn’t even welcome me)

Vansh: (turns around) Raghav Rao!! (surprised and hugs him)

Raghav: Vansh, yaar. Long time, looks like you’ve forgotten your friend!

Vansh: What are you saying, you know I can never. Just busy in a bit of things. Well you didn’t bring your wife along?

Raghav: She came here! (pointing towards his side) Where did this Saree Ka dukan (saree shop) go?

Pallavi: Saree ka dukan is here ghamandi Rao (arrogant Rao)! Hi Vansh (greeting him)

(Pallavi and Raghav from MHRW)

Vansh: Hi Pallavi. By the way meet Riva and Rivan! (pointing towards them)

Riva and Rivan: Hi

Raghavi (Raghav and Pallavi) Hi dear! Nice to meet you (hugged them)

Vansh: (seeing everyone mingle) I wish Riddhima you were here! I miss you


Kabir: Shit! How will I help myself out of this mess!

It’s game on!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do.

Questions: So how do you find the entrance of other couples? Do let me know in the comments section which other couple you would want to attend the party as Vansh’s friends.

What mess do you think Kabir will do?

What blast was Vansh talking about?

What do you think about the plan?

Please keep commenting and do let me know how you found this episode.



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