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The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 36

The next chapter start with

Everyone follows Naina to her room, but she locks herself in her room. Everyone starts knocking at her door.

Vyom notices that Karan was not there. He asks a servant about Karan. He tells him that Karan has gone outside to the garden.

Vyom thinks that Karan can help them in opening Naina’s door. So he called him but his phone was busy.

Vyom saw a picture in the Kulguru’s hand. He identifies him as Karan’s brother whose photo he saw in Karan’s phone as a display photo.

Vyom connects the dots and understand that Karan’s brother is the actual prince and his brother. Vyom start searching for Karan.

Scene 2,

In Garden,

Karan continuously calls Yuvraj but his phone was unreachable.

Karan: God knows why Yuvi phone is unreachable. I hope he didn’t cross Deoghar boundary.

Vyom reaches there and hear Karan’s talk.

Vyom(to himself) : It means Deoghar real Prince, my brother Iravan, he is coming here. I can’t let Karan knows that I get to know all the truth of his brother.

Vyom call Aakash and asked him to do something.

Vyom goes to Karan.

Vyom: What are doing here?

Karan: I am busy right know. Can I talk to you later?

Vyom: Karan, after you left, Naina started crying bitterly and she locked herself in her room.

Karan( shocked) : What?

Karan run to Naina’s room but stop in midway.

Karan( Thinks) : One side is my brother Yuvi and other side my friend Naina. Now what will i do?

Then he gets Yuvraj’s message that the guards have not allowed him to cross the border of Deoghar, so he will stay out of the Deoghar state for a day.

Karan get relieved after reading Yuvraj’s message. He thanks God and run for helping Naina.

When he reach outside her room he saw that everyone was trying to open Naina’s room but in vain.

Inside the room,

Naina cries thinking about Brijraj’s words. She recalls her moments with her family.

Naina in room cherish about her childhood memories and cries.

Everyone knock on the door and asks her to open the door. Giriraj asks her to open the door.

She hugs family pic and cries. She looks at the childhood sketch with Brijraj and family and rubs her own sketch. Karan goes to her room climbing through balcony. He is about to open the door. Naina stops him.

Naina: Now why did you came here? I wants to be alone for sometime.

Karan says let them come inside, he says he can’t talk like Giriraj and can’t talk peaceful like Sharanya, and says he learnt from his life experiences and says when everyone come to her, she will feel peace.

Karan open the door. Everyone come inside.

Udayveer hugs Naina. Naina says she don’t want to see sympathy on everyone’s faces.

Unnati holds Naina’s hand. Naina asks her to go, and falls on her feet. They both cry.

Naina:I don’t want to tell anything and a mother understand a daughter without knowing anything, and says only you are my mom.

Unnati nods yes.

Giriraj says we just want to say….

Naina:I know you all are worried for me. What I have lost today, don’t make me remind it again and again.

Mainaka goes from Naina’s room silently. Giriraj asks everyone to come and says we shall give sometime to her. He takes Unnati with him. Naina asks Samridh to go also.

Samridh says he will sit silently there. Naina says not today and asks him to go. He goes out. Naian was about to close the door, but seeing Karan, she stops. Karan comes inside the room.

Karan feel bad for Naina. Naina silently look away and sit down on the floor.

She holds a knitted sweater and recalls she never liked these sweaters, her mom said there was an invisible super hero to save her from cold. She asks Karan if it would save her even today? Naina is upset that everyone says she isn’t her daughter, a part of this family.

She holds a doll recalling her dad brought this right as she demanded it, but today he says she isn’t her daughter. She cries that everyone is lying. Karan hugs her and consoles her.

Scene 3,

Unknown place,

Yuvraj screams…

The place was dark and Yuvraj was tied on a chair.

Yuvraj: Why did you kidnapped me? I don’t have enough money. I am from a typical middle class family. We don’t have enmity with anyone. Then who are you? Why you bought me here?

Just then a Mysterious person enters and laughs.

Mysterious person: From a middle class family? Are you sure?

Yuvraj got tensed.

Mysterious person: I thought, my men have kidnapped the real youngest son of Queen Unnati. But now I think they have mistaken.

Yuvraj: Yes, yes you are right. I am not any Prince. I am an ordinary person. I didn’t have heard about Queen Unnati in my whole life. Please, please spare  me. Please let me go. My brother would be worrying for me.

Mysterious person: KARAN… He is your brother.

Yuvraj: Yes, yes he is. Do you know him?

Mysterious person: Yes of course. And don’t worry about him. You have informed him that you didn’t enter in Deoghar and had stayed outside the Deoghar.

Yuvraj was shocked to read the message sent to Karan through his phone.

Yuvraj (Angrily) : Why? Why did you lie to my brother?

Yuvraj break the ropes and hit the Mysterious person resulting in removal of his mask.

Yuvraj get shocked after seeing his face.

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