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Shakti 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat and Harman find Parmeet to be Angel’s aide

Shakti 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman is sitting for his marriage ritual and thinks he is doing all this to get proofs against the person helping Angel. Mahi comes there with Simran and sits with Harman. Virat says lets’ start the roka rasam. Preeto takes the aarti plate and does Mahi and Harman’s aarti. She covers bridal dupatta on Mahi’s head. Mahi smiles. Simran looks at them with mobile in her hand. Mahi tells Harman that they are getting remarried again, seems strange, but good. Harman nods his head and recalls his conversation with Virat. Virat tells that there shall be loud music during Harman singh’s premarriage rituals. He sings and dances. He then takes Harman to dance as well. Harman also dances with him. Preeto and others smile. They sign each other, takes Preeto and Simran for dancing. He takes Simran’s phone while dancing. Mahi dances with Harman. Virat and Harman take everyone’s mobile and hide.

Virat goes to side and keeps all the mobiles on the table. Mahi looks at him standing near the table and thinks what Virat is doing there alone. She is still having her phone in her hand and is going there. Harman comes and stops Mahi. He says everyone is waiting for you, takes mobile from her hand and asks her to leave it, says now it is our turn. Virat turns and looks at them. Harman dances with Mahi. Mahi is happy and dances with him. tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat checks everyone’s mobile. Harman signs Virat while dancing with Mahi.

Later Harman and Virat are sitting in a room. Harman says everyone’s photos and contacts are arranged according to their numbers and says now they will know who is that betrayal person. He finds their pic in someone’s gallery and calls Sant Baksh, asking him to come there, says Soumya and Heer will be found now.

Mahi asks Preeto for her opinion to select a saree. Harman and Virat come there. Mahi says Harman ji and asks him about the saree? She says she is seeing matching clothes for him. Virat goes to Parmeet and says Maa…Shakti song plays…Parmeet gets up and asks what happened? Virat asks where Angel is hiding Maa? Everyone gets shocked. Nammo Durge plays….Preeto and Harak Singh gets up. Parmeet asks how do I know? Why are you asking me? Virat says we have come to know everything. He asks why are you doing this, you hate me so much, you hate Heer and my love for her. He says first Veer ji and then you. Sant Baksh comes there and shouts at Virat, asking if he has gone mad, what nonsense is he talking about. He says you have blinded in love that you are accusing your own mother. Harman says we have proofs. He says we thought that someone is with Angel, as she was sending our every moment to me personally. He shows the pics and tells that she also knows where I am in a house and what I do? He says this has happened after Parmeet ji came here. Sant Baksh says it is not proved that Parmeet has done this. Harman says we will take her phone, and tells that it has all the photos. Parmeet gives her phone. Harman shows the pic and asks why the same photos are in Parmeet ji’s phone which are sent by Angel? Parmeet says I don’t know how these pics came on my mobile, and says why will I do this. She asks Preeto if she found this way to lower her in Virat’s eyes so that he goes against her and ruins his life with her kinnar grand daughter. Harman shouts enough Parmeet ji, I will not hear anything against my mother and daughter. Virat requests Sant baksh to search Heer and Soumya, as his father, DSP etc. Preeto looks at Harman.

Virat goes to terrace angrily. Harman brings the drinks. Virat breaks the bottles angrily and gets teary eyes. Harman says if his anger went out as tears and says even I used to do the same. Virat says my own has done this with me. Harman says I can understand, but today I am proud of my daughter’s choice. He says what you have done today was not easy. He says a person can fight with anyone in this world, but it feels pain to fight with our family. He says he has gone through this phase and had fought with Preeto and Harak Singh for Soumya. Virat asks him to leave him alone for sometime. Harman says ok and asks him to remember that he is always with him. He walks away from there thinking he shall tell the truth to Mahi and can’t give her more pain.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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