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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Simar 2 that Simar maasi texted that Reema left with your Maa and Papa and asks her to come. She is about to sit in the back seat and opens the door. Aarav asks her to sit on the front seat. She says I am fine here. Aarav says I am not fine but, if you sit behind and if I drive then people will think me as a driver. He says I am going to marry your sister and pick and drop will go on, if you don’t sit infront then I will think that you have not forgiven me. Simar comes there and asks Simar 2 to sit on the front seat with Aarav else he will feel that he is our driver. Simar 2 asks why did Reema di go with parents? Simar says yes, she was feeling unwell and left with your parents. She tells Simar 2 that they will drop her safely. Aarav says if Maasi is with Simar 2 then she will not feel bored and asks her? Simar 2 nods her head. Simar says you are not boring person and will make us eat icecream on the way. Aarav says blueberry icecream from freezing point, and says he remembers. Simar gets glad. Aarav asks Simar 2 about her favorite icecream. Simar 2 looks on. Simar asks her to say. Aarav asks her to tell on the way. They sit in the car.

Gupta ji asks if I shall come to this marriage. Chitra and Raj invite him to come with the family for the enjoyment. Gupta ji says I will come. Indu asks Reema if she is not well. Reema says she has headache, asks her to let her rest. Roma tells that she has worn heavy clothes for the first time, so might be feeling unwell. Avinash asks where is Simar 2? Roma says she is coming with Simar and Aarav.

Simar 2 is standing in the icecream parlour and thinks where is Aarav and Simar Maasi? Aarav comes there and sees her iceream melting and says icecream’s nature is to melt and asks her to eat it before it melts. It melts and falls on her dress. He is about to wipe her dress and holds her dupatta. She gets tensed. He goes on talking. Simar 2 says she will clean. Simar comes there and looks at them. Simar 2 cleans the icecream from her dupatta. Simar comes and asks what happened? Aarav says nothing Maasi, she is a kid and made icecream fallen on the dress. Simar 2 says she is not a kid. Aarav says she is a kid only, like they insisted to have icecream, and then melts it. Simar 2 says it is not melted fully and looks at the stick in her hand just.

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