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Roommates with the CEO (episode-14)

They both begin to dance………

The music was playing very slowly, for each and every move they both were getting close. He was spinning her, pulling her away and suddenly he pulls her close. He sets her hair behind the ear. Who were not dancing there eyes fixed on riansh pair. Someone was adoring there pair, someone were feeling jealous and someone was acting Infront of others, they also enjoying riansh performance (just like anupriya)

The finale move of the dance.

He pics her up. She was smiling very brightly and slowly he was leaving her. They both lost in each others presence. Without breaking the eye contact they complete there dance.

The lights on……. Everyone clap.

Riddhima and vansh were chit-chatting then someone arrived there and tap on Vansh shoulder.

Hello vansh!

He turn towards that person who it was.

Vansh :- ragini!!!!!! (Shock)

Ragini :- happy birthday dear! (Hugging him)

Riddhima was fuming in anger but maintaining a smile.

Ragini start talking with vansh.

Vansh was feeling very uncomfortable yet he maintains a smile and listening to her.

Riddhima inner feeling :- who is this insect know? Can’t she wish him without hugging? Why all these type of girls always behave like these. If I get a chance, I will kick her out right know! Can’t she see, he is not feeling comfortable. That flirty smile, her body language. Goooooooood!!!!!!!!

Ragini :- vansh! Why didn’t you bring anyone as your date?

Vansh was shocked.

Riddhima inner feeling :- what the……. Am I?

Riddhima coughs.

Ragini :- you…….

Vansh :- she is my date.

Ragini :- I see!

Sudden change of expression.

Ragini :- waiter!

Ragini :- I think, you had never attend these type of parties, it’s the first time. So let me offer you a drink.

Ragini takes the glass.

Riddhima refuses it and the drink spills on ragini dress.

Ragini get angry but she controls it.

Riddhima :- oops! Sorry!

Ragini :- I will be just back in a minute.

Riddhima and vansh saw each other and laugh.

Anupriya went to the stage.

Anupriya :- attention please! Firstly! Thank you for coming to my son’s birthday party. I am very happy to have a son like him.

Vansh :- I am not (murmurs to riddhima)

Riddhima giggles.

Anupriya :- I am very close to my son.

Vansh :- in your dreams.

Riddhima covers her mouth.

Anupriya :- I am always his first priority.

Vansh :- from the last.

Riddhima was hardly controlling her laughter.

Anupriya :- I know, I am speaking something else but what should I do. When it comes to my son. I can’t control my emotions.

Everyone claps.

Vansh :- cut the crap!!!!!

Anupriya :- I am very proudly invite my son, on to the Dias.

Vansh :- such a drama queen!!!!!

Riddhima :- go vansh!

Vansh went to the Dias.

Kabir came to riddhima.

Riddhima :- where did you go?

Kabir :- just chit-chatting with some other.

He start giving his speech. At last.

Vansh :- and I have a good news for you all. I want to introduce some special one in my life. It is……..

Anupriya grab the Mike…….

Anupriya :- I know, what you were going to say. He is going to engage with ms.ragini! And she is the special one, who he was talking.

Vansh, riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima eyes filled with.

Vansh :- mother!

Anupriya :- Let’s welcome her.

Kabir :- riddhima!!!

Riddhima left with tears without saying a word.

Kabir went behind.

She was crying very badly and running on roads.

Kabir was shouting. Riddhima wait! But she didn’t. Finally, he grab her.

Kabir :- riddhima! Are you okay?

Riddhima was not saying anything.

Kabir holds her.

She hugged him.

Riddhima :- how could he……

(She was crying)

Kabir :- ok! Calm down! First we should go home. Let me drop you.

He drives her home.

After arriving the place. Kabir was seeing out from the car.

Kabir :- are you leaving here? That means……

Riddhima :- good night kabir!

Kabir :- if you want any help, don’t hesitate to call me.

Riddhima leaves.

When she entered into the room.

She threw her purse away and start screaming. She was throwing the things very angry.

After 5 mintues……. Vansh arrived.

Vansh saw everything and directly went to riddhima’s room. And he get shocked.

Riddhima was packing her stuff.

Vansh :- riddhima! What are you doing?

Riddhima :- I am leaving vansh.

Vansh :- what?

Riddhima :- after seeing and hearing all those. I can’t stay with you.

Vansh :- please give me some time. I will fix everything. Please trust me.

Riddhima :- I will! Are you going to call off the engagement?

Vansh :- I can’t!!!!

Riddhima :- why?

Vansh :- please don’t ask anything! But I promise, I will fix everything.

Riddhima :- ok vansh! But please let me go. I want some time to digest. I want to be alone.

Vansh :- but!!!

Riddhima :- please vansh! (Raising her tone)

Note :- crazy doll can’t post her FF for sometime. She told me, she was busy. After sometime, she will continue her writing and she also told me that she had completed her story #special one in our life# and she especially asked shesha.


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