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Riansh ss- secret superstar episode 3- Riansh moments

I am really sorry guys. I had posted this episode as riansh love between police officers episode 19. So I am posting it again. Comment here ok!!🙃🙃Hey guys! Back with another update! I want to finish this ss as soon as possible so I will be giving more often updates of this! Maybe sometimes two updates in a day because I have to focus on my other two ffs. Tomorrow is my last exam so hopefully I could post now!

The episode starts with:

Ishani: vansh bhai..

Vansh: shut up Ishani..why are you always behind Riddhima.

Dadi: vansh..see what your wife has done!

Vansh: dadi.. firstly you asked her too cook with her wounded hand and now you are blaming her..how can you expect that she will make the perfect food!

Chanchal: wow..now you also started taking side of your wife..my son was already taking her side..

Aryan: mom (anger)

Vansh gets up from his chair.

Vansh: you all continue your drama. Riddhima come with me let me bandage your wound.

She nods. They both go to the room.

Riddhima(thinking): what is happening to him..why is he becoming mr. Caring. Bappa I am so happy that my husband is supporting me!

Vansh comes with the first aid box. He applies ointment on her finger and then bandages it.

Vansh: now you will feel better!

He smiles. She looks at him and they both share an eyelock. Their hearts skip a beat.

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hain
Ho aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hain

Dil ko bana de jo patang sansein
Yeh teri woh hawaien hai

Tere saath saath aisa
Koi noor aaya hai
Chand teri roshni ka
Halka sa ek saaya hai

Teri nazron ne dil ka kiya jo hasar
Asar ye hua
Ab in mein hi doob ke ho jaun paar
Yehi hai dua

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hain
Ho aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hain

Dil ko bana de jo patang sansein
Yeh teri woh hawaien hai

Then they get to normal. Riddhima gets up from the bed.

Riddhima: why you did this..

Vansh: what I did..

Riddhima: duffer..

Vansh: don’t call me duffer ok!!(anger)

Riddhima: what will you do if I ca you so.(raising eyebrows)

Vansh gets up and goes to her.

Vansh: you want to see what can I do?

He pulls her very close to him.

Riddhima: vansh..what are you doing.

Vansh: you only asked me what I can do..I can do anything Sweetheart!!

Riddhima: sweetheart…

Vansh: yes sweetheart..

Riddhima (thinking): oh my god..he is calling me Sweetheart..is he ok!! I always wanted my husband to call me darling or Sweetheart..

Vansh: where are you lost sweetheart!!

Riddhima: nothing..

Vansh: what were you asking (getting more close to her)

Riddhima: voh..you supported me today..I was asking about that only.

Vansh: come on Riddhima!! You are my wife..and I should support you.

Riddhima looks at him. Suddenly he gets a call and leaves.

Riddhima: what has happened to him..I think some spirit has attacked him.

She goes and hears vansh talking.

Vansh: oh ya raj..I am trying to become a good husband as you instructed me to..yes mann..I am calling her Sweetheart..and I think you were right..I should support her as she is my wife..I never did anything for her since our marriage.

Riddhima was surprised by his words.

Riddhima(thinking): oh so someone has inspired him.. thank god now he would treat me as his wife only..not some outsider who had started living in his house.

Then she goes downstairs. She was heading to kitchen but stops in midway. She hears chanchal, Ishani,ajay and dadi talking.

Ishani: vansh bhai also started supporting that girl.

Chanchal: yes..I don’t know what was the need of supporting her!

Dadi: let it be!!

Ajay: yes he is just supporting his wife. Indeed I am happy that he somewhat gave some importance to this marriage. Otherwise he was very angry when we arranged his marriage.

Dadi: yes.

Chanchal: if vansh will support her like this only..then I think one day she will start going out of this house and work..

Dadi (shouting): chanchal..don’t you dare say this..no girl of our house is allowed to work!! She couldn’t.

Dadi leaves in anger and so does everyone. Riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima (thinking): she would never allow me to fullfill my dreams..never ever..but I will not allow anyone to become barrier between my dreams. I can leave this family,every relation but not my dreams..never ever.

She heads to kitchen.

Precap: Riddhima: ms. Indrani rai Singhania you can never stop me from achieving my dreams! If I am a girl that doesn’t mean I have no right to fullfill my dreams.

This story of mine completely revolves around the barriers of society which come in way of many girls. I just want to highlight how a girl will kick out these barriers and achieve her dreams. Will post asap! Take care guys!

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