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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 80 – Ishani’s Confrontation

Episode starts with…

Riddhima: Is his work more important to him than me? (afraid)

Ishani: What the heck Riddhima! You know him he loves you so why will he choose something against you! He might be on the way varna wait I’ll call him

Ishani calls him but the call goes unanswered and her expressions change which are noticed by only Angre. So, before Riddhima once again questions he decided to call him, and now his phone was switched off and this made him suspicious so gestured Ishani to accompany him out not before giving Riddhima her medicines

Angre: Riddhu he’ll be coming. Don’t stress out. Take these medicines

“Not before eating”

All turned to see who’s that and saw Anupriya heading with a plate of food for Riddhima and Riddhima who was not interested in eating anything was making faces which none noticed

Anupriya: She needs to have her lunch before taking medicines

She sat beside Riddhima and was feeding her but Riddhima was opposing

Riddhima: Thank you aunty but please no I don’t want to eat anything

Anupriya: Arrey why won’t you! Just look at yourself how pale and dull you have turned to. You need to get well soon and turn back to our old lively girl and for that, you have to take medicines and before that food is a compulsion. These 2 days you had that tasteless food for your health but not anymore. Today, I prepared some yummy dishes for you specially. You have to eat

Riddhima: But no aunty am in no mood to eat anything

Anupriya: Riddhima am not going to hear No as an answer so you have to eat something, please!

Rudra: Beta she’s right please have something

After much persuasion, she gave in and was about to take the plate but Anupriya insisted to feed her. Unaware of them the situation turned emotional for both Anupriya and Riddhima. But each carried different emotions. Anupriya was guilty and was constantly blaming herself for Riddhima’s condition while Riddhima felt a motherly emotion with her which she always found only in Chanchal all these years. Anupriya was feeding her morsels which Riddhima with utter emotions was having them.

Angre and Ishani reached out to have a discussion

Angre: Ishani something is fishy! Vansh who loves Riddhu to the core is not even around her now. The one who answers her call in a single ring is ignoring her calls and messages. The one who’s always available for everyone is sitting after turning his phone off. What’s running in his mind! Why is he behaving odd! Is there anything which he is hiding! Is there anything that’s hurting him! What’s running in his mind!!!

Ishani: Angre ….. you don’t worry I’ll talk to him. In fact, am going home now. I’ll keep you posted.

He nodded his head and hugging him, she left with some determination in her eyes. Anupriya fed Riddhima and giving her medicines she left leaving her to rest. Though Riddhima laid on her bed on the insistence of everyone, her thoughts were drifted to Vansh and his weird behavior

Riddhima (fidgeting her fingers) (thinking): Vansh never behaved this way then why is he doing now? Did I do anything? But I was not even there to do anything na! Then why!! He always wanted to be on my side then why not now? He was always affected by my small injury then after all this happened with me he should be attached to me as if my second dress but he is not even being my main gate!!! (making a face) Something is definitely off! Something is off track. Is he… no, no Riddhima he’ll never do that. He knows what he is to you. So, that’s not the matter something else is bothering him. But what? After 27 hrs of being in that hell I felt after getting back home I’d have him by my side trying to help me cope with all this but… but he isn’t even bothered about my pain and is missing. Is he even safe?? (worried) Did something happened to him!!! (concerned) I think I need to once again call him.

She bends to pick her phone which was on the side table and in this process she felt pain in her feet, the bruises and burns given by them didn’t heal yet. She hisses and still bends herself to pick the phone and dials his number

The number you have dialed is currently Switched Off

Riddhima’s face colors changed as if an angry atom bomb is going to burst any moment. But then her face turned into worry and concern and her tears made their way rolling down her pale cheeks trying to find their way for solace.

Riddhima (thinking): Is he fine? Did something happen to him? Did …. (afraid) did Kabir or Ragini hurt him!!! What if they did!! OMG!! NO!! NO!!!NOOOOOO!!! I can’t live without him. I need to find him. I need him safe and sound. I’ll … I’ll call Ishani maybe she knows where he is and how he is (panic)

She instantly dialed Ishani’s number ….. Tring… tring… tring…

Its 3:30 pm, RS Mansion,

Ishani parked her vehicle and was moving towards the study to find Vansh but finding him absent there, she moved towards his room and finding the room open, she sneaked to find his back facing her and he was seeing something seeing which she gave a small smile and that’s when she felt her phone vibrating and the seeing the caller she gave a known smile as if the call was expected. She stepped back and getting back to the corridor of the floor, she picked the call

Ishani: Hello

Riddhima (worried): Ishani how’s Vansh? Is he fine? Where’s he? Did Kabir or Ragini hurt him? Ishani speak up. Am worried and your silence is freaking me

Ishani (smiling): Riddhima I’ll speak only if you give a break to your question bank right!

Riddhima: Acha ok! Now tell

Ishani (faking her smile in her voice): Ha.. ha bhai is fine. He….. he…. ((thinking) what do I say!!! Think Ishani think!!! Yeaa!!!!) he is in a meeting with international clients.

Riddhima: Uff!!! (sigh) Thank god he is fine. Why isn’t he answering my calls (anger) And now his phone is switched off! What does he think of himself? Does he have any idea what am going through! How can he be so reckless! Just pass the call to him I need to confront him for his baseless actions

Ishani (thinking): Riddhima I can understand what you are going through and before you speak to him, I need to have a talk with him about his changed weird behavior so am sorry I can’t pass the call to him. At least not now. Just give me some time I’ll set everything right.

Ishani: Riddhima he’s gesturing that he’ll call you once the meeting is done and actually his phone has run out of charge so couldn’t answer your call. I’ll make sure he calls you. Ok!!!

Riddhima (unwantedly): Ok!!! But please ask him to call me once his meeting ends.

Ishani: Yea sure. Now I need to go. Talk to you later

She cut the call and made her way towards Vansh’s room with some determination. She knocked on the door

Vansh wiping his tears and placing the thing in his hand beside him, he turned around to see Ishani

Vansh: Ishani you here? Is everything ok?

Ishani: You tell me bhai. Is everything ok?

Vansh: What happened to me? One moment… (realization struck) is.. is Riddhima ok? How’s she?

Ishani (sarcastic chuckle): Seriously bhai! Do you still remember her?

Vansh: Ishani!!! What do you mean?

Ishani (anger): What do you mean bhai? Do you have any idea of what she is going through? Do you have any idea how desperately she needs you? How desperately she has been waiting for you for days? Do you have any idea what she always asks us? What do you think… what do you think that you are doing her a favor by crying here secretly hugging her picture? What do you think you are showing her courtesy by keeping yourself distant from her for your insecurity? Why do you always think of your fears and not what she goes through! Who gave you the right to take a decision for someone else? Did you even think of what she might go through because of your this baseless decision? What did you expect? You expected that she’ll be glad of your decision right (sarcastic smile) Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania, you are absolutely wrong. The girl who loved you with all her soul is dying there for your mere presence. And you ….. you are here hurting yourself for her instead of sorting your insecurities by talking to her…Will you please do the honor to speak something???

Vansh was speechless. He turned around to wipe the lone tear trying to escape his tears. He bought his stern look and turned around to face Ishani

Vansh: Ishani what are you talking of? Can you please be clear?

Ishani (sarcasm) (chuckle): Well, played bhai! Well played (claps). Do you seriously think that you can bluff me? then Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania you are mistaken because I have seen you crying your heart out the day you bought Riddhima back that night.


So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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