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RadhaKrishn 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha Accepts Hanuman As The World’s Biggest Devotee

RadhaKrishn 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna shows his divine avatar of Ram to Hanuman. Hanuman is surprised to see Krishna is Ram and asks why didn’t he inform him first and why did he call him to Kishkinda if he was present here. Krishna says he wants to teach devotion via him to Radha and others and show how great his devotion is. Hanuman requests him to show his divinity to everyone here. Krishna says will at the right time, but before that he will Hanuman’s greatness of devotion to Raadha and others. Hanuman says he cannot do that with Radha as she is a pure hearted woman. Krishna says he wants to speak his heart out via Hanuman. Hanuman agrees. Krishna stands behind Hanuman invisibly as Ram. Hanuman tells Radha that his prabhu is present in Dwarka and sent her a message. Radha asks what did he say. Hanuman says she told when she opened her eyes, she saw Krishna; that means she knew her prior identity and on the other hand he forgot his earlier identity and was born after his meeting with Ram; Radha told she knows Krishna since childhood, but he is eager to meet his prabhu since years and how will he feel when people question his devotion; its Radha’s love that he wants to unite with Krishna, but in the case of devotion, his aradhya always stays behind him; in love, one tries to fulfill other’s wishes and try to unite with them, but in his case he tries to just see his aradhya; he can tell that his prabhu can stay without him and he can live with only his prabhu’s memory, but can Radha say she can live without Krishna; if she has experienced a moment where all her dear ones left her as human body perishes leaving only devotion, etc. Radha says she cannot think of a second without Krishna, but how can Hanuman live just remembering Sri Ram; she had requested Devi Saraswati that she wants to die before Krishna dies, etc. Hanuman says he wants to keep his prabhu Sri Ram’s memories in his heart forever and wants to enlighten the place with his prabu’s devotion like he enlightened Dwarka; his prabu is speaking whatever he spoke and his prabhu will give his darshan now. He chants Jai Sri Ram.

Ram emerges saying his devotee his wish will be fulfilled for sure. Radha and all citizens bend and chant Jai Sri Ram. She tells Hanuman that he proved that he is the world’s biggest devotee he cleared her doubt that she loves Krishna and her devotion is nothing in front of Hanuman’s devotion, so Hanuman is world’s biggest devotee. She walks away while everyone chant Jai Sri Ram and sits near rive bank. Hanuman walks to her and says she is sad with the recent event and requests Ram to console Radha. Krishna walks in. Hanuman signals him to console Radha. Krishna signals back that Hanuman should instead. Radha tells Hanuman that he made her realize that her love is nothing and she wasted her time in competition. Hanuman asks not to say that as Ram made her speak that and her love is true for Ram and she is a great woman. Radha says she is a normal girl who loves Krishna immensely and walks away thanking him for proving his devotion. Hanuman thanks Krishna for showing him Ram and says he would be more happy if he meets mother Janaki and brother Laxman. Krishna asks to find himself. Hanuman thinks seeing Radha’s divinity, she seems to be mother Janaki; he made mother Janaki and cannot forgive himself. He further thinks Balram can be brother Laxman and he troubled Laxman; he can be out of guilty only if he finds out truth.

Precap: Hanuman calls Radha as mata Seeta. Hanuman asks why he addresses her as mata Seeta. Hanuman says a son will call his mother as mother itself and tearing his chest shows Ram and Seeta’s image in it.

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