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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautama asks the second question

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gautama crying for Khanderao. She says if Malhar always praises Ahilya and insults Khanderao, then what will Khanderao go through. Dwarka says I understand, Malhar and Ahilya are wrong, Malhar can’t see his son sad, but Ahilya is always ahead of us, her innocent face and sweet talks are a pretence. Gautama says I thought she will not find the answer, she will fail. Dwarka says yes, that girl is smarter than we thought, that’s why we have to think well and ask second question, do you have anything on your mind. Gautama says no, next step will be tough for Ahilya, she will have less time. Dwarka says I got a thought, shall I tell you. Gautama says yes, why not, we are taking the test together. Dwarka tells her. Gautama agrees. She says you have done an amazing things, its a good idea, now I will ask this question to Ahilya. Dwarka says I m glad to help, now you can sleep well. She goes.

Gautama stops her and hugs. Dwarka smiles surprised. Gautama says I know I hurt you a lot by saying anything in my son’s love. Dwarka says I m with you. She thinks I also want Ahilya to get away, I don’t want anyone else to get the throne, than my son-in-law. Ahilya says you are really good, you helped me. She prays to Shiv. She asks does this happen with every girl, why can’t girls get the light, do we have to study to know it. She sees her inner self encouraging her to fight to get her rights. She asks her to give the tests. Ahilya says yes. She smiles.

Ahilya goes to meet Gautama. She says the question should be easy today also, Shiv will help me. She sees a lady coming with a pot of water. The lady sees her and hides the pot. Yamuna collides with her. She argues with the lady. The lady says sorry. Ahilya looks on.

Yamuna says you took a bath and got ready also to know Gautama’s next riddle, come, everyone is waiting for you. Ahilya comes to everyone. Malhar asks Gautama what is she going to ask now. Gautama says I told you that you will have less time to solve the riddle, remember, will you make an excuse of less time. Ahilya signs no. Gautama says I will light that diya after asking the question, you have to answer it before the oil ends in the diya and the diya is put off. She asks which is the fruit which can’t be seen, which can’t be bought from the market. Malhar asks her to ask an easy question. Gautama asks him not to worry, Ahilya wants to study and do something unusual, Ahilya is talented, she came here as a blessing, she will solve this, it will be easy for her.

Gautama says you won’t cheat me for your Bahu’s sake, you won’t tell her the answer. He nods. Gautama lights the diya. She says your time to find the answer begins now. Ahilya cries.

Tukoji comes to Khanderao and pacifies him. He says I have a connection with you since childhood, I hope you will understand when I explain you about Ahilya. Ahilya thinks about the fruit. Renu says I don’t know. Ahilya says I can’t ask you, I don’t want to pass with cheat, I need a little hint. Renu goes. Ahilya thinks what’s that fruit.

Renu goes out. Yamuna drops some oil from the diya. Renu comes there. Yamuna hides. Renu thinks how did the oil get less, did anyone remove the oil from the diya. She sees Yamuna going with the oil bowl.

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