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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura gets a clue about CCTV footage

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mayura refusing to let Raghav stay in the haveli and tells that Papa ji, Sanjay and Megha are here with her. Raghav asks her to let him stay here for her safety and says I wouldn’t have thought to stay here if Omkar was here. He shows a goon’s pic and says Vishaka had taken money from him. Let me stay here until I catch the goons. Mayura says ok, stay in upstairs room. Raghav says I will not let any bad reflection fall on you. Inspector Pandey brings Omkar to the hospital ward and says you will go to jail from here. Omkar recalls Shankar’s words and talks politely with Pandey, requesting him to return his phone so that he can talk to her. Pandey returns his phone. Omkar calls Mayura and asks what had happened, he says I have seen you going with Raghav. Mayura tells him that the goons attacked her from whom Vishaka had taken the money. Raghav comes there and asks Mayura if she made this tasty halwa. Omkar asks Mayura what Raghav is doing here. Raghav asks Omkar how is he? Mayura says Raghav is staying with us for our safety. Raghav says I will talk to him and goes to side, asks if he is afraid that Mayura will choose him over him. He tells Mayura that Omkar has no problem with me. Mayura asks Omkar if he has no problem and tells that she had told Raghav that it is not needed but he insisted. Omkar says let him stay there until I come, as it is a matter of your safety. He asks her to take care and ends the call.

Mayura talks to someone and asked if Manjari talked to him. The guy tells that he has seen the video and it seems like there is someone else and not Omkar in the video. Mayura gets happy and hugs Omkar and Tara’s pic. Raghav comes there and smiles. He sees Omkar’s pic and gets upset. He says you was looking beautiful and happy and asks what happened? Mayura recalls Omkar’s words that they can’t trust anyone and tells about the project which she got. She says that’s why I am happy, now I have to go and meet Omkar. Raghav stops her and says I can’t let you go to meet Omkar. Mayura says I want to go. He says he wants her to be safe and even Omkar don’t want her to take risk and comes to meet him. Mayura says ok fine, go from here. Raghav goes out. Mayura locks the door. Omkar comes to meet Mayura from the hospital and thinks nobody can stop him from meeting Mayura. He sees her watering the plants and lifts her. yeh pagalpan hai yeh….plays….Mayura says you are here. Raghav calls her and thinks if she goes to meet Omkar. Mayura asks Omkar why did he lift her and says your hands are already injured. Omkar says he wanted to see her. Raghav asks constable to go and search if Omkar came. Mayura tells Omkar that his face was morphed on someone else’s body and tells that she will meet the engineer tomorrow. They have a hug. He asks how is Tara? Mayura says she is fine and misses you, so I thought to make a painting and send her. Omkar says I know Raghav has come here to take care of you, but promise me that you will take care of yourself. Mayura promises him. Omkar is about to go. Raghav is coming there. Omkar comes back to Mayura and kisses on her cheeks. She smiles. Omkar goes. Raghav comes there and asks what is she doing here? Mayura says she came to water the plants.

Raghav wonders what is the matter? He calls Pandey and asks where is Omkar? Inspector says he is sleeping after the sleep injection. Later Mayura is making painting. Raghav comes there and scares her. She gets scared. He says sorry. Mayura says she is making painting for Tara. Raghav offers to take the pic. Mayura refuses. Raghav asks if she is still upset with him. He insists to take her pic and takes it. He then applies color on her face. Mayura scolds him and tells that she don’t like such things. Raghav gets a call and his mobile falls down from his hands. The call gets picked and the person tells that CCTV footage. Mayura asks what was he talking about CCTV footage. Raghav says he is ACP and many calls comes to him. Mayura gets doubtful. She asks Megha to divert constable so that she can go out. Mayura comes to meet the engineer. A fast car is about to hit him. Mayura asks him to be careful. The car goes past him. Mayura comes to the engineer and asks who was in that footage. Raghav comes to Omkar and says your holiday was over, time has come to return to the place from where you have come. He says your hospital tour is finished and your time to go to jail came, as it is your real place. Omkar says you will repent in sometime, as my truth will come infront of you in just few mins. Raghav says mins, months and year will pass, but you will not be saved. He asks Pandey to take him to PS and says I will come to the Ps after doing some work. He thinks your all planning fails infront of my planning, Omkar.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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