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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 4

My world is in your love Chapter-4

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In the VR mansion,

Vansh was in the living room. Rohan entered the mansion with a lot of joy.

Rohan: Vansh! My Dude! How are you?

Vansh gave a grin and hugged Rohan.

Vansh: I am fine Rohan! Did anyone trouble you in these past two years?

Rohan: When a friend like you is with me, who is going to trouble me? You are my biggest strength, Vansh. Where is sia? I mean, where are the other members in the VR mansion?

Vansh called everyone. Rohan got the blessings from dadi, Dadi hugged Rohan. Sia and Rohan just made an eye contact with each other. Both of them began to talk with their eyes expression. Ishani, Aryan and Angre were excited to see him. Kabir had a fake smile on his face. Rohan went to his room to freshen up.

Riddhima entered the mansion. Riddhima thought to herself that she knew this place already. Rohan went to Pooja room as per the instruction of dadi. Riddhima could see Angre and Dadi coming towards her.

Dadi: you are sia’s personal physiotherapist, and your name is Riddhima.

Riddhima: Yes, Dadi.

Dadi: I am Sia’s grandmother. Angre call sia and vansh to the Pooja room.

Rohan: Who is this girl, Dadi?

Dadi: Sia’s personal physiotherapist…

Rohan thought to himself: This girl is well-known to me. Have I met her before?

After prayer, Dadi got emotional.

Dadi: Riddhima, please take care of sia. I believe you.

Riddhima: Dadi, Bappa is with us. So we don’t need to worry about sia. She will recover soon.

Vansh called riddhima to her study room.

Riddhima: May I come in, bro?

Vansh: Yes, do you know the rules and regulation of the house?

Riddhima: What rules… Bro, I can’t understand?

Vansh: First, you shouldn’t talk with anyone unnecessary. Second, you should be sharp at 10’clock and leave the mansion at 6’0 clock, and no leave will be provided. Third, you shouldn’t interfere in other’s matters without my permission. If I come to know anything wrong about you, I will immediately fire you. You should be an honest employee in a VR mansion. Do you understand?

Riddhima: Whether this is a VR mansion or a school… You are like a principal… I am a student, am I right?

Vansh: Are you teasing these rules? I wanted perfect discipline in my house.

Riddhima: Yes, I will follow it. Definitely, not for you but for sia.

Vansh: you can leave.

Riddhima just nodded her head and went to Sia’s room. Riddhima gave some exercise and medical tips to sia. After her work was completed, Sia and Ridddhima started to talk with each other about their favorite things. Sia told about Rohan’s welcome party, and she invited Riddhima. Riddhima was interested in doing the preparation of Rohan’s welcome party.

Riddhima: Sia, Shall I organize the party? I am an event organizer.

Sia: I will talk with vansh bhai and dadi and let you know.

Dadi agreed to it. Riddhima was really happy, she prayed to God that this happiness must continue in her life.

Next day Rohan’s welcome party

Vansh: Arrangements are okay. It is not a grand sia.

Sia: It’s Rohan’s party. Let’s ask him. Did you like the arrangement?

Rohan: Yes, sia! It is just beautiful. Thank you, Dude.

Sia: It is because of Riddhima’s effort.

Vansh didn’t agree to it. Riddhima came and asked sia about the arrangements. Rohan and Sia gave a huge smile and said beautiful. Vansh was in rage at riddhima. Riddhima thinks to herself,” I think Mr.Lighthouse didn’t like my arrangements? Who cares about him?”

Riddhima saw Kabir in a VR mansion. Riddhima was confused.

Riddhima: Kabir, what are you doing here? Are you a friend of rohan?

Kabir: Riddhima! How did you come here?

Riddhima: I am Sia’s personal physiotherapist and today’s party organizer.

Kabir: What? This is my house riddhima.

Riddhima: Are you joking?

Kabir: No, Riddhima, sia is my cousin. We are a joint family. Did anyone know about our relationship?

Riddhima: No, Kabir, I didn’t tell anyone about us.

Vansh had a jealous feeling when she was talking with Kabir. Vansh called angre and whispered to him and told him to find the relationship between Kabir and Riddhima. The party started. Press people and relatives also came. Rohan was confused to see press people.

Vansh: “Dear Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to introduce the brand new MD of the Rishi Industries of ARR group. It is Mr. Rohan Malhotra, son of Rishi Malhotra, who could be the brand new Managing Director of Rishi Industries of ARR group. ”

Everyone changed into shocked. Sia commenced to clap the hand and cheer for Rohan. Everyone observed her besides Kabir, who changed into in anger. Vansh hugged Rohan.

Vansh: I am certain that you may make me proud.

Rohan: Dude!

Rohan whispered in vansh ear’s and informed him that he desired to talk to him privately. Rohan, Dadi and Vansh were in the study room.

Rohan: Vansh! Did I ask you for the MD position in ARR groups?

Vansh: No! Rohan but…

Rohan: Vansh! I just wanted to be your friend and an employee of Ajay industries like angre.

Vansh: Rohan, in everyone’s life there must be a goal or dream. Do you know what my dream about you is?

Rohan stared at him.

Vansh: Rohan Malhotra, MD of Rishi Industries. Sounds good, right. This is for your talent, Rohan, not because you are my friend. When it comes to a job, I have never seen family or friends, it is all about your talent, dedication, hard work and honesty.

Rohan: Vansh, but why did you give your position to me?

Vansh: you deserve it, Rohan.

Rohan: But….

Vansh: Will you please stop it? It is the decision taken by ARR groups, not me alone. If you deny it… (in fake anger)

Rohan: What will you do, throw me out of the VR mansion? I will never go anywhere, this is my family.

Rohan hugged Vansh and Dadi. Dadi had glad tears in her eyes via way of means of seeing Vansh and Rohan’s friendship. It changed into similar to Ajay and Rishi’s friendship.

Kabir commenced to blow up like a bomb while he entered his room.

Kabir: I am capable than Rohan why did vansh try this to me? I deserve that position extra than Rohan.

Chanchal and Aryan had been nonetheless in anger. Rudra attempted to pacify kabir. Kabir changed into nonetheless in rage.

It was 10:30 P. M. in the VR mansion. Riddhima completed all her works. Vansh gave her the cheque. Dadi asked angre to drop Riddhima, but Angre was busy. So, Dadi asked vansh to drop Riddhima. First, both of them denied it, but dadi forced vansh to drop riddhima. Finally, vansh agreed.

Who deserves Riddhima?  Kabir, Rohan or Vansh…Tell me in the comment section…

Stay tuned for next chapter. 

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