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My First and last love- Riansh TS, Last part

My First and last love- Riansh TS, Last part

Hi guys, I’m back with the last one for this story, do let me know your views on this one in the comments section.

Ragini: (crying) This is your…reason to ..why you.. don’t consider our marriage! (choking) Why didn’t you tell me anything before, I would’ve helped you and I would have denied for the marriage in the first place. I can’t even imagine what you must have gone through! (to herself) I’ve seen here somewhere! But where…why can’t I remember. (she looked at the pictures carefully and remembered) She’s that girl I saw with Kabir Bhai, he was taking her to the hospital. Wait what…Kabir Bhai and Riddhima, how? Vansh said that she died then.

Vansh: I’m sorry Ragini, I wish I could have told you before but I didn’t muster the courage. She was shot in front of me. My whole world shattered that day. I had no life remaining in my ad that’s why all this time I never shared my pain with anyone, just came here and talked to her pictures, thinking she’ll come back. (wiping his tears) Any way Ragini you know the truth now, so I would like you to take your decision wisely and let me know whenever you feel like. (he leaves)

Ragini: She was shot!! (in horror) But the main thing is that why and what was she doing with Kabir Bhai? My respect for Vansh has increased after knowing the entire truth and if Riddhima is alive then I will make sure I bring back Riddhima to his life. (sad) I’ll lose Vansh but for his happiness I can do anything. (hopeful) I need to talk to bhai

Ragini departed for her room and took her phone and dialed Kabir’s number. She called and waited for his response. He picked up thinking something happened to her. He loved her a lot and could do anything for her happiness, he would protect her from every problem and try his best to give her everything she wanted.

Kabir: Ragu, are you fine? Did anything happen that you called right now? (worried)

Ragini: Bhai I’m fine don’t worry about me but I have a few questions that you have to answer me and that too truthfully!

Kabir: Ragu have I ever lied to you?

Ragini: I know you haven’t but right now after my questions you might as well lie

Kabir: What happened to you? Why are you acting like this….is everything fine? (serious)

Ragini: I can’t talk to you over the phone, can we meet in a coffee shop?

Kabir: Okay, which one?

Ragini: Café Mocha in an hour. (she hung up the call in anger) I’m sorry bhai I needed to this otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to come right now, leaving your work.

Kabir: (to himself) She hung up the call! What’s wrong with her now, seems something is very serious.

Ragini went to the café after an hour and waited for some time till Kabir arrived. Kabir arrived and hugged her immediately, Ragini reciprocated and hugged him too. She had dearly missed her brother but she really wanted her answers for her questions. She backed off and told him to sit down. They ordered coffee for each other and settled down for a talk.

Kabir: Ragu now tell me what happened?

Ragini: Bhai I want honest answers for my questions right now….otherwise you know I can go spy and get them indirectly.

Kabir: I will answer but what is it on? (curious)

Ragini: Riddhima!

Kabir: Ridd..ima (choking and shocked) Who’s that? (pretending)

Ragini: Don’t act like you don’t know bhai.

Kabir: Ragu I’m serious I don’t know her.

Ragini: Okay you don’t know her right (he nodded) fine then how did you fix my marriage with Vansh when he had told you that he loves someone else?

Kabir: What! He loves someone else? He can’t love anyone apart from you! I’ll go and teach him a lesson! (anger)

Ragini: Stop it bhai! (shouted) That’s what you are getting wrong! Just because I love him doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the right to love anyone else and just love me! Now tell me where Riddhima is? I know the entire truth.

Kabir: Ragu, you love him right…then how can you let him love someone else? And which truth? (shaky)

Ragini: Stop your acting, you aren’t going to get an Oscar for it! You shot Riddhima right? (teary)

Kabir: Enough Ragu, why are you blaming me….your brother? (emotional)

Ragini: Bhai you better tell me otherwise I’ll kill myself. (teary and serious)

Kabir: Ragu (takes a deep breathe) Fine then hear. You wanted to know right, all that I have done is for your happiness. You had fallen in love with Vansh when you first saw him, when he had come to our house. I had seen it in your eyes, and as a brother I wanted your happiness. When you told me after a few months that you loved him, I went behind him and saw him meeting someone else, he loved her and if you would get to know that then your heart would have broken.

Ragini: Not as much you’ve broken my heart today bhai! (crying) Go on

Kabir: She was none other than Riddhima. They loved each other a lot. So for your happiness I thought of removing Riddhima out of his life so that I could keep your proposal in front of him. I made a plan of trying to kill her. I found the perfect opportunity when Vansh went for his business deal. I informed Riddhima that his life was in danger ad she went behind him. When she reached there some men captivated her and brought her in front of everyone. They had hit her which angered Vansh. All that was not part of my plan. I swear! Thinking that Vansh was betraying the partner he shot Riddhima and took Vansh away. I saw all that, I wanted to save Vansh but then he had managed to get out of their hold. Within that time I took Riddhima away and admitted her to the hospital, where you were there too. When Vansh returned he was told that she was buried as she was found dead.

Ragini: And you lied to me again there!

Kabir: I had no other option. I admitted her and the doctor said that she would take time to recover. During that time, I thought of it as the perfect opportunity to hitch you both in a marriage before anything else could happen. After coming into his family’s pressure for marriage and to move on his life he agreed.

Ragini: That’s why he took two years to agree for the marriage. But bhai even though he agreed his heart never agreed, not even now! (crying) I can’t believe this bhai, you could take someone’s life! I’m ashamed to call you my brother

Kabir: No Ragini please don’t say that….I did all of this because of your happiness.

Ragini: Right bhai, my happiness, Am I happy right now? No then? (crying)

Kabir: (cupping her face) I’m sorry (crying)

Ragini: Where’s Riddhima?

Kabir: She’s kept in a house. She’s still trying to find out the reason to why Vansh left her.

Ragini: You told her that Vansh left her? (broken) That Vansh who could give his life for her! Take me to her.

Kabir without opposing her took her to where Riddhima was living. She was completely in an abandoned place where no one could imagine. She welcomed Kabir and Ragini not knowing Ragini’s truth.

Riddhima: Kabir! You must be Ragini right? (happy)

Ragini: Yea (hugged her) I wanted to meet you and tell you the truth Riddhima. (glancing at Kabir)

Riddhima: (settling on the sofa) Which truth? (curious)

Ragini told her everything that Kabir did to separate her and Vansh while Riddhima sat there in absolute shock. She deep inside knew that her Vansh wouldn’t do that and it was right. She had regarded Kabir as her best friend as he helped her but he was the one who back stabbed her. She cried out her feelings and pain that she went through in the 2 years in front of Ragini. Ragini had made up her mind to unite the two lovers and took her to VR mansion.

Ragini: Dadi, Vansh, Siya…Everyone come down!! (shouting)

Dadi: (came) what happened?

Vansh: What happened Ragini? Why are you shouting? (everyone came down)

Ragini: I have a surprise for you all! Here she is! (making way for her)

Riddhima entered leaving everyone startled. Vansh and Riddhima were both in tears looking at each other. As if their eyes got the peace they always longed for. Their eyes showed all the emotions; love for each other, pain for losing each other, anger for the one who separated them. They both had gone numb, coming back to their senses, Vansh ran towards her and pulled her in a tight bone crushing hug. They were completely lost in each other’s embrace. Vansh broke the hug and started pecking her face while she smiled and shut her eyes to feel the moment.

Vansh: Where were you all this time? (crying and pain) Do you know how much I longed for you, your love, your hugs and everything? (cupping her face)

Riddhima: I’m sorry Vansh, I was unaware about the truth, I had believed some unknown stranger. (crying)

Vansh: You had got shot right? How is it, your wound? (checking it)

Riddhima: You sometimes from the great Vansh Rai Singhania become a duffer! It was 2 years back!

Vansh: (smiled) I don’t mind becoming a duffer for you! But they had told me that you had died, they had buried you then?

Riddhima: It was all false. (she tells him the entire truth)

Vansh: How dare Kabir!!

Ragini: I know Vansh that you’re really pissed at him, and I’m not trying to take his side being his sister but he’s gotten his punishment.

Vansh: Ragini I’m so grateful that you brought back my love! As for your brother I will punish him myself. I’m not going to spare him. (anger)

Riddhima: (unaware of the truth that Vansh and Ragini are married) How do you know Ragini?

Vansh: Umm Sweetheart I think you shouldn’t stress. (trying to divert)

Riddhima: Vansh stop it, I know you’re diverting the topic. But tell me….Dadi you atleast tell me

Dadi: Vansh I think Riddhima needs to know the truth. Riddhima Vansh and Ragini are married to each other.

Riddhima: (shocked) What!!

Vansh: Sweetheart please listen to me once, I don’t love Ragini…

Riddhima: (cut Vansh) But Ragini loves you (hurt)

Ragini: I don’t Riddhima, I thought I did but I think it was just an infatuation. It wasn’t true and as pure as I’m seeing you two. Trust me, my love is just a mere infatuation, I’ll probably have someone else’s name in my destiny instead of Vansh. This marriage wasn’t anything for him and nor it is for me. You two belong to each other.

Vansh: But Ragini…(cut by Ragini)

Ragini: I’m being honest Vansh. I have applied for annulment of our marriage.

Riddhima: Ragini, you’ve done so much for me, a girl you’ve never met.

Ragini: Riddhima, don’t make me feel so great, you were harmed by my brother so this is nothing compared to that, I can at least give you this happiness in place of what pain my brother gave you. If you can please forgive my brother and me, we interfered in your love. Vansh I’ve applied for annulment and we’ll get it by tomorrow.

She goes to the rest of the family who thank her for bringing Riddhima back and she takes her leave. The rest of the family meet up with Riddhima and pamper her to the most while Vansh was is extremely elated to once again live with his love.

Vansh took Riddhima to his room. They both got emotional recalling their moments together that they spent in the room. They lived in a live-in relationship. Riddhima was looking out of the window, staring in to the sky, all the events running through her mind once again when Vansh came and hugged her from the back. Riddhima recognized his touch and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Vansh: You still recognize my touch?

Riddhima: (closed eyes) Hmm I can never forget.

Vansh: I love you Riddhima!

Riddhima: (turning to him and put her arms around his neck.) I love you too duffer!

Vansh: (kissed her forehead)Never leave me again

Riddhima: Never ever, tied together forever! (smiling) Anyway it’s not going to be easy for you to get rid of this girl here!

Vansh: I never want to!

They touched their foreheads together and swayed in the music of their love.

The End

So this was the second and last part of this TS. It has a happy ending this time and not a sad one😂 I hope you guys liked the last part too and let me know how you found it in the comments section.
@Priyu di hope you liked this and I will be soon working on your other one too. If you all have any other you want me to write on then please write it in the comments section.


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