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#Love from the heaven.. #47 Enemies Defeated (Last)

Episode stars as..,

The sun rises and both the mansions are in hustle bustles. Let’s peek in: 

VR Mansion : 

Tara : Aryannn….

Aryan : Yes mom?

Tara : Where is Vansh’s sherwani? 

Aryan : I thought you’ll bring..

Tara : Satyanash! (Destroyed) Now, go to the tailor..

Aryan : Yes mom..

He goes. 

Rudra : Ishanniiiiii….come fast 

Vansh’s room : 

He is getting restless and is walking here and there. 

Vansh : I hope that green hoodie person will not harm my Riddhima..

RV Mansion : 

Uma : Sejal, go and make her ready..

Sejal : Yes Auntyy..

She goes and the decorations move on. She gets ready beautifully.

(This is my henna pic :)) 

                                                                                                                               Rab ne husn ditta maan ni karee da

Akdaan di agge vich ainvai ni sadee da

Rab ne husn ditta maan ni karee da

Akdaan di agge vich ainvai ni sadee da

Kade pyaar waala meeh barsaya karo ji

Kabhi sadi gali bhool ke vi aaya karo ji 

Kabhi sadi gali bhool ke vi

The Rai Singhania family arrives at the RV Mansion, welcomed by Ajay. Uma’s brothers and Riddhima’s cousins bring her down to Vansh. Ajay gives Riddhima’s hand in Vansh’s hand. 

Ajay : Take care of her..

Vansh : Yes dad..

They all walk towards the mandap.

The priest lits fire in the mandap. 

Somewhere in a godown : 

GHP : Finish the wedding fast, then, I’ll..

He smirks. 

Back to the mandap : 

They all pray to Lord Ganesha. Vansh puts garland on Riddhima and vice-versa. He makes her wear the nuptial chain and then puts vermillion in her hair partition. Ishani and Angre tie their knots. They take pheras and then sit in the car and move to the palace. 

In the palace : 

All of them enter inside. A ribbon is tied. Riddhima’s cousines stand with a plate of shagun in their hands.

Vansh : What’s the demand? 

Cousin : 50,000

Vansh : What? 

Cousin : Ji, 50,000 only..

Vansh : No, no, thoda km (bit less)

Cousin 2 : Naa, not today..

Vansh : Riddhima, you are laughing, com’on

Riddhima : Give naa..

Vansh : Accha thik hai..

He takes a bundle of notes and gives them to the cousines, who apply tilak on his forehead and give scissors to cut the ribbon. They get seated on the chairs. One by one all the relatives come for the shagun and photographs and finally the ceremony ends and it’s vidaai time. Riddhima hugs her parents and wipes her tears. 

“Fasalein jo kaati jaayein

Ugti nahi hain

Betiyan jo byahi jaaye

Mudti nahi hain… 

Aisi bidaai ho toh

Lambi judaai ho toh

Dehleez dard ki bhi paar karaa de” 

She bids bye to them and sits in Vansh’s car, which follows Tara, Rudra, Aryan, Ishani and Angre’s car. Then, someone fires in the air. Vansh becomes alert while Riddhima takes out her gun and gets down.

Vansh : Riddhima..

Someone makes her conscious with the chloroform and then Vansh. 

After 10 mins : 

Both of them are tied to chairs in the godown. 

Riddhima : Vansh..

Vansh : Riddhima..

Riddhima : I’m sorry, because of me, your life..

Vansh : Jeeyenge bhi saath hi aur marenge bhi saath hi..

Riddhima’s eyes become wet. 

Vansh : Don’t worry sweetheart..

The green hoodies person comes and removes his mask. 

Riddhima : Who are you?

GHP : Vyom , Siya’s lover..

Riddhima : You bl***y cheaters, I can’t believe Siya will do this..

Vyom : Tch..tch..tch, but she has done that..And you made her arrest…I’ll kill you both right here..

Riddhima smirks. 

Vyom : Why are you so happy? 

Riddhima : I’m happy because my own conspired against me..”Gairon mein itna dm kahan tha ki hmara kuch bigaade, yeh toh apne they jo daga de gaye, saza de gaye” Siya didn’t do good, she’ll get the punishment of her sins..

Vyom: Quiet..Don’t say a word against her..

Vansh : Don’t be loud..

Vyom : What would you two do, ha? 

He goes. Riddhima tries to move and picks up a piece of glass.

Vansh : What are you going to do?

She cuts the rope and frees herself and then Vansh. Vyom hears some voices and comes back, but sees them tied. Suddenly, Riddhima gets up and kicks on his stomach.

Vyom : YOU!!

He tries to take his gun but Vansh pushes him. 

Vansh : You b****d!

Vyom : Aahh!!

They both beat him badly. 

VR Mansion : 

Tara : Rudra, the car didn’t arrive..Khin..

Rudra : Don’t worry, we should wait..

After 15 mins,

Ishani : I think we should go to the police..

Aryan : Yes, let’s go..

They are moving out when the car arrives. 

Aryan : They came, mom..

Tara : Hmm..

Both of them get down from the car.

Rudra: How did you get late? 

Vansh : The car got punctured, right sweetheart? 

Riddhima nods. Tara does their aarti., she kicks the vessel full of rice and dips her feet in kumkum, leaving prints in the hall. 

Vansh : Mom, now we can go?

Tara : Have patience..

She performs some more rituals. 

Vansh : Now?

Tara : No..

After half an hour, Tara allows them to go. Vansh hugs and thanks her. 

Outside Vansh’s room : 

Ishani : Bhaiya, money nikaalo..

Vansh : Take it afterwards naa..

Ishani : Aaj nakad kal udhaar..

Vansh : How much?

Ishani : 25,000 

Vansh’s mouth widens.

Ishani : Be quick or..

Vansh transfers in her account and she receives the notification. 

Ishani : Enjoy! 

He enters his room to see his moon sitting on the bed with a blush. He goes to her and makes her look in his eyes. 

Vansh : You are looking the most gorgeous girl, sweetheart..

Riddhima : Thank you, and you are looking the most handsome man..

Dekha hazaron dafa aapko

Phir beqarari kaisi hai

Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil

Kuch aap mein baat aisi haiLekar ijazat ab aap se

Saansein ye aati jaati hain

Dhoondhe se milte nahi hain hum

Bas aap hi aap baaki hain

He places a kiss on her eyes. 

Vansh : I want you to see me with these..

Then nose, 

Vansh : I want you to smell my scent from this..

On the cheeks

Vansh : I want you to brush them with mine..

Finally the lips, reciprocated by her.

Vansh : I want you to taste me by these

 Then, he pulls her to the bed and…

The screen turns black..

Epilogue coming tomorrow! 

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