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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#51

Chapter 51: “Life goes on!”

The episode starts with Vansh and Ajay patting Riddhima’s cheeks to bring her back to senses. Riddhima’s nose and ears was bleeding. This was panicking Vansh.

V(shocked): Riddhima! Open your eyes!!
Ajay: Vansh! Just take her to the hospital. I think she has suffered a breakdown again.

Vansh nodded and instantly lifted Riddhima in her arms and ran towards the car. Ajay ordered The Six M to do the last rites of Rehaan’s dead body and then report back to office when called. Saying so, he also left from their following Vansh. They reached Riddhima’s hospital in Delhi.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to VR Mansion in Mumbai,

Kabir was sitting in his room caressing a picture. He had a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. Sia comes to his room and observing him, sits beside him. She looks at the picture and smiles,
Sia: You got a lovely family Kabir!

She said with a glow on her face. Kabir smiles,
K: Thanks! You know I miss them alot.
S: Since when have you not met them?
K: Its been 3 years. When Aryan…..

He stopped.

K: Aa….When Aryan and I joined Intelligence. We are childhood best friends and belong from the same city. By witnessing Ajay sir and Riddhima’s past, you know very well that an intelligence officer has to stay away from the family to protect them. I talk to them once in a month. I also go there sometimes but not for more than a few hours. My dad….is very protective of Divya and Disha. He don’t want his daughters to live in an impact of my dangerous profession. He wants them to live a normal life.

Sia: Divya and Disha? Your sisters?
K(smiles): My lifelines. My sisters. They are twins of 15 years. They would have grown up, I really crave to see them once, but Papa…..he don’t hate me. He is just strict and a little upset about….
Sia: About?
Kabir: About me being an intelligence officer.
Sia: Why?
Kabir: Because he wanted me to be an engineer and I denied.
Sia: And your mother?
Kabir: Maa to Maa hoti hai…isn’t it? She just longs for me to come back as she is helpless in front of Dad.
Sia: Have you never tried to convince him?
K: I did! He got convinced too but at last, he said the same thing,
“Its better you stay where you are comfortable. We will always be in contact with you. Just try to imagine yourself in my place. Daughters are the respect and treasure of the house. I just don’t want them to live in the impression of your dangerous life. My family is my life. When you yourself had taken decision for your life then let me do the best for my life”

K: I miss them alot. But I understand his side too. He is right in his place. Even I would never want my family to suffer because of me. Its better I stay away.
Sia was really sad looking at him being upset. She puts her hand on his and smiles,
Sia: I can understand Kabir! It would be very difficult for you. Don’t worry! Everything will be alright soon!
K: Yeah! Afterall, they are my family.
Sia: And ups and downs keep going on in a family. That doesn’t mean we stop loving them. Right?
Kabir(smiles): Right.

He forwards gently towards Sia and kisses his forehead. Then, he takes her hands in his and says,

Kabir: Thanks for understanding me Sia. Thanks for always being my support.
Sia: We are each other’s support Kabir. You don’t need to thank me. We are a family too. And I am sure one day your dad would be proud of you.

They both looked at each other and smiled. Sia then started again,
Sia: Okay tell me more about your sisters. How are they? What’s their habbits? What do they like? I really want to know more about them.
K(chuckles): Okay okay. So, listen!

They continued talking with each other.

The scene again shifts to Delhi where Vansh was roaming outside the special emergency ward waiting for the doctor to come. Ajay was also sitting there. The doctor came outside and Vansh instantly started bombarding questions on him,

V: How is she? Is she fine? Isn’t anything to worry about? Have you checked her thoroughly? Will she be fine soon?

D: Relax Me. RaiSinghania! Dr. Riddhima is the best doctor of this hospital. Her safety and health is out first priority. She is fine now! Her sugar level dropped and As you know her medical history, she suffers these kind of breakdown quite often. It was all just beacuse of stress and sugar levels.
We have given her the required treatment. Her sugar levels will be stable soon But….
V: But what?
D: Mr. RaiSinghania! These breakdowns are not at all good for her. The blood loss and sugar level dropping, its all really dangerous and she had started suffering these breakdowns quite more often than before. Please take care of her. This can affect her mental health adversly. I fear that it might turn into some serious….You know what I mean. Please take care of her. We will give our best treatment. She is very dear to all of us.
Vansh was really serious and worried for Riddhima. The lines forming on his forehead and his melancholic facial expression were showing all.
D: Don’t worry! She will be fine!
He was about to go but then stopped again,
D: One more thing, Please take care of her medicines. She is not taking her medicines regularly and skipping them often. These medicines are the only treatment right now. If its not followed properly, then I fear these medicines will become useless for further treatment.
Vansh clenched his fists at his words. He was really angry from Riddhima. He was even guilty that he didn’t take care of Riddhima in all this plannings and execution. He was serious and he glared Ajay angrily. Ajay tried to change the topic before Vansh would hold doctor’s collar and remove his frustrations on him.
Ajay: Can we meet her now?
D: Oh yeah! She is conscious right now. Go meet her.

Vansh(serious): Thank you Doctor!
Doctor smiled with gratitude and left from there.

Vansh and Ajay went towards Riddhima’s room. Before entering, Ajay tried to convince Vansh,
Ajay: Don’t be harsh on her. Be calm.
Vansh: I am not going to leave her today.
Ajay: Vansh!
Vansh: I know what I have to do.

They looked inside the room from the window. Riddhima was gossiping happily with the nurse who was taking care of her.

V: Look at her! Just look at her! Here, we are worried for her health and she is gossiping with that nurse.

He banged the door of the room scaring the nurse who think of nothing else and went outside. Riddhima was confused.
R: Vansh! She got scared. What was the need to bang the door so loudly.

Vansh glared Riddhima angrily and went to towards the sofa placed in the room. He said nothing, sat down on the sofa and started cutting fruits. He was in full anger and serious mood pissed with Riddhima.
Riddhima looked towards Ajay in confusion and raised her eyebrow as if questioning “What happened to him”.
Ajay smiled. He pointed his finger towards her and then with his hands, he
gestured as if sliding his neck,

He meant, “You are gone today”

Riddhima understood what he was saying. Riddhima again signalled with his hands asking, “Why”

Ajay pointed his finger towards his brain and then, made a silent expression with his face, “boom”

It meant that his mind has blasted today because of you.

They were engrossed in their silent conversation and Vansh was removing his frustration on the apples. The apple slices had turned into a paste by now because of continuous chopping. Ajay and Riddhima looked at him and giggled.

Riddhima started teasing him,
R: Vansh! For whom are you preparing this apple paste? It looks like cerelac.
V(murmurs): For a stubborn chief who has a brain of 2 years old kid.
R: Huh? I didn’t listen.
V: Its better you don’t listen.
He pressed the knife even more forcibly on the plate making the chopping sound even more loud.
R: Okay stop torturing these lovely fruits. They don’t have that much courage to bear the great Kharoos RaiSinghania.

Vansh glared him angrily. He stabbed another apple with the knife.
V: Its not funny.
R: I didn’t say its funny. I just feel pity for the fruits.
V: You just pity on yourself. Its your good luck that I am controlling myself.
He gets up and brings that brutally chopped fruits towards Riddhima.
V: Eat this!
R: Do you think I will eat this cerelac type of food. I am not a kid.
V: You are nothing more than that. Eat this silently.
R: I don’t like apples.
Vansh glared her again.
V: And I don’t like your stubbornness.
R: Vansh! You want to torture your sweetheart?
V: Don’t test my patience Riddhima!
R: Dad! You say something to him na.
V: Why would he say something to me? Infact, he should say in my favour to scold you.
Ajay: Well, you both keep me away from this. But Riddhima! To be honest, Vansh is right. You don’t take a little bit care of yourself. Being a doctor, you know very well where this state of yours leading you. So, please if you don’t pity yourself, have some mercy on us. We can’t see you lying on this bed with you high spirits totally gone.

R: Its not like that Dad. I do take care of myself. I am fine. Don’t worry.
V: We can see how much fine you are!
R: Acha Sorry Na!

He was not going to take these emotional polite words from her. For him, These words are not going to ignore the fact. And anger started bursting out but out of concern, love, care and respect.

V: Riddhima! Why don’t you take care of yourself? Have you ever realised how much it hurts us to see you in pain? How much it hurts me to see you bleeding and being unconcious? Each drop of your blood, each tear in your eye pierces my heart. I feel pain as if someone is stabbing my heart. And the medicines….Are you a small kid of 2 years? You have to take care of everyone but not yourself? Why did you skip your medicines? How much time it takes to swallow two pills? But No! You are a Ziddhima! You have to prove yourself!
R: Vansh!
V: No! today I am not going to listen. Riddhima! If this attitude continues, then I am sorry I am not going to listen to any of your requests. I will not let you go anywhere. You know what I will do? I will handcuff you with my bed in my bedroom. And I will not let you go out. You are my sweetheart. I don’t care whether we are married or not. You will stay in my room only. I have the whole right to do whatever I want to.
Riddhima jaws dropped. She was blushing a little. How can he talk about all bedroom thing and marriage in front of Ajay. Vansh also stopped and craned his neck a little towards Ajay. He berated himself in his mind for blurting out everything.
Ajay giggles. He said teasingly,
Ajay: I think this scolding session is turning into something else. (Giggles) I think I should check whether the car has arrived or not. We have to head to the airport for returning to Mumbai. You both carry on. I will give you a call.
He went out.
Vansh again glared Riddhima with a little shyness and smirk on his face. He instantly covered it up and turned into an angry man once again.
V: It all happened because of you. You have fused my mind.
R: What did I do?
V: You have made me shameless.
R: You are a born shameless and flirt. Don’t blame me.
V: So, you have no effect of all my scoldings…….Riddhima!
He said in a warning tune.
Riddhima was not all concerned with his scoldings. She giggled looking at his trying-to-be-serious-and-angry expression.
V: What’s so funny again? Riddhima! I am talking about a serious matter here and you are giggling. Dare you skip your medicines again.

Riddhima started smiling. She comes a little forwards and squeezes both the cheeks of Vansh saying,
R: Aweee!! Vansh you are shooo cute! You look even more adorable in anger.

Vansh also smiles at her tantrums to make him smile. He gives in.
V: Nai manogi na tum? (You won’t understand right?)
R: I will. But only if you don’t make me eat this Cerelac.
She made a face. Vansh gets up and brings another apple.
R: Not again Vansh.
But this time, he gently cuts the apple into slices. He picks up one slice and forwards it towards Riddhima’s mouth. Riddhima smiles and opens her mouth to eat. She takes a bite and holds his hand. She forwards the half eaten apple towards his mouth.
R: I know you wouldn’t have eaten anything too. I can only be alright if you are alright.
He smiles and takes a bite too.
R: I love you!
V: I love you too sweatheart!
R: Vansh!
V: Hmm?
R: I want to go at beach once we reach Mumbai. Will you come with me?
V: Ofcourse I will.
R: Before heading to Mumbai, I want to go at the mansion. I want to collect all the stuff I had in the secret room. After that, I am going to convert that mansion into an orphanage. I have transferred that mansion on RV NGO’s name. I don’t want to live here anymore.
V: Why do you want to collect those memories once again? Don’t find ways to hurt yourself once again!
R: I am not hurting myself. I just want to keep those memories close to my heart.
V: Memories of Rehaan too?
R(smiles): Vansh! Rehaan turned into a bad person. Not those memories. Those memories indicate one of the most beautiful time of my life. If nothing has left like before then it doesn’t mean that those memories has lost their value. They are still really special for me. And Happiness is rare in this world Vansh! We should avail it whenever we get a chanc.
Vansh smiles.
R: Let’s go!
V: Oh hello? Finish this apple first. And what you mean by lets go? Who asked you to go?
R: I am a doctor myself. I know that I am stable now. I can leave.
V: Let the other doctors do their work. Don’t try to boss around them.
R: Vansh!…….

And there never ending gossips and arguments continued. Soon, the doctor came and checked Riddhima once again. He gave them permit to leave. Vansh, Riddhima and Ajay head back to Mumbai. After reaching to Mumbai, they told all the happenings about Rajveer and Rehaan to the family. Everyone was shocked, numb, emotional and tary eyed at the same time. But Ajay convinced them,

“All is well what ends well”

They had a happy family dinner together after a long time. It was full of happiness, gossips, chattering, romance, arguments and much more. They had a fun night after which everyone went to sleep. Riddhima and Vansh went towards the beach. After reaching the beach, Vansh found a shop near the beach. He went to buy two cups of coffee as they both had planned to enjoy coffee at the beach.
Riddhima went towards the beach, she removed her sandals and sat down on the cool sand and stretched her legs to relax. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. And when she opened them, she had tears in them. She was staring the waves that were hitting the shore after interval of every 2 mins. She looked up in the sky and found the most brightest star dominating all the other stars of the sky with its bright sparkle and shine. She smiles looking at the star and says,

“You will always be like this star in my heart Rajveer! Up and above everyone! Unique and Selfless! Thank You! For giving me such beautiful memories! I promise you! I will never disappoint you! I will always fulfill my duties! I will always live the way you wanted me to live! The respect I have for you in my heart is beyond anything! I will always miss you Rajveer! I will always miss you! Memories are the most precious treasure! You will always be in my memories. What if you are not with me today? I know you would be smiling and proud of me seeing me from above. But your space will always remain empty. It can never be fulfilled Rajveer! I will miss you alot”

A cool breeze blew which brought her out of her thoughts. She felt cold and rubbed her arms looking at the star. At the same moment, someone wrapped a shawl around her body. She craned her neck and found Vansh holding three cups in his hands. She smiles and takes one cup from his hand. From the other hand, she holds the edges of the shawl. Vansh puts the other third cup in front of her and sat down beside her.

R: Where did you get this shawl?
She looks at it and says,
R: Its pretty!
V: A person had set up his stall near the coffee shop. So, I got it for you!
He smiles.
R: And what’s this third cup for?
Vansh comes close to her ear and says,
V: Your ego!
He smirks.
Listening to his words, Riddhima remembered the time when Vansh had called her forcibly to a coffee shop warning her to not involve Sia in his evil plannings. She remembered how she had deliberately taken two cups of coffee at that time and he had commented,

“Ofcourse, You would take two cups of coffee. One for your self and one for your ego.”

She chuckles and looks at Vansh.
R: Do you remember our coffee fight? When you all had messed up the hospital?
V: Why wouldn’t I? Infact, you were involved too. (Smirks) Do you remember that lizard prank? I made you eat breakfast by blackmailing?
R: Your were so stupid. You had no shame. (Smirks) Afterall, I took my revenge! Don’t you remember that fart bomb?
V: Seriously! That was awful!
R: That was hilarious!
V: You have teased me alot. Do you know how I felt when I saw you at the hospital inauguration for the first time after years?
R: You would have felt disgusted. I know! You know what I enjoyed the most!
V: What?
R: Your shocked expressions at my changed personality. I enjoyed alot when I gave you a tight befitting reply for your useless talks.
V: Useless seriously? I was pissed ok!
R(giggles): Pissed for what I haven’t even done!
V: Shut up okay! Don’t make fun of me. Should I make you remember that?
R: What?
V: (mimicking Riddhima) Angre Sir! That Kharoos RaiSinghania gives so much work to my Sejal! He is a Gabbar Singh!
That non-stop chattering of yours not even realising how much bad headche I used to get by those USELESS talks!
R(jaws dropped): Vansh! You! Why did you keep listening when you find them useless?
V: Of course! How could I ignore such a special girl who came banging to my office, considers me Angre, falls in my arms as the very first impression and then curses me right in front of me with full confidence!

Riddhima hits his chest lightly. And then she smiles,
V: That’s what makes you my sweetheart! You are special indeed!
R: You are special for me too Vansh. You are my pride!
She looks in his and smiles. Vansh looks at her back and then in each other’s eyes, they reminisce all their moments together from the evey start when they met.

Ishq mein marjawan plays,
Riddhima fell in his arms, considering him Angre, cursing Vansh, calling him Kharoos, there developing feels for each other, their romantice moments, their confession, their separation, their missing each other, their coming face to face once again, their arguments, their fights, their coffe fight, their challenging each other, their teasing each other……

Each and every memory they lived together, sitting on the beach sipping their coffe and looking in each other’s eyes. They both smile. Riddhima wrap her shawl around him too and keeps her head on his shoulder resting her body on his chest,

R: I have never felt this much peaceful for years. I am so much oeaceful and comfortable right now. Thank you Vansh! For being there for me always.

Vansh rests his head on Riddhima’s head and smiles,
V: Even I feel the same. Whatever the past was, just keep it in the past. Whatever they made us feel, they are our special memories that we have lived together.
R: Very special memories! It will always be very close to my heart. But you are right! Let bygones be bygones! Let’s start a fresh. Don’t you think?
V: Ofcourse! Afterall, The LIFE GOES ON NO MATTER WHAT! And I fear nothing when you are with me.
R: We stay strong and courageous till we are together. We can’t change the course of destiny but we can tackle with hurdles together. Love you Vansh!
Vansh kisses Riddhima’s head and says,
V: Love you too!!!

They both sitting in that posture with Riddhima’s head on Vansh shoulder and Vansh’s head above Riddhima’s head, looked towards the waves of the sea. Looking towards the moon, they relived their memories together and smiled.


(Indeed the life goes on…..with ups and down….with hurdles and happiness. I never intended to relate it with the loss we all suffered and specially, Rrahul Sudhir has suffered but in the concluding lines of today’s episode, I really remembered him and his mother. I just wish he gets back his hgh spirits and his smile once again because I really want to see him smiling. He deserves all the happiness of the world. I was really upset about it and that’s why, I couldn’t write anything yesterday. Maybe today’s episode might also feel boring but I really wanted to give a light episode today with soft and sweet emotions.
Stay safe and Stay happy! Stay close to your family and enjoy every moment to the fullest. We all have loss someone or something in this situation, but the bitter reality is, Life goes on! Whether we want or not, Time heals all sorrows but the memories remain always. So, make those memories beautiful rather than painful. If you even feel stressed or hurt, if you ever feel like crying, then just look at the sky, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You are allowed to cry too but be strong in the end. Be brave and courageous to fight again. Only you know how to handle yourslef. No one is going to live your life on your behalf.
My prayers are always with you my virtual family! Lots of love and wishes for all of you!)



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