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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Vijender agrees to help Veer

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone enjoying the haldi ceremony. Amrit says I will just come. She goes to give sweets to Randhir. Veer looks on. Bindu says we will write Uday’s name in the mehendi. Uday and Vashma smile. Amrit sees Randhir and recalls their time. She cries. He goes and gives her a kerchief. Veer angrily leaves. He goes to his room. Vijender comes. He says Veer… I don’t want to lie and cheat Nalini, but I want to see your happiness more than her trust, her happiness is in yours, I decided to not tell anything to Nalini, I m with you in making Amrit yours, tell me your plan, I m ready to be a part of it. Veer hugs him. He says today will be the last day of their lives. Uday and Vashma get married. Bhanu says you finally got married to Vashma. Uday hugs him.

Saroj says take Nalini and Vijender’s blessing first. Uday and Vashma take blessing. Saroj praises Veer for uniting them. Veer gives a necklace to Vashma and says I regarded you my sister, if you need my help, I m just a call away. Saroj says Lala ji would have got happy today, Uday married Vashma, Amrit married Veer. She gives Amrit’s hand to Veer. Randhir looks on. Saroj says we should sing and dance. Amrit says yes, Vashma sings well. Vashma says no. Uday signs her to sing. Vashma sings Aaja sanam…. Amrit sees Randhir and imagines their dance. Veer imagines dancing with Amrit. Mohan says Randhir may not be knowing that election results are coming out today. Randhir says I remember, come, we will go. Saroj pushes Randhir down. Amrit worries. Veer smiles. She says sorry for this mistake, like it happened by you. Nalini asks what’s this misbehavior. Veer says its a mistake. Nalini scolds Saroj. Randhir says let it be, its not her mistake, its mistake of my goodness, but I won’t stay good always, come.

Veer says Randhir threatened Saroj and made our work easy, he is taking my place in Nalini’s life also. Vijender says it should be done tonight. Veer says this time, I won’t lose, I will snatch Amrit and Nalini from him. Amrit warns Saroj. Bhanu comes. Saroj says you are taking Randhir’s side, he pushed me in the dung. Amrit says I trust Randhir, he can’t do this. Saroj says he takes revenge on me. She asks Bhanu to take her home. They leave.

Vijender asks them to celebrate and let them spend time with the newly weds. Amrit takes Vashma. Veer asks Saroj to come. He signs Vijender. Bindu says come, election results are getting announced on the radio. Nalini wins the elections. Everyone claps for her. Randhir says congrats.

Nalini says you too, you supported me a lot. Veer says congrats Maa, we both are made to win. Amrit goes to Veer. She gets kheer. She says I know you and Nalini like kheer a lot. Veer says its the best gift for her, feed her and give wishes from my side. Amrit says no, she is your mum, go to her and wish. He says no. She says wow, you got kheer for Nalini, go and feed her. Veer goes to Nalini. They have the kheer. He gets emotional. He goes to hug. She goes to feed kheer to Randhir. Vijender holds Veer. He says I m thinking to thank the party chief, if Randhir takes a nice gift for him. Nalini says yes.

Randhir says as you say, I will go right away, I will buy gift on the way. She says give it to the party chief, thank him and come home for the feast. Randhir says as you say. Randhir goes. Veer makes the servant spoil Randhir’s kurta. He says sorry. Randhir says be careful, you lost the path. Veer says what to do, sometimes we have to lose the path to bring others on the path. He asks servant to get other clothes for Randhir. Randhir goes to change. Veer signs Vijender. Randhir changes and comes. Veer says this colour suits you, you look very nice. Randhir says I will just go and come. Nalini says sure. Randhir leaves. Veer says wrong, you went, but your return door will be shut forever. A man comes in Randhir’s disguise. He says I m ready to do my work. Veer gives him something. He thinks its my last salute to Randhir. He smiles.

The man goes to Saroj and misbehaves. She says Randhir…. Everyone waits for Randhir. Bhanu catches Randhir in front of everyone. He says Randhir got late, because he went to my home to rape Saroj. Amrit and Randhir get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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