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So I am a big fan ishq mein marjawan 2 from the beginning and I read a lot of fan fiction’s based on the show, I eagerly wait for them everyday till then I keep on refreshing my discover so that I don’t miss any. Now I myself wanted to write one of it. This one is just the character sketches ( there are many characters) So please keep CALM 😸.

1. Vansh Rai Singhania : My favourite and the main character. He is a reowned businessmen+ mastermind also underworld mafia (enemies will be revealed later). He is a foodie and is a short-tempered and arrogant yet handsome, tall, dashing man. He loves his family. Is not interested in marriage and love due to past experiences. 

Ridhhima Sethi : A beauty Queen 😍 yet down to earth. Simple by nature successful in her profession. No attitude but knows how to deal with arrogant people. She is a graceful photographer living in Mumbai with family and loved Kabir.

3. Ishani Rai Singhania : Vansh’s younger sister and a passionate and fashionista successful model, works for advertising department and loves to do charity.

4. Siya Rai Singhania: She is younger than all and has completed her college. She is also interested in photography and considers Ridhhima as her inspiration as her clicked pictures are in magazines read by Siya. Siya is bubbly and mishiveous in nature😈. And is a die hard fan of Ishan Khanna who is an actor and also ridhhima’s close friend.

5. Anupriya Rai Singhania : She is real mother of vansh, Siya and Ishani. Loves them more than her life, daughter in law of indrani ji. And loves cooking for her children and is a businesswomen.

6. Kabir Jaiswal: He is a Police Officer who has encountered more than 155 criminals. He is suspicious about vansh and is secretly investigating about him and trying to collect proofs against him. Is ridhhima’s boyfriend. He loves her very much but his parents are not sure about ridhhima. His father is the owner of a very famous hotel, lounge and club.

7. Angre: He has his own detective company and has solved 300+ important cases. Also works under vansh.

8. Aryan Rai Singhania: He is sweet by nature and respect girls. He is in family business and has no grudges with Vansh. And loves to spend time with family.

9. Indrani Rai Singhania urf DADI: She used to be an elegant actress in her early life after marriage she decided to be a housewife. She wants vansh to get married soon. Loves her grandchildren.

10. Chanchal Rai Singhania: Mother of Aryan and daughter in law of indrani ji and chachi of vansh, siya and ishani. Till now has no grudges with vansh. And she loves jewellery then her husband.

11. Chachi ji’s husband: He is in family business. Loves his wife and very often gifts her memorable gifts and takes her for long drives and eating street food.

12. Mrs. D’souza: Working in VR mansion from a very long time. She is trustworthy but gets angry rapidly. She distributes work among all the other workers in the mansion.

13. Sejal Khanna: Best friend of Ridhhima and sister of Ishan Khanna. She is a event/wedding planner. And is single.

14. Ishan Khanna:  He is A Bollywood actor. Silver Jubilee ho chuki hai. Waiting for his ladylove. And has big fetish of cars and loves animals.

15. Aashima Goel: she is Vansh’s P.A. and has to deal with his wrath a lot of times. But secretly crushes over him 🙈. She loves to joke but sometimes they are quite stupid.

16. Arijit Sethi: Ridhhima’s open- minded Father and a business man. He tries to be away from rivalries. Always supports ridhhima and corrects her when she’s going wrong.

17. Siddhanth Sethi: Ridhhima’s younger brother. And loved to extraordinary things. He’s a karate champion and irritates riddhima very often.

18. Rupali Sethi: Ridhhima’s mother, Very close to siddhanth and wants riddhima to get married as she is settled now but she is focused on work right now and only wants to marry kabir but her parents don’t approve for him as he has many enmities.


This is it people , I know it may have been boring in between but I am very new to it and with this my introduction is complete 😘 if you are still reading toh Thank you 💟. I loved writing. If you like it so please do share it and don’t forget to drop-down your comments I would love to reply to everyone. Thank you!!!!!!!!!😊




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