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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Vansh at Vyom’s place

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Riddhima turning to go back. Vansh leaves from the hotel. He drives off. Riddhima comes to her room. She cries. She sees the flowers on the bed. She recalls him and looks for her phone. She calls out Vansh. She says if its you, don’t trouble me. Ishani asks Angre, are you sure you don’t know about Vansh. Angre says no, I think he couldn’t give the diamond to prince, he maybe captive. She says I don’t think so, he never disappears without telling you, I think prince killed Vansh. He says shut up. Riddhima comes and says mind your tongue Ishani. She says Angre, I got these flowers in my room, I feel Vansh kept this, just he knows that I love this combination of flowers. He says I m sure staff has kept it, Vansh had ordered them to change flowers every day. She asks do you know where is Vansh, tell me.

Ishani says if Vansh was here, then he would have not done this stupid thing. Riddhima says nothing happened to Vansh. Ishani says I hope so. Riddhima asks Angre again. Angre says I don’t know. Ishani says prince would have killed him. Angre says just shut up. Riddhima asks how can you be so heartless, you are his sister or not, you look his enemy. Ishani says you are responsible for this, you lost the diamond, that’s why prince would have killed him, you came here to ask me. She says Angre, I feel Riddhima is with Vyom, its about the diamond, its the most precious and most beautiful diamond in the world, its not a bad deal to get it instead husband. Riddhima shouts Ishani. Ishani says you can’t hide the truth, thanks for ruining my romantic date, Angre you stay back with her. She goes. Angre says sorry from her side, I wish Vansh is around. Riddhima asks what’s the connection between Vyom, Vansh and tear of Laila. He asks what do you mean. She says I asked the right thing, you have to tell me, Vyom was ready to help me, he said that diamond is precious than his life. He says he can do anything for money to defeat Vansh. She says no, he wasn’t a cheat. He says he is a chameleon, you had a deal with him, what did he do, he cheated you, how can you trust him, please try to understand, he isn’t a right person. She recalls Vyom saving her. She says I don’t understand, maybe you are right. She thinks there is some connection between them, but how will I find out. She goes.

Vyom ignites fire. He says everything will be burnt. He drinks. Riddhima comes to him. He says nothing will be left. She says Vyom…. He sees her and smiles. He goes to her. She says its me, Riddhima. He asks her to go. She asks who did you think I m, how are you, how is your wound. He says I m fine, go. She asks why did you save your enemy’s life. He says get lost. He shouts. She gets scared and goes away.

Its morning, Siya talks to Vyom on call. She asks can’t I come and meet you. He says no, I m not well. She says I can come and take care of you, I will give you a cute hug. He says I have to go out. She asks any instructions for me, everyone trusts me. He says everything happened because of Riddhima. She says I don’t know about diamond. He says you are an idiot. He ends call.

Riddhima runs in the tea garden. She looks for the diamond. She recalls throwing the diamond around. She hears someone coming. She hides. She sees Vyom there. Vyom looks for the diamond. He gets close to the diamond spot. Riddhima says no… Vyom says Vansh and Riddhima are fooling me, there is some plan. She goes. Riddhima says why was he telling about Vansh, did he keep Vansh captive, I will have to find out. She runs. She gets the diamond. She leaves.

Vyom comes back to his room. Riddhima keeps an eye. Vyom turns. She hides. The door shuts. He takes a belt. He whips someone and questions him to answer. She thinks who is he beating, is it…. Vyom leaves. Riddhima goes inside the room. She gets shocked seeing Vansh. She hugs him. She says nothing will happen to you, I have come. She frees him from the ropes. She hugs him and says I knew it, I will find you, come soon before he comes. She takes him.

She tries to heal his wounds. Vansh smiles and says I love you Riddhima. She says I love you too. He makes her sit on his lap. He says you are the cure of my every pain. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

Vansh and Riddhima get close. She says I will love you till the last breath. He says I live just for you. They get close. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…

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