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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi breaks her marriage with Mayank

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishqi giving her hand to Mayank. Riya clicks pics. Sonu prays that her family shouldn’t get insulted because of her. Mayank sees the guy at the projector. Ishqi prays to get some sign. She finds Mayank hurt. She asks are you fine. Ishqi thinks why didn’t Mayank tell about his past with Sonu, why did he hide, I don’t know why Ahaan is needed to connect us, Ahaan asked him to help me and care for me, why am I marrying Mayank.

The pics play on the projector screen. Ishqi recalls Mayank’s message. She says I need to talk to you, very sorry. His phone drops. She picks it. She sees the marks on his hand. She sees Sonu. He thinks what are they signing each other. Sonu sees the marks on his hand and gets shocked. Ishqi recalls Mayank’s words. She thinks Mayak wanted me to call Sonu in the party. She checks his phone. She gets shocked. She shows the pics to Sonu. Sonu cries.

Pandit asks them to stand for gathbandhan. Raj holds Sonu’s hand. Ishqi doesn’t get up. Suman asks what happened Ishqi. Mayank holds her arm and makes her stand up. Ahaan thinks what’s the problem going on between them. Maasi does the gathbandhan. Ishqi says sorry, I can’t do this. Mayank says don’t do anything. She removes the gathbandhan and throws it in the fire.

Maasi asks what did you do. Ishqi says I did right, I can’t marry this man. Maasi asks why. Mayank says don’t you dare. Ishqi says shut up. Sarla says she is doing a drama in her own marriage. Ahaan asks what are you doing. Ishqi says don’t talk in between. Ahaan says he is my best friend. She asks did you get such a mean and cheap guy to make your best friend, is friend everything, not family. He says family is everything for me. She says Sonu is your family, this man misbehaved with Sonu in drunken state and took her pics. She shows the pics to Ahaan. Everyone gets shocked. Sonu cries.

Ishqi says he was blackmailing Sonu with the pics, you could see family values, not your sister, I have seen everything, I will show you all, Mayank did all this, when he went to see cctv footage, system wasn’t working, he rung the fire alarm, when he was misbehaving with Sonu, she tried to stop him, her nail marks came on his hand, look at this. She shows the nail marks.

She says your friend is the cheapest guy. Mayank says Sonu came in the party and got drunk, its not my mistake. Dadi says no, she was sleeping. Sarla says you both went in the party, right Raj. Ishqi says this man took an advantage of Sonu’s state, why isn’t anyone beating him. Sarla says because he is a guy, the girl will be questioned, you want me to take the stained bahu home, never. Raj and Kartik hug Sonu. Sarla says this marriage is cancelled. She takes Raj. Sonu shouts Raj, stop please. Ishqi’s imagination ends. Pandit asks them to stand for gathbandhan.

Ahaan asks Ishqi to get up. Sonu cries. Ishqi thinks I can’t tell truth, else Sarla will break the relation, I can’t leave Mayank free, please help mummy. She opens the gathbandhan. Maasi asks what are you doing Ishqi. Ishqi goes to Suman. She folds hands and says I know you both will become the world’s best Saas Sasur, sorry, I can’t do this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Maasi asks what are you doing. Mayank says you can’t do this. Ishqi says you don’t know what I can do, let me do this. Ahaan goes to them. He asks what’s wrong with you, is marriage a game for you, are the families’ respect a joke, go back to the mandap, come. Ishqi says don’t talk in between. He asks why are you doing this. She says if I say, then you will support me. He says then say. She says I can’t say. He asks are you mad. She says I can’t marry this man. She leaves.

Suman cries and faints. Sonu thinks Ishqi took all the blame on herself, I m letting this happen. Sarla says if she was my bahu, then I would have slapped her hard, I would have taken baraat back. Sonu stops and cries. Ishqi thinks Mayank did al this, he blackmailed Sonu. Mayank comes to her and says I know you are upset, I was upset and did this to teach a lesson to Sonu. She slaps him. Pandit asks what to do now. Suman cries. Sarla says she showed the true colours, her upbringing is wrong. Maasi says no. Dadi says if my house girl left the mandap, then I would have jumped in havan kund. Chachi says there would be some reason.

Riya asks what happened in two days that she took such a drastic step. Ahaan thinks Ishqi broke the marriage because of me, how can she do this. Mayank says you slapped me, you know who I m. Ishqi says sorry, I should have beaten you with slipper. She scolds him. She says the society will judge the girl, Sonu will be defamed if I call the police. He says Sonu’s marriage will break. She says I will become bad and get defamed, but I won’t let her marriage break, she will be married, then I will not leave you, this Ishqi is very risky. Mayank’s dad says Ishqi didn’t talk anything wrong, she is sensible, whatever she did, there would be some reason, I will talk to her. Sarla says you are good people, that girl ruined your respect, I asked Suman to control her. Kartik says don’t rush in judging her, we should talk to her. Ahaan says nothing can justify her. Kartik says we will talk to her once. Savitri ties Sonu’s gathbandhan and blesses her.

Sonu turns and doesn’t see her. Savitri says I will bless you from far. Pandit says marriage is to be done or not. Sarla says yes, so I told you not to keep both marriages together, Ishqi ruined Raj’s marriage. Dadi says right, Suman its your mistake, I can’t delay Sonu’s marriage. She stops Ahaan. She says its not our mistake that Mayank chose Ishqi, you won’t go anywhere. Sonu says I have to talk to Ishqi. Sarla says if you go, then I won’t let you sit in the mandap again, this marriage will break. Ahaan looks on.

Mayank catches Ishqi. He says I will show the pics on the big screen, then no one will accept Sonu. Mayank’s dad gets the phone and sees the pic. He angrily slaps him. He asks Ishqi to call the police. Ahaan comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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